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Behold the Verve Concept, Ford of Europe's B-car concept that will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. Sketches of the car appeared yesterday, and judging from our gallery of high-res pics, they seem to have been accurate. Pegged as the precursor to Ford's upcoming redesign for the Fiesta, the Verve Concept blends "Kinetic Design" elements inspired by the Iosis Concept that have trickled down into production cars like the new Mondeo and S-Max. In this case, the cat-like slit headlights dominate the small car's front end, along with a rather oversized lower grille. The rear features taillights above the belt line, a center-mounted exhaust, and small lip spoiler above the hatch. We can also see that the Verve's roof is all dark-tinted glass. Aside from the out-of-proportion front grille, our only gripe with the Verve are those chrome plated wheels that look decidedly aftermarket, and not in a good way.

Clearly the new Fiesta will be toned down compared to the Verve when it arrives late in 2008, but this concept is not hiding much. The Fiesta will share a platform with the new Mazda2, and eventually cross the ocean to be sold in the U.S., as well. Considering Ford's current financial strain, and regardless of clashing design themes (Kinetic vs. Three-Bar), we expect the European Fiesta to arrive for sale in the U.S. with little alteration.

[Source: Motor Authority]

Ford Verve Concept Hints at Ford's Future Small-Car Design Vision

FRANKFURT, Germany--Ford Verve Concept - a bold and colourful concept car to be revealed at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show - gives the first hints of Ford's future small-car design vision.

The significance of the Ford Verve Concept is that it's the first physical evidence of the design direction for an all-new small Ford since it was announced earlier this year that the European arm of the company's global Product Development group is taking the design and engineering lead in creating a new small-car portfolio for major world markets. The Ford Verve Concept is the first of three concept vehicles which will debut in key regions - Europe, Asia and North America.

"Ford Verve Concept is presented here in Frankfurt as a bespoke concept car to generate reactions while our production plans are taking shape," said John Fleming, President and CEO of Ford of Europe. "Our Design team took an unrestrained approach to how our future small cars could look, and this eye-catching concept was one of the results. If we get the reaction we expect, I'm certain that the team will incorporate elements of this advanced design vision into our final production design. This will make the next generation of small cars from Ford very compelling indeed."

Finished in rich colours and distinctive materials inspired by the world of fashion and cosmetics, the Ford Verve Concept was created by a team of designers from Ford's studios in Dunton, England, and Cologne, Germany.

Building on the kinetic design momentum of Ford's recent iosis and iosis X concept cars, and the more premium feel of production models like the new Ford Mondeo, the Ford Verve Concept is a bold expression of a small-car vision.

As product development of a new generation of Ford small cars continues behind the scenes, Ford of Europe is hoping to gauge public reaction to the Ford Verve Concept during the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      That is a cool looking car. I'd buy it to replace my current Focus. Nice Job Ford, now just bring it to the US.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I'm sick of seeing all of these promising concepts and Ford not doing anything with them.

      But if the next (hopefully global) focus looks anything like a 4 door version of this, they've got my money.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I LOVE this car. The exterior design is smooth and fluid. The interior appears to be nicely laid out and they did a great job with the color combinations. And they didn’t outright copy the other new fun Euro Fords.
      Ford is stupid if they don't bring it to the US. Oh wait...Ford is STUPID as they have yet to bring any of their other Euro cars over that Americans have been demanding. Instead they give us the three bar grill Taurus/500 and the two bar Focus redesign screw up along with all the other boxy bar grilled crap they "think" Americans want.

      On another note, I thought the front of this car looked familiar. I then realized we had seen it before, all but in an ever-so-slightly different form on the front Ford Reflex concept (which I hate to admit didn’t look bad with the 3 bars).
      • 8 Years Ago
      screw the "Bold" design language and chrome bars... this is far more interesting... and yea, its likely a sibling to the mazda2... not a bad thing
      • 8 Years Ago
      Now that is a beautiful car. If only Ford would sell it in the US...
        • 8 Years Ago
        it's coming to the usa...but as a sedan. boo hiss
        • 8 Years Ago
        Nellydesign: I read that just fine. The thing is, I don't believe it -- Ford and GM have disappointed us in that regard too often in the past.
          • 8 Years Ago
          Igor: I'll believe it when I see it in a showroom. Sorry, but I don't trust Ford's promises anymore.
          • 8 Years Ago
          well believe this one - this thing was approved LAST YEAR .. US version concept will debut in Detroit ...

      • 8 Years Ago
      Why coming up with new car designs in America, this is done deal in their shop oversees -- just bring it to the US. This car is very very cool looking. Who is the designer - bring him over as well. Ford you have winner here - its as simple as shiping now.
        • 8 Years Ago
        You sir, have no concept of reality. European cars have not been built to the same safety standards we have to deal with in North America. So it's not as simple as "shipping it".
        • 8 Years Ago
        you are completely right - its kind a dry around here all of the sudden, I apologize, I was just joking, even with the designer ....
        Next time I will ad :-) ;-)
        but the car, I was serious, that is some nice design.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Wow a car that looks promising!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Yeah, that would be an awesome car for under 9,000 euros. When you are paying that much, if the design is even acceptable you are lucky -- and this thing looks pretty awesome.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Can someone please explain to send their best cars to Europe? Will this awesome looking car ever get sold in the U.S. The senior executives at Ford haven't demonstrated that they have a clue yet. How does this company make decisions?

      What's up with the name Fiesta? Not exactly a name that recalls visions of quality and reliability. Either keep the Verve name for the U.S. or think of something else!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Sign me up. I want one. Now, Mr. M. Bring it over NOW and don't wreck it with the generic looking Gillette Fusion grill.

      Pretty Please?
      • 8 Years Ago
      It's Peugeot with some Aston Martin.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Too bad we won't see it here in the good ol' USA. We're not worthy?
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