• Sep 18th 2007 at 7:57AM
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The new Volvo slogan gleaned from hours of interviews with valets and Volvo owners: "Life is better lived together." When Volvo's new ad agency, Arnold Worldwide, went looking for a Volvo message that went beyond safety, it started with valets and parking attendants. They told Arnold that Volvo owners are friendly, generous, travel in company, and use their cars as more than showpieces.

Arnold then went to Volvo owners and discovered that they are "users, not havers," and they like to share. In fact, "89% of them put a premium on togetherness and sharing." The result is that six television spots will air that showcase Volvo owners as "'we' people as opposed to 'me' people."

Lifestyle marketing doesn't follow rational rules, but it will be interesting to see if buyers will connect being gregarious doers with owning a Volvo. If so, then Volvo might reverse its 9% decline in year-on-year sales so far this year. And if you're the person who actually did bring enough candy for everyone in the first grade, Volvo would like to have a word with you.

[Source: Ad Age]

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      • 7 Years Ago
      I am a 23 year old college student and many of my friends work as valets. The consensus as far as the characteristics of most Volvo drivers are that they are ignorant, testy and cheap. (please note the operative, "most.") I am only speaking from experience though, not carefully calculated ad agency interviews...
      • 7 Years Ago
      What a load of cr@p.
      Volvo drivers are buying an image of safety and respectable middle classness formed thirty years ago.
      The fact that Volvo is now no more safe than any other decently engineered car, which means pretty much everything out of Europe and the States, is lost on the buyers.
      I reckon most people buy cars because of the looks, and what the badge says - or doesn't say, based on prejudices formed yonks ago. Some buyers will be brave and buy the car that best suits their practical needs, regardless.
      For ages Volvos have looked dull and mumsy, and so now Volvo seems to be going for an appropriatly saccharine-sentimental slogan.
      I'm getting more misanthropic with every day, so I'd prefer something more like, 'life is better lived on your own and not being told what to do all the bloody time by clever-dick ad agencies'

        • 7 Years Ago
        "not being told what to do all the bloody time by clever-dick ad agencies'"

        Your first mistake was watching the ad that said you had to watch the other ads. Fortunately I didn't see that one and don't pay much heed to the others.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Gee, I always thought I was a nice guy and now this confirms it!
      • 7 Years Ago
      I don't see how the new image is any different from how Volvo, and Scandinavians in general, have always been perceived.

      "Life is better lived together." -- Focus on family and quality of life.

      "users, not havers, and they like to share" and "'we' people as opposed to 'me' people." -- Democratic society where people are generally looked after.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Ran into an interesting Volvo promotional event last week in NYC. They had a kiosk and several C30s parked on the corner of 84th and 2nd avenue all weekend and were doing test drives right there in the middle of the Upper East Side. Looked pretty busy, too. Unfortunately I've found the car is a little short on legroom for me - compared to a GTI, for instance - so I passed. Why is it that carmakers will design seats that push all the way up into the dashboard, not even leaving enough room for Nicole Richie to fit, but they won't have them go back as far as possible to accommodate taller people?
      • 7 Years Ago
      Makes me think of the old stereotype of a Volvo station wagon with a "Save the Whales" bumper sticker.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I think its a pretty good assesment of traditional Volvo buyers and even the perception by the public of the typical volvo driver.

      For example: If you were looking at doing business with a Realestate agent (buying or selling) and you noticed the car the agent drove - which one would you pick, the agent that drives a:

      A) Jaguar
      B) Mercedes-Benz
      C) Volvo
      D) BMW
      E) Chrysler
      F) Cadillac
      • 7 Years Ago
      Yes, she did, and then she told me to get out there and make my own mind up about things.
      I have discovered that, although some people are truly wonderful, as a species we leave a lot to be desired.
      Observation and empiricism I'm afraid.