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NOTE: DO NOT SENT REQUESTS TO GET ON OVERHAULIN' TO AUTOBLOG! We don't have anything to do with the show, so while we'd like to help you get your cars fixed up, we can't... Go to Chip Foose's website here http://www.chipfoose.com/OverhaulinApplication/ and fill out the application, and good luck to all of you!

Overhaulin', the car customization show that's less pimp and more ride, is looking for new cars to overhaul. If you know someone with a good clunker and a great story, you can help them get to the bright lights in the big smoke. This year, the show will accept applications from folks outside of Southern California, which means that a GTO rusting in a Michigan shed even has a chance at glory. The catch: you can't nominate yourself. Time to start calling in favors, eh?

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      Thomas Beck
      • 3 Years Ago
      hi chip and to everyone on the Overhaulin Crew ----- I would like to see my wife and her car a 1994 eagle talon. she bought this car to keep it in the family.. It was my fathers car and he passed away 2 years ago . she has put more than the car is value. she is disabled and can't afford a new car and its payments the engine leaks oil and it doesn't have a low beam and needs some tlc on the enigine and enterior. she loves this car and doesn't want to part with it. she was the only one my father would let drive it besides himself. she has worked hard all her life and has a good heart and does for everyone but herself. she has 4 children which 2 still lives at home and 5 grandchildren and she does without so they can have. she has very serious health problems which include heart problems, diabeties and neuropathy and degenerative spine and neck and copd. and sometimes this slows her down but she continues to do for others. I would like to thank you for the once in a lifetime for me to nominate her to have a overhaul on her car. thank you so much sarah's family = thomas, kellie, mike, timothy and tabitha in North Carolina uelr1969@gmail.com
      • 3 Years Ago
      Hi Chip and the A Team ! My story begins with a 62 convertible Corvair that my Dad bought for my Mom back in the 60's..... many many great times and memories in that car..... top down riding down PCH in the sunshine. She sooo loved that car !! My Dad has given back to the community we live in for eons in countless ways, selfless and a true blessing to many he's helped along the way, Being he'll be 80 on March 31St of 2012, what a beautiful thing this would be just like my Mom !! Sad as it is, Mom passed away in 2006 from a horrible and excruciating battle with Cancer.... but tucked away in my Dad's garage is a 63 convertible in need of a restoration. I'm sure every time he looks at that car it conjures up sweet memories of Her and all that went with that car ...... there's nothing that would be sweeter than a gift like this for his 80Th and YES he still drives !!! Several of us kids ( 8 of us) have tried to weasel that car from him to restore but he just can't bring himself to part with such a sentiment of this magnitude... He misses her daily as do we. A dream come true if you guys could make this happen and make an "Old Man's World" (ours too) No words could express the love and admiration he had and has for Her and this would be the icing on the cake for sure ! (minus the candles ! This could start a Forrest fire LOL !) I seem to be having the same issues as many as far as the application goes, so I hope this will do or get us closer to being one of the chosen few...... just direct me as what to do next..... Hoping to hear something in getting closer to making this a reality ! If interested I'd love to share more of the details of this car and it's sentimental value...... Kind Holiday wishes to you and your crew, Beckie You can reach me via e-mail at golfchck @yahoo.com, and will message you our number if needed :))
      • 3 Years Ago
      Hi, my name is Marcos Varela I am 28 yrs old an the youngest of five kids, my brother has a 72 Camaro Rally Sport. It has been in the family for more then 35 yrs. an it has been in the garage since 1985. There is so much stuff in the garage that my family started to stack all kinds of stuff just on top of it. That makes me mad cause my father was going to give it to me, but since i wasn't his pride an joy son. He gave it to my brother. He then started working on it till he got into a motocycle accident, which he ended up losing a part of his leg on mothers day three years ago. I would love him to see the car the way it was. PLEASE HELP, my email address is marcosvarela@yahoo.com... If you see the garage open you would never think that there is a car in there, let alone a CLASSIC 72 Camaro Rally Sport with the original 305 in it. God Bless all you Car Lovers...So please Chip, I would love you to just do what you do and "FOOSEIT"
      • 4 Months Ago

