• Aug 20th 2007 at 10:03AM
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Start counting down to 2010, and while you're at it, save your Euros. No official images of VW's much discussed City Expert exist, but Germany's Focus Online has a rendering that shows what a cleverly-packaged entry level Volkswagen could look like.
The artist's shot in the dark certainly appears plausible, but if it looks anything like the rendering, it won't be the styling of the thing that generates excitement. The trick, as has been previously discussed ad nauseam, will be to fit a drivetrain and its supporting hardware in as little space possible. That packaging requirement is what's driving a reported return to a rear engine layout. The length is rumored to be in the realm of 80 inches, which could provide hospitable environs for four adults and their gear if VW is clever enough. The power unit will need to be compact enough to allow storage space above, yet have enough oomph that it doesn't draw any comparisons to the low horsepower numbers of VWs old flat-four. There's been talk of two- or three-cylinder engines, diesel fuel is more likely than a hybrid system in light of the target price near 10,000 Euros.

[Source: Focus Online]

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      I guess this car will go directly up against the Mitsubishi i currently on sale; which has a super-charged three-cylinder, mid-rear mounted engine, RWD/4WD, de-dion suspensions, seats 4, wtc.

      This month's TopGear gave the UK-version of the Mitsubishi i a absolutely glowing review. Also they are rumored to have a larger engine, and a wider version coming up. Also, Toyota is said to be putting the ultra-mini Endo into production. Lots of healthy competition for super-mini City cars.
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      Plus, that rendering is considerably more than 80". The smart car is 100" approximately, with no possible room for a back seat.
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      It has been thirty-six years since VW tried a rear-engined concept in earnest. Back then, Porsche was pulling the strings, too - until VW crushed the car.


      Technical and political difficulties notwithstanding, this next round should produce an interesting car. Putting the engine in the back almost gives it a depth of character that the new (and newly front-engined) Fiat 500 and VW's own New Beetle may lack in some eyes.
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