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The video above is all about the Rocky Mountain Institute's Hypercar broadcast as part of the Science Channel's Eco-tech series. The Hypercar is a 100 MPG SUV concept that achieves such high a MPG number by reducing waste. RMI designed the SUV to be built with light carbon fiber for example. Amory Lovins "re-invented" carbon fiber with FiberForge which aims to be the "highest volume composite process in the world."

The potential of V2G or vehicle to grid is also explored in the video. Michael Brylawski of RMI says cars have 7 times more energy than the power grid. He mentioned the same idea in our in-depth interview with him January. He says "if all cars were efficient (with 35-50 kilowatts of fuel cell power) and propelled by fuel cells, we'd have roughly around 5 terawatts of electricity generation capacity in our cars. This is six times the electric generation capacity of all U.S. stationary powerplants - coal, oil, nuclear, hydro."

Below the fold is another video of Amory from Discovery Times Channel's Addicted to Oil. The video includes a visit by New York Times' Thomas Friedman to FiberForge. He tries to break a carbon fiber car part with a hammer and lifts a carbon fiber car door with just one hand. Also below the fold is a video of a lecture on transportation by Amory. There is also a great video of Amory on Charlie Rose online.

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      • 8 Years Ago
      Where are we going? Why am I in this handbasket?
      - bumpersticker quote

      I discovered the Hypercar and Lovins' work through research on Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion car, a revolutionary design even today yet produced over 75 years ago. I find a serious disconnect between the world we've been forced to deal with and and a world that is possible. Also check out the Fascination car and the Papp Noble Gas Engine. I want a world that is possible, a world that I can live in. If we have to be so dependent on technology, let it be for the greater good. Thank you, Dr. Lovins and RMI.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Why don't we have prototypes of these different cars to be driven by various people !?? PLEASE!! What happened to the electric cars that Californians had leased several years ago? They were destroyed and no amount of begging or money changed company protocol to destroy the cars!! It was, I think when Gray Davis was governor and a very stressed time economically in California.. Incredibly and unbelievably wasteful, especially since the cars were the answer to the dilemma facing us NOW!!
      • 8 Years Ago
      man after seeing this and the addicted to oil documentary. i hope gm and ford go out of biz. this is the same companies that fought tooth and nail against seatbelts. everytime someone tried to increased cafe standard they fought it. they have said that it is impossible to increase fuel efficiency and here we have guys in garages building electric cars. and getting 100mpg with less resources then the millions of dollars that gm and ford have in the banks. they deserve to die a unprofitable death. they are not the example american invention and resourcefulness. i my self will never buy a american car till they change their tune and will happy support forward think companies.
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      As much as the concept of the hypercar interests me, I have a couple of questions:
      1. With traditional cars, lighter cars often didn't have the smooth, comfortable ride of the larger, heavier ones. One felt every bump, pothole, and pavement seam on the roadway. While I'm sure wheelbase size and suspension dynamics played its role in this, how does the hypercar, with its lighter weight, resolve this issue?
      2. With the trend of the hypercar leaning toward plug-in hybrids, can this carbon-fiber panels technology utilize, one day, multi-wave length solar panels in its body design to one day make the hypercar energy self-generating?
      • 7 Years Ago
      Question regards Brylawski's piece towards the end of the Hypercar video: he claims shorter stopping distance due to lighter weight. That is not apparent from the braking physics. That is, as long as the brakes don't overheat, then the stopping distance is all about the tires; weight does effect stopping distance for similar 4 wheel vehicles. Can anyone elaborate on Byrlawski's claim?
      • 8 Years Ago
      >Posted at 11:09AM on Sep 5th 2007 by pkuhl
      >But hydrogen fuel cells as your efficient choice? Come on already:
      > http://www.efcf.com/reports/E17.pdf

      http://www.efcf.com/ = EUROPEAN FUEL CELL FORUM

      Right, quote the SOLID-OXIDE FUEL CELL Propaganda website, Ulf Bossel the most-quoted far-right crazies-wing fossil-fool shill guy. That's what passes for intelligent discussion nowadays. Have you bowed down in prayer five times today facing the holy oil wells of Mecca?

      • 7 Years Ago
      Regarding Lion's comments:
      What are you talking about? The article I linked is where an H2 fuel cell scientist bashes H2 fuel cells based on all the efficiency problems. Give his article a read. He advocates electric cars over everything and alternative methods of generating electricity, all that have little to do with H2.

      I sure hope all the carbon fiber designs Amory is excited about don't use vastly more quantities of energy to create. Hopefully he will present data to that effect some time.
      • 6 Years Ago
      I seen the show on the hyper car and read the comments above but there is a couple of things that have not been pointed out and that is it might take more energy to make carbon fiber car but carbon fiber does not rot out like steel does so that means a car could be around for decades, it also means that it wont be filling up our junk yards with rusted twisted metal, The car is totally recyclable.

      You might be able to design the hypercar so it could be upgradable as technology advances, a lighter stronger vehicle that is a hybred vehicle that saves our planet, could revitalize our economy, wont be subject to the ravages of mother nature, could be handed down to our children for their first car and has the potential to put America back on top as the leader in the Automotive industry is something that I would like to see, Innovation is what made America great lets bring back the good old days
        • 5 Years Ago
        I agree, 'let's DO bring back that innovative spirit of America' -excitement and all!!
        Thanks for a great article.
      • 8 Years Ago
      The Rocky Mountain guys would get more respect from me if they didn't say "fuel cell" and "efficient" in the same sentence. Make cars lighter, ok great, especially if you can do it for nearly the same cost. Maybe just don't make SUVs anymore and you are there.

      But hydrogen fuel cells as your efficient choice? Come on already:
        • 5 Years Ago
        Raser Technology is doing some amazing work that you might enjoy reading. I think their website is: www.rasertech.com
        They have some good perspectives too.
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