• Aug 21st 2007 at 5:04PM
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Maserati only recently started selling the new automatic transmission version of the Quattroporte sedan and now it's being recalled. Apparently there is a problem with the low voltage threshold for the traction control and stability control that causes it to shutdown prematurely when it thinks the battery is low. The software problem evidently doesn't affect the anti-lock brakes, which should continue to function normally. Only 718 cars are affected by the recall that requires a replacement of the electronic control unit, though considering the Quattroporte is a six-figure car, that number likely represents a decent portion of those on the road.
[Source: NHTSA via MotorAuthority]

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      Hey, that would actually force someone to DRIVE their car...imagine that.
        • 8 Years Ago
        Yes, but they would never feel safe. You know how it is. Until today no one was safe and then tomorrow another gadget will be needed and todays technology won't be enough. It does sell cars.
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        I've been driving for 20 years...I didn't need all that crap then, I don't need it now.

        For me it's been forty one years. Still alive and I have had to have driven over a million miles (most professionally) The newest vehicle has air bags and ABS but only known to me because the manual says so. People have replaced good driving with artificial protection.