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As you can see here, the Ford Kuga crossover that will go on sale in Europe and the UK in 2008 is very close in appearance to the Iosis X concept car on which it's based. If you compare the two using the galleries below, you'll see that the Kuga's roofline is a smidge less aggressive, which makes for happy backseat passengers. The production car will even be available with the same 19" rollers featured on the concept.

As you can plainly see, the Kuga is an attractive blend of Ford Europe's "Kinetic Design" language and some other styling elements that we've seen become prevalent in a number of crossovers. We're talking mostly about that upswept D-pillar, which can be seen on everything from the Nissan Murano to the to the Toyota RAV4. The front end styling meshes beautifully with that of the Mondeo it'll be sharing showroom space with in the future. And the rear, while not terribly unique, is nicely done as well.

The interior is better than anything you'll find in the US-market Escape, and yes, that shifter you see is connected to a 6-speed manual gearbox. A 134-horsepower (136 PS) turbodiesel lives under the bonnet, and both FWD and 4WD variants will be available. Like just about every other Ford of Europe product, we'd like to see the Kuga cross over to our side of the Atlantic. Compared to this, the Ford Escape is just lame.

Cover Our Own Ass Disclaimer: Though the Kuga Crossover was embargoed by Ford until 7:01PM EST, or 12:01AM GMT, the vehicle was first spotted on km77.com, then Motor Authority.

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COLOGNE, Germany, September 5, 2007 – Ford is releasing the first details of its new Kuga crossover at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, where the car will be previewed ahead of production early in 2008. The Kuga will be previewed alongside the new Ford Verve Concept small car and other exciting new products yet to be revealed on the show's first press day, September 11th.

The All-New Ford Kuga in Brief
  • Stylish Ford Kuga crossover will be previewed at Frankfurt Motor Show in near production form ahead of sales launch in early 2008
  • Inspired by the iosis X Concept that was revealed at the 2006 Paris Motor Show
  • Kuga is the latest showcase for Ford's 'kinetic design'
  • Impressive on-road driving dynamics with substantial off-road ability
  • Model range features 'intelligent' 4WD and FWD systems
  • Powered by Ford's acclaimed 2.0-litre 136 PS Duratorq TDCi diesel engine
  • Benefits from strong Ford Focus lineage
  • First crossover designed and developed in-house by Ford of Europe
  • To be produced at Ford's Saarlouis plant in Germany
Ford of Europe's product portfolio is expanding again – and in another new direction. The new Ford Kuga is an exciting 4WD crossover that combines style with technology and promises impressive on-road dynamics coupled with substantial off-road ability.

The new Ford Kuga will go on sale throughout Europe during the first half of 2008. "When we unveiled the stunning iosis X Concept car at the 2006 Paris Motor Show I promised that in less than two years we would enter this segment with an all-new vehicle developed and built in-house," said John Fleming, President and CEO, Ford of Europe.

"In delivering that promise, the commitment we also gave in Paris two years ago to add new and exciting niche vehicles to a newly energised Ford of Europe portfolio was also kept," Fleming added.

"Kuga offers a rare blend of a wagon and SUV features together with coupé-like sporting qualities," said Stephen Odell, Vice President for Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford of Europe.

"A major element of our strategy to return the Ford of Europe business to sustained profitability is the introduction of exciting new products – like Kuga – that attract new customers to the brand," explained Odell. "The S-MAX proved to us that there is demand for vehicles which offer the customer universal usability for work, leisure and family roles and where "driving pleasure" is also very important."

Unmistakably a Ford
One of the challenges of the Kuga development team was to give the vehicle Ford's acknowledged driving quality while at the same time delivering substantial off-road ability.

For this reason, the Ford Kuga will be available with an intelligent four-wheel-drive system which contributes positively to normal road use and helps give the vehicle an almost sporty dynamic ability. The fact that the Kuga will also be available as a front-wheel-drive only version simply emphasises the crossover concept of the vehicle.
Kuga's powertrain will feature Ford's established and highly fuel efficient 2.0-litre, 136 PS Duratorq TDCi common-rail diesel engine mated to a Durashift 6-speed manual transmission. Further details of the Kuga powertrain will be released closer to launch in early 2008.

