• Aug 18th 2007 at 10:57AM
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The lineage of the Mercedes Benz SL dates back to 1953, and over the years the car has had a number of transformations. The series began with the original gull-wing coupe that was soon joined by the classic long nose roadster based on the first SLR. In the 1960s, the SL shrunk to become a much smaller, less powerful convertible before it began growing again in the 1970s and becoming the techno monster it is today. While wandering around the Dream Cruise, we stumbled across a pair of superlative SLs for you to peruse.

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      Angelina Jhon
      • 2 Years Ago
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      • 8 Years Ago
      The 300SL (convertible or gullwing, doesn't matter) is hands down my favorite car of all time, and it has been since I got interested in cars when I was 3 or 4.

      To me it was the 1950s equivalent of the Veyron... (only infinitely better looking) For its time, the car's performance was almost unimaginable, especially for a street car. It was also (as far as I know, someone correct me if I'm wrong) the single most successful racing car in the history of motor sports, losing only one race in its career-a race in which it came in second.

      Both of those look like beautifully restored cars... Wish the 190SLs we get at work were in that kind of condition, though one of our customers has about (we estimate) 800,000 miles on his. Bought it new, it's the only car he's ever owned and he still drives it every day.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I have been lucky enough to have driven a 300sl (a 1957 Roadster) on two occasions for a week each; the 2002 Forza Amelia Vintage Rally and the 2005 Colorado Grand. In the former I even had the car on a racetrack road course. They are truly remarkable machines. The world's first "supercar" and I'd venture a guess the best built of any supercar. They are rock solid, very dependable, and easy to drive and maintain.

      The 300sl is a gentle boulevard cruiser if you want; and a snarling 150 MPH race car if you need. Truly an engineering tour de force.

      If you want to buy a truly investment-grade automobile, you cannot go wrong acquiring a 300sl. Unlike many investments, this one has a guaranteed return. It WILL appreciate in value.


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