      Hi chip, i have a 1968 camaro rs/ss that is in desperate need of your talent. Please help ! Kenactech@gmail.com

      Shannon Cerruti
      • 4 Months Ago

      My husband Nathan wont stop chasing his dreams with his 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT! Help him out gang! I work full time and he is on Disability full time, but theres nothing more on his mind everyday but looking into spending all we got on this little car. We love our car and its our only car but i live close enough to work to sacrifice the car for an overhaulin. He is as old as the car and has replaced so much on the car but its never enough. He has had this car longer than any of his other cars and always talks about getting into car shows for enjoyment. We have an older couple as friends who have a corvair that they bring to the local fathers day car show. They invited us a few times now and Nathan noticed that every year some Fieros gather for the show just to show nostalgia. They are the youngest cars in the show and last year his car broke down for a month just before he was gonna bring it to the fathers day show. He got it running again but wasn't in time to bring it. I know this car means the world to him and would mean the world to him to have you and your show give birth to the car yet again. He just cant, we just cant keep up with the car financially. Most of his side of the family died between 2007-2011 and his car is his counselor if you will. Please help me make my husbands wildest dreams come true. Shannon Cerruti from Santa Rosa Ca. ShannonCerruti43@outlook.com

      Rick D. Lucas
      • 1 Month Ago

      That link is no longer valid for the Overhaulin' Application:

      404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

      Can I trouble you for a correct location/link?


      Rick D. Lucas

      Christina Lovett
      • 5 Months Ago

      i would like to nominate my friend nathanial rounsaville to be overhauled love is a big fan of the show i would like to see get his dream car i know he he a mercedes s year 1994 he is a great guy he deserves something like this please pick him fo ran over haul

      Rick D. Lucas
      • 1 Month Ago

      I have been attempting to submit an application/story ideas to the Chip Foose Overhaulin' show without success. I found what I believed to be the correct application and forwarded it along with complete detail and photographs/cd's via FedEx overnight. I received a call today indicating that the address that I sent it to is invalid (the one on the application):

      Story Ideas
      4717 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Suite 106
      Valley Village, CA 91607

      I have only until tomorrow (Saturday) close of business to provide a correct address or FedEx will return the entire packet. Your assistance on this important matter will be appreciated. Thank you.

      Kind regards,

      Rick D. Lucas

      Penny Cantleberry
      • 8 Months Ago

      Hi Chip,really enjoy your show. My husband has three 1957 Chevys, two were suppose to be parts cars but he couldn't tear them apart. He wanted to have one done along time ago to take his dad a ride in it on his dad's 57th birthday. Well he has always helped his girls & family out when they were in need so as it goes he never had the money. His dad passed 11 yrs ago & so that left him not interested any more to get the car done. Well he just turned 57 & said to me it sure would of been nice to of had the car done this year. He has always did for others & put his self last & I was not able to help for five yrs ago I was told I had full blown Fibromyalgia & can not work. Please help my husband get his car done he was raised poor but always helped the family starting at 7yrs old milking cows on a neighbors farm then going to school with out even having food in his belly. He is a good loving man & really deserves something very nice done for him !! Thanks for reading this & may God Bless you Always !! Penny Cantleberry  

      Kenny Chapman
      • 5 Months Ago

      my name is Kenny. I have a friend Bruce Smith who will give you the shirt off his back.He can use help .a family van needs plenty of work.love the show go  A- team


      • 4 Months Ago

      To  chip,           My sister has a 94corvette , that is her love for many years, now she is disabled and not working her car is falling apart she is unable to pay out to fix things that need done, and she is in deep depression about her car. she acts like if her car dies she dies. I hate  seeing the situation she has to deal with, she really would make a very good  canditate for your show. how can I go about getting her an application through mail to sign up to you guys for a chancwe at an overhaulin? she has no computer herself.  I would greatly appreciate a reply back asap. As I am terminally ill myself and my situation is to where I am losing bodily functions.  please email if you can   Lisaraysunshine@yahoo.com

      • 4 Months Ago

      Hi chip, i have a 1968 camaro rs/ss that is in desperate need of your talent. Please help !

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