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The first American driver that will get to have a BMW Hydrogen 7 for use as a daily driver on regular roads will be none other than legendary circle track racer Ricky Bobby himself. BMW has turned over the keys to Will Ferrell as they launched their Hydrogen 7 Pioneer Program. Even though the company considers the 7 a production model, BMW isn't selling the cars. They are loaning them to famous people to promote hydrogen technology. Twenty-five of the 100 hydrogen 7s will be coming to US to help promote hydrogen as the fuel of the future. BMW's press release is after the jump.

[Source: BMW]


Will Ferrell Becomes First To Be Given A BMW Hydrogen 7 for Everyday Use
Woodcliff Lake, NJ - August 16, 2007... BMW today announced the launch of the Hydrogen 7 Pioneer Program as it handed over the keys of a BMW Hydrogen 7 - the first hydrogen-powered luxury sedan - to Hollywood actor Will Ferrell. Through the Hydrogen 7 Pioneer Program, BMW will give industry leaders and prominent figures in entertainment, politics, business and more a BMW Hydrogen 7 for their daily use.

In launching the program, BMW underscores the fact that the BMW Hydrogen 7 is not a concept car, but a production model vehicle that has successfully completed the entire Product Development Process, meeting all the standards necessary for driving on U.S. roadways. Running in hydrogen mode, the BMW Hydrogen 7 essentially emits nothing but water vapor, representing a major step in reducing harmful CO2 emissions. During the program, 25 of the 100 cars that are produced will be used in evaluation programs in the US. The BMW Hydrogen 7 is not for sale, but is considered to be a milestone in bringing forward hydrogen as the sustainable fuel for individual transportation.

BMW believes hydrogen will replace petroleum as the long-term alternative to fossil fuel, and hopes the Hydrogen 7 will play a pioneering role in driving forward the hydrogen technologies that will ensure our mobility in the future.

Thus, the hydrogen pioneers will be instrumental in helping people understand that hydrogen technology is here, it is now and it is what BMW Group believe holds the key to our future mobility. By harnessing the power and influence of individuals who, like Will Ferrell, are at the forefront of their respective disciplines, BMW hopes to continue to generate support of hydrogen-drive vehicles in the short term and stimulate demand for a viable hydrogen infrastructure in the long-term.

Ferrell is the first in a series of Americans who BMW plans to announce in the coming months that will help the company in its mission to build widespread support of