• Sep 7th 2007 at 12:01PM
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We see a lot of rumors here at Autoblog, but this one just has to come true. Word around town is that the same engine that powers the 580-hp 5.2L twin-turbo V10 in the recently announced Audi RS6 Avant could also find its way to the back hatch of the Audi R8. We first reported on the possibility of a twin-turbo V10 back in February, and it seems the stat sheet on the RS6 has merely stoked the flames.

With 580 (or more) ponies in tow, the R8 should beat most anything on the road, including its current competition like the Porsche 911 that offers more powerful models in its lineup. Throw in bigger brakes and wheels with a modified suspension, and even the vaunted GT2 should begin to worry.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      Porsche builds great cars... but as a company I think they are all a pack of sore losers... Porsche has already stated that in their opinion Lambo and Bugatti don't "need" to exist in the VAG group, because Porsche covers the sports car arena already... To me it just sounds like they are jealous of Lambo's looks and fear Bugatti's awesome power... If they hold back further development of Audi (and I don't just mean the R8) it would be really lame on their part. I mean what's wrong with a little competition from time to time ? Isnt that what sports cars are all about ?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Why not swap in a blown LS7 motor? :) Chances are it will be lighter than the current R8. So it will handle better too.

        • 8 Years Ago
        If you are talking about a new-style 6-series....
        I am not sure an LS7 is the entire reason that you were impressed. The new 6 is not exactly a featherweight, and a Corvette is a different animal, and probably significantly lighter, as well as more powerful than a non-M6. Fiberglass 2-seater built for performance vs not-small steel 2+2 build for performance and luxury. None of this is news to you, I am sure.

        I don't mean to slag the SBC, it wouldn't be more than 50 years old if it were a bad engine. It's longevity and current state of tune is a testament. But there are a lot of other engines out there, and most are much newer designs, and most don't use pushrods, for better or for worse. But it remains that there is more to life than pushrods and a wide cylinder bore.

        A big block american V8 mid engined high-dollar sports car sounds more like a Saleen S7, and less like an Audi R8. The R8 is absolutely cutting edge in nearly every respect, and a 50 year old engine just doesn't seem to fit the part, despite it's admittedly positive qualities.

        I think that even the R8 with the small-displacement V8 sounds just fine to me. Turbos, or additional cylinders, or both are better, sure. But there is something about a modern high-revving naturally aspirated multi-valve V8... just seems like a lot of fun in a sports car with not a lot of extra heft to push around, and tuned for driving purity. A 6+ liter V8 seems like more muscle than balance, and extra bragging rights for displacement than really well-suited amounts of power to me, especially in the R8's class of cars.

        The turbo V10 in this article seems to be on the verge of that, too. Bragging rights for the sake of bragging rights, over what is truly balanced and appropriate for the car. The car may be able to handle it, but there are a lot of cars that become a handful for the driver with prodigious amounts of power. A bunch of wrecked Enzos would seem to solidify that point. Ferrari didn't under-engineer the car, but that doesn't say that the driver can handle it well.

        I like the F430, and the Aston Martin V8 Vantage for much the same reasons as the V8 R8, and even the Porsche 911, although not a V8 or even the 6 being in the "right" place.

        They aren't king of the horsepower hill like the Veyron (gratuitous, more for the sake of more, IMHO), or the Enzo, LP460, McLaren Mercedes, and other top-bracket cars, but the V8 european sports cars are still far above most cars on the road, and beautiful and balanced machines inside and out, technically, and aesthetically.
        • 8 Years Ago
        man, I hope you are kidding. Seriously.

        It sounds like sarcasm, but so many people would love the SBC in every car ever built, regardless of brand or purpose, that I have to wonder.
        • 8 Years Ago
        I'm half kidding. :)

        I love the LS7 motor. My friend has a Z06, and I have a BMW 6. After sitting shot gun in a Z06, I wish I could swap in an LS7 motor in my car. Doing so would not only make my car faster, but it would be more agile too.

        Ah... to dream.

      • 8 Years Ago
      Xmas came early for me yesterday when I got to see and
      sit inside a brand new, just-from-the-dealer, black R8
      in Dallas. According to the proud owner - who I shamelessly
      tailed just so I could take a closer look - it was one of only
      two in the USA and Sweet Jesus, it's a work of fcuking art.
      Sat there in the driver's seat, gently revving the engine
      and reveling in it's immense, guttural roar - fcuking amazing.
      $125K well spent, I say.

      • 8 Years Ago
      there goes the gallardo sales...
      • 8 Years Ago
      too bad its awd
      • 8 Years Ago
      What would they call it? The RS8? The SR8? I can only assume that Audi wants to put that engine in the A8/S8 as well, so they have an interesting naming problem on their hands.
      • 8 Years Ago
      With Porsche close to buying out VAG, the question is will they allow Audi to one (or 5) up the Porsche 911? There is already a lot of toe stepping going on at VAG, with the R8 probably taking a lot of Lambo Gallardo and possibly even Muciellago and Veyron sales.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "With 580 (or more) ponies in tow, the R8 should beat most anything on the road, including its current competition like the Porsche 911 that offers more powerful models in its lineup."

