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We've been anxiously awaiting more news and especially an estimated arrival date for Piaggio's hybrid scooters, which include scooters from the Vespa brand as well. Perhaps Piaggio was reading our last post on the subject, because we've noticed more and more news on the HyS (hybrid scooter) models. Now, we can share a few pictures with you as well. Best of all, Cycle World is saying that they have been told by Piaggio that the MP3 HyS will be in production by the end of 2008! Although Piaggio has been testing a version of the MP3 hybrid which sports a 250cc engine, the production model is expected to use the 125 instead. However, that is not all bad, because the electric motor adds up to 85 percent better acceleration and possibly a bit more on the top end too, at least we hope. There is a cool switch on the dash of the scooter which allows for more economic travel or for more performance. Currently, three 12-volt lead acid batteries are being used, but lithium ion batteries are being tested as we speak.

Also of note is the 50cc version of this powertrain, which is installed in the Vespa LX model. This beast gets only 24 volts of power, but can still perform like its 125cc larger sibling. Best of all, the machine can return up to 142 mpg while emitting only 40 grams of CO2 per kilometer. The 50cc model can travel at 15 mph for 12 miles on electric power alone while the larger 125cc version can do 25 mph for 12 miles on battery power.

This is great news for anyone (like me) who's been waiting to purchase one of these vehicles. Waiting until the end of 2008 could prove to be a challenge!

Go past the break for more pictures.

[Source: Piaggio and Cycle World]

Here is a shot "underhood" of the Piaggio X8 125cc Hys

Here is a shot of the motor integrated into rear hub, which is also the back of the CVT transmission.

The entire engine, motor and transmission is a single unit which hinges at the front and acts as a swingarm.

Here you can see the charging unit at the back of the X8 HyS.

The three lead acid batteries are stored under the seat of the 125cc models.

Now, let's take a look at the smaller 50cc version.

The charger is in the "glovebox" of the Vespa LX 50cc HyS.

Only two 12 volt lead acid batteries for the smaller model.

Here is the dash.

A close up of the plug.

Lastly, a shot of the entire engine complete with the motor and transmission.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Years Ago
      Novedosa Moto Scooter Hibrida Echufable de 125cc

      Presentan la nueva moto hibrida con motorización 125 cc y 3000w/72V
      Ecolife nace como una empresa con una clara vocación de tener presencia en el mercado de la automoción, y, específicamente, en la fabricación y/o comercialización de vehículos de gama hibrida que reduzcan la capacidad de emisión de gases contaminantes así como el consumo de combustibles tradicionales. Así pues, y como primicia mundial, Ecolife ha desarrollado la primera moto de carácter híbrido disponible en el mercado. A final del presente ejercicio, la empresa tiene la intención de lanzar la primera motocicleta de 125cc y 3000 w de potencia, que estamos seguros será un éxito de mercado absoluto. Posteriormente, y a mediados del año que viene, tenemos preparado un nuevo modelo con un controller mejorado para la versión de 125 cc y una versión de 250 cc con 5000 w de potencia.
      Descripción del producto:
      Tal y como hemos comentado, somos pioneros en la introducción de motocicletas hibridas en el mercado mundial. Las moto-scooters, pueden funcionar de tres maneras diferentes.

      - Combustión
      - Eléctrico
      - Mixto

      El sistema mixto, que es el que se utilizará la mayoría de las veces, funciona con un motor eléctrico alimentado con baterias de última tecnología militar, que, a partir de una velocidad en Km/h pre -programada en fábrica, pasa a utilizar el motor de combustión. Esta función de cambio de motor la define el componente llamado ?controller? que actúa de manera inteligente identificando en cada momento las condiciones en que está circulando el scooter. No sólo puede cambiar a combustión por velocidad, sino también por detección de pendientes pronunciadas, o cualquier otra suposición o circunstancia. Este elemento y el ensamblaje del mismo en los scooters son de diseño absoluto y propiedad industrial de la empresa. Las baterías se cargan automáticamente cuando la motocicleta está en funcionamiento con el motor de combustión o mediante una conexión a la red eléctrica.
      • 7 Years Ago
      My Opinion. Hybrid or electric bikes are for smaller markets cos, they are too quiet. People just doesn't know you are there. Unless noisier tires or make a christmas tree out of your bikes.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Is there any new News about the HyS Scoots? I'm currently an owner of an old 2stroke 50cc chinese scooter and I am so ready to upgrade to a more earth friendly scoot!
      • 6 Years Ago
      Great idea ! However speed and distance are not very good.
      I have just imported hybrid scooters from China, They are fantastic. I have signed exclusive rights to these, Range and speed are much better.

      Drop me an e-mail for more info. Or they will be coming soon from ecoscoot.net
        • 6 Years Ago
        Hallo Carlo

        I would like to hear more about the scoorter you have got the exclusive rights to
        maybe we could do a collaboration

        please mail me

      • 8 Years Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      do you have any 3 wheel scooters. Are they hybrid?
      • 7 Years Ago
      It is interesting that the expected price for this scooter will be right in the hunt with the Vectrix electric scooter, or perhaps even higher. With gas prices rising, suddenly 10k or more for a super efficient scooter seems less insane.

      - On3Wheels
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