Kuga Design - Standing Out
"Our kinetic design form language is very flexible and is giving an exciting look to all our new vehicles," said Martin Smith, Executive Design Director, Ford of Europe. "The iosis X Concept demonstrated how kinetic design could be adapted to the C-sized crossover segment of the market. All the expressive design elements of iosis X are clearly visible in the production vehicle. The new Ford Kuga is a dramatic addition to the Ford portfolio which develops our brand significantly."

Kuga closely follows the proportions and basic dynamic forms of the iosis X. This relationship is enhanced by the paint finish in the same unique 'Ice White' body colour and the bold wheel arches are filled with the same alloy wheels, as seen on iosis X which will be available to customers as a 19-inch option. Strength and athleticism in the design are key attributes of Ford's 'kinetic design' philosophy. Kuga demonstrates this through its dynamic lines, full surfaces and muscular presence. This athletic form language is highlighted with the bold kinetic graphics such as the trapezoidal front grills, rising belt-line and kick-up of the rear window graphic and the dramatic swept back headlamp shapes.

For the production Ford Kuga the coupé-like roof profile of the iosis X Concept has been adjusted to a slightly higher silhouette offering comfortable accommodation for five people.

The luggage compartment is accessed via a split tailgate and this, together with the divided rear lights, ensures the maximum full load width is available for loading and unloading.

Finally, the rear end design of Kuga also incorporates the graphic elements of 'kinetic design' such as the high mounted tail lamps, facetted rear glass and sculptured rear bumper. The rear bumper neatly integrates the tailpipes into the contours of the diffuser.

Kuga Interior – Space and Comfort
The interior of the new Ford Kuga has a spacious feel – and not just because of the large panoramic glass roof fitted to the preview model and available as an option in production.

The clean, ergonomic design of the instrument panel and centre stack converge into a voluminous centre console for maximum accessible storage. These interior components contribute to a comfortable surrounding for the driver and front seat passenger. The high seat and shoulder line position of the doors offers the opportunity for maximum glazed areas to give a light and airy environment for passengers and provides the driver a commanding view of their surroundings.

The materials chosen for Kuga's interior also demonstrate the close links to the iosis X Concept. In Kuga we see once again technical materials, fine leathers and striking orange piping. The Ebony interior is set off by a centre console and details in the door which also feature the piano-white finish from iosis X. All these elements together show how Ford intends to enable Kuga customers in the future to personalise their vehicle.

A hint of the technology coming in Kuga is seen in the new Blaupunkt navigation system which incorporates a 7" colour display to also show images from a rear view camera incorporated into the tailgate. This new feature, to aid reversing manoeuvres, will find its way to the production version of the Kuga.

"We're very excited about Kuga, and believe that its blend of great looks, compact exterior dimensions, superb on-road driving quality, spacious and high quality interior and good off-road ability will allow it to stand out from the crowd," said Fleming. "We can't wait to see it on and off road early next year"

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      Okay, people on autoblog have a loose grip on reality. If you think that bringing over European Fords will save Ford (or even Mecury) you're wrong. Americans don't like European cars. Why do you think VW is doing so poorly in the US when it's a landslide winner Europe? Why is it that there are so few European brands that are non-luxury in the US? The only real success story in the US is BMW and Ford is hardly going to try and compete with BMW. Even if the Mondeo and the Kuga are good enough to compete, people won't buy them over a bimmer. Mercury just doesn't have the cachet and Ford doesn't have the money to build up the brand (plus then it would be competing with Lincoln). As a previous poster pointed out Ford has tried importing FOE products before and it didn't work. The Mondeo was even brought over, but people weren't willing to pay more money for a vehicle that was smaller than the Taurus. The Mondeo was an excellent handler but people still chose the Taurus. Like it or not, your fellow Americans actually like the 3 bar grille. Reviewers generally have lambasted the Edge yet it's doing extremely well in sales. It's selling pretty much exclusively on looks. Ford will eventually bring European vehicles over, but it's more or less based on cost savings. It would be a terrible idea for Ford to try to import directly from Europe. Last time I checked, it was the Japanese that was dominated the US market and not the Europeans. In Europe Honda and Toyota round out the bottom of the sales charts. Different markets have different tastes.
        • 8 Years Ago
        I agree with you Comp on this in concept. We all know about Merkur and the last Mondeo. (at least those who know about Ford's European Imports). I like the three bar on the Edge, the Fusion, and even the Flex (uhh I hate that name). On the Merkurs, they were fugly but they were great cars. The Contour wasn't marketed well. It didn't look great either. The Focus worked though. We shouldn't have diverted from the euro Focus. Instead now, we have the weird Euro/American frankenstein that is the new Focus with a strange two bar grille. GM has had their problems with the Aussie GTO as well, but look at Saturn. Saturn is doing great now and they are an Opel rebadge. Even more Euro influence with the Astra coming up. I remeber reading somewhere though that Mercury was down to selling 180,000 units. GM shuttered Oldsmobile for selling around 250,000 units. It can work if they apply it right.

        I'm glad so many people comment on this kind of thing. Does any one have Alan Mulally's email so we can send him this stuff. No one would comment if they didn't care. ARE YOU LISTENING MR MULALLY?
        • 8 Years Ago
        I would have to disagree with that one....when the Mondeo came over to the states it didn't look like the Mondeo from Europe it didn't even have the same name instead of banking on the popularity the Mondeo had....The car was tweak too much that it lost its appeal that the Mondeo of Europe had....What happened when Ford replaced the escort with the Focus from Europe and brought it over here pretty much unchanged and this time they didnt do the mistake of changin the name of Focus, correct me if I am wrong but that car did pretty damn well....The problem is dont bring a car from over seas tweak it to look at bit different and give it a different name that wont work, But the majority of the cars that have come from over seas looking intack and with the same name have performed phenominal....
      • 8 Years Ago
      I'm not an SUV lover by any means but i do like the styling.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Even more forbidden fruit from Ford Europe. This whole situation is really outrageous, first the Focus, then the C-MAX and Mondeo, and now this? I know the exchange rate is a killer but this is now approaching comical. We get the new Focus which is built on decades old technology and the all new Taurus, again built on decades old technology and Europe gets dynamic cars with cutting edge design. Its like the Producers, I think they want Ford US to go bankrupt. There is no other explanation.
      • 8 Years Ago
      They should just move Ford to Europe at this point, Im tired of getting aggravated over crap like this. F@ck you Ford.
      • 8 Years Ago
      ford drives me crazy! just axe the whole US Ford design shop, and bring over all of the Euro fords. I would never buy an Escape, but this looks sweet.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I know it may seem insignificant, but they (meaning Ford people) obviously didn't bother to google the word "kuga" beforehand. If they did they would've found out that in certain Slavic languages it actually means "pestilence". How's that for an "exciting new product that attracts new customers to the brand" :-)
      • 8 Years Ago
      I still hate that upswept D pillar. I had a Murano as a rental, and trying to back out of a parking spot and see around an Explorer next to me was just about impossible.
      • 8 Years Ago
      And the entire world will be able to purchase it except for the US and Canada. We get the Escape instead. yay.
      • 8 Years Ago
      HEY FORD - Don't bring this car to the US, keep it in Europe. Give us a warmed over version of the Escape, or how about bringing back the 1997 Explorer? BOLD MOVE!
      • 8 Years Ago
      the marais, you're right. Ford did this before in the 1990s with the Contour (aka Mondeo) and the Focus. It didn't go as well as they had planned.

      GM is planning on assembling the Opel Astra and Holden variants here for US consumption. Ford could attempt it again as well.

      Perhaps the second time is the charge.
      • 8 Years Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      Looks like a chinese RAV4 built by Hundi. You really think this looks better than the EDGE?
        • 8 Years Ago
        Somewhere in there is a Volvo XC60
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