      Agreed, and troublingly, Lamborghini as well. The R8 already outshines the baby lambo, 911 4s/AMV8 prodrive/M6 (per some small rag named EVO) and is brawney enough to hang with the 911 Turbo, Viper SRT10 and Z06. I think EVO sums it up best:

      "But, in the end, purity of purpose and breadth of ability win the day, and no car here – probably none under £100K – expresses the fusion more perfectly than the R8. There are faster supercars, but we can’t think of another currently in production that takes a demanding road apart with quite the surgical precision and cool-browed composure of Audi’s incandescently rapid and hugely desirable R8.

      So here’s the answer. It’s one we sometimes doubted we’d ever witness, but, for the good of the supercar’s evolution, it could hardly be better. Audi humbles Porsche. A new dawn starts today."

      I'm very interrested to see if VAG/Porsche will allow VAG's most profitable car maker (audi) to imbue it's most astonishing car (the R8) with this much power... I'm wagering not.
        • 8 Years Ago
        Yeah, it's complicated: Lambo, Audi, and Porsche all under the same roof.

        Maybe they'll just keep doing the same thing independent of each other.
        I think that while pure performance figures are used in marketing, the buyer with this kind of means has already made his mind up.
        No one's cross shopping Gallardo, 911 GT2, and Continental GT (also under the VAG umbrella), even if they're in the $200k range.
        • 8 Years Ago
        I don't think Porsche cares about staying on top anymore. They only care about the "heritage" of the 911 brand and won't let the Cayman (or any other superior production model platform) surpass it.

        Audi has been on a rampage lately. All of their cars are quite desirable (even the Q7!), however, I wonder if the R8s that have caught fire were running with this V10 engine?
      • 8 Years Ago
      People buying a Gallardo are generally buying it for reasons beyond performance. They wear chest wigs and gold chains, and have a large stock of "natural male enhancement products" in their gaudy, faux Louis XIV homes.

      Anyone buying an R8 is not buying it so they show off at the clubs by telling gold diggers "I have an Audi"
        • 8 Years Ago
        that comment is pretty much right on target. i always wonder why people say this car will kill the gallardo. the gallardo, though a beautiful and amazingly engineered car in its own right, is not a car that would ever be cross-shopped with an Audi. the Lambo is all about showing off your wealth/status, the Audi is all about being non-descript. this is part of the genetic code of those two cars...
      • 8 Years Ago
      HIT. A lot of power-hungry enthusiasts thought the V8-powered R8 was too tame, but with a forced-inducted 580+hp V10 on tap, the hi-po R8 will be one badass, highly sought-after ride.
      Big ups to Audi for producing one well-executed supercar.
        • 8 Years Ago
        I would challenge the "enthusiast" title for someone who "needs" more than 420 hp in a 3500 lb car. Unless you're a professional driver, you're not gonna know what to do with 580 hp.
      • 8 Years Ago
      If Audi doesn't do it, you can bet ABT or MTM will.
        • 8 Years Ago
        In Germany the R8 plans from Audi are longtime known
        R8 basic powered by 4.2l V8 420hp n/a
        R8-S powered by the V10 n/a 5.0l from the Gallardo Superleggera with 530hp (information from a german Audi salesmen)
        R8-RS powered by the V10TT 5.2l with over 600hp (R8 easy to id by the wider sideintakes the two testmules that catched fire)

        Audi completly owns Lamborghini... they don´t car if they kill some Gallardo or even Murcielago sells... to Audi´s understanding the R8 targets more to the German car maker like Mercedes and BMW and of corse Porsch. Porsche don´t need to worry... 911 customers are the most loyal customers in the world. For sure the R8 will NEVER reach selling numbers of a 911... but Audi needs it for good PR.. and all tests agree today that Audi did a very good ob with the R8.
      • 8 Years Ago
      still would pick the baby lambo over this cause welll its still a lambo and what sounds better to say you have...a Lamborghini or Audi?
      and a 911 has heritage over this
      so what its named after a great race car?
      most peple who bu this wont even know that
      so the 911 Turbo and Lamborghini Gallardo will always have somthing over this no matter how big the engine is
        • 8 Years Ago
        You're obviously not concerned with the driving experience (which the R8 arguably holds the title now based off of numerous tests and magazines). For me, I care about how much fun I can have - accelerating and cornering than what other people that don't matter 'might' think of me.

        "Audi" and "R8" have plenty of clout anyway so it's not like you're driving around in a Kia. Definitely a car to be proud of. And with the attention that this car gets, trust me - you won't hardly know the difference...
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