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Automotive News is dishing on Volvo's product lineup plans between now and 2010. The newly released second-generation S80 won't see any major changes, nor will the new 70-series wagons, the C70, or the C30. The S40's going to bid us adieu, as there's price overlap with the S60, and the S60's not much larger than the S40. The C30's going to serve as the entry-level Volvo, while also angling at MINI's territory of cutieified premium small cars. The S60, while handsomely drawn, is becoming long in the tooth. A redesigned S60 will bow in 2010, and it will be smaller than the current model in an effort to differentiate it from the S80, as well as still serve those customers who would have gone for the S40.

While Gothenburg's losing a sedan offering, it'll be adding a CUV in early 2009 when the XC60 hits the streets. With the CUV market currently on fire, a smaller Volvo 'ute to go after X3 shoppers is a shrewd move. The basic hardware's already been piled together as the Land Rover LR2, which we suspect offers a decent preview of the XC60 experience. Basically, what we see happening is the phasing out of the P2 platform that Volvo developed in the '90s for the original S80, and a migration of all vehicles to some flavor of the EUCD platform.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub Req'd]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      What's wrong with overlap?
      Camrys and Avalons overlap, Altimas and Maximas overlap, X3s and X5s used to...
      Same idiotic Ford mentality...
      • 8 Years Ago
      You have to be kidding! The S40 is Volvo's nicest car? I suggest you drive it. It feels like a cheap Mazda. (It has Mazda roots.) The new C30 is a big improvement.

      Volvo needs a well designed and well made Camry size model for their real target audience - the American family. That's why their SUV is theiur best seller.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Aww I like the S40! Feels cheap? What S40 were you driving? As I recall most Mazda's drive better than their competitors. I test drove a few S40's in 05 because I almost bought one. It's a great car. I will be sad to see it go!
      • 8 Years Ago
      I assume the V50 will also get the axe?
        • 8 Years Ago
        The V50 will (and should be) retained. It will be the wagon version of the S60.

        Actually, I think they are dumping the wrong car. The S80 series has been nothing more than an also-ran, and this new generation will not fix that. It is too expensive for most Volvo buyers.

        The S60 has been sadly negected, even though it is a good seller for Volvo in the USA. It should have been updated long before 2010. The most sensible arrangement would have been to upsize the S60 (at least on the interior), and retain the S40.

        But what's done is done. The S60 can cover the S40 gap if they have a version in that price range. Then they could also bring the "entry level" S80 down a few dollars too, thereby still covering the range of buyers they had.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I can solve Volvo's problems real quickly. Bring back all forms and variants of the 200 series.

      • 8 Years Ago
      Great, instead of addressing the reliability issues and the very limited engine and option range of the S40/V50 it's going to be cut in favor of replacing my favorite current Volvo with a smaller model?
      However it is interesting to see a company make their big seller smaller instead of bigger.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I like this plan. Although the S40 is a great car, it's road presence is really similar to a previous generation Jetta (too vertical). I don't think it currently really competes with the 3-Series, A4 or even the Saab 9-3.

      One thing I'd like to see is a non-convertible version of the C70, perhaps more performance focused. I always note how handsome it is when I see one with the top up.

      I wasn't particularly thrilled by the C30 until I saw one in person at the LA Auto Show - just a great looking car that beckons you to drive it.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Volvo is going to drop the S40 right and then the C30 will be angled in that market of compact right. The S60 will shrink a little bit to suit the size of the 3 series and class as it will now rival them.The V50 will grow in size to be the estate variant of the new S60 same as how they made the V70 the S80 estate variant which now do a excellent job in rivaling the E class and 5 series. The XC90 will be replaced in 2010 and will grow in size and wheel base to become a X5 and GL class rival. A new CUV of sorts called the XC60 is also on its way to rival the X3 and the ML class. The XC70 is still there as the off road estate, not a SUV or CUV. Only the C70 in the convertible market. Now I am starting to see some sense in the lineup which still leaves me with a big question Volvo is now short about 3 cars still. One, they need a heavy hitter to attempt to give S class and 7 series buyers a Swedish option. This care should be named the S100 and the new Iron-Swedish automaker flagship. Use of the VCC design cues would look excellent on this car, with the vertical head lights, large volvo symbol on the grille, the parallel to the grille day running lamps as on the XC60, niece touch screen center stack, leather shagg carpeting, infared night vision, parallel parking (volvo is already developing this system), automatic adjusting driver cockpit, 20" rims or bigger, volvo interior, volvo safety systems, and a turbo charged version of the yamaha/volvo V8 engine. Two, Volvo needs a wagon for this called the V90 which would be so appropriate as Volvo invented and prefected the estate car and they already had a large wagon called the V90. Let this new V90 be on of the only high end luxury wagon, using all the basics of the VCC estate. This new v90 will certainlly crush the presence of the R class (which i really like). Finally, Volvo needs a 2 seater roadster hard or soft top that can be made at the Uddvella plant.
      If Volvo would pick up these few cars, their lineup will certainlly make them one of the most desired premium brands in the world. These cars are not far fetched at all because the EUCD platfrom has been stretched out to 200", so Volvo only needs to work on their program of that platform. But Volvo right now is caught up in getting its new owners as Ford has confirmed a sale of the Swedish marque by the end of 2007, most possibly to the Wallenbergs of Sweden, or doubtly to BMW of Germany.
      Good luck to Volvo on what ever they do because of the end of the day I would still by their cars, its one the the most reliably crafted vehicles out there.
        • 8 Years Ago
        I would say that Volvo's brand identity precludes going after the 7 series or the S class. Most Volvo buyers think of themselves as Joes and Janes, at least as far as their car tastes go. There's something snotty about the S-Class that much of the population doesn't like-- even much of the population that could easily afford a MB S-Class.

        Volvo serves an interesting psychological niche in the market. Those who are pretty affluent, but do not want to be associated with the stereotypical high-class snobbery. Flick those people off as anti-capitalist if you like, but the market for Volvo--those people and their attitudes--is very real, and as a capitalist, you would be an idiot to ignore that market.
      • 8 Years Ago
      wow, whats up with that? I like the C30 but a two door hatch isnt what everybody wants.I see the C30 as a Mini fighter. The S60 will have to come down in price a lot to fill the S40's shoes. Locally you can get a S40 new for a lot less than a S60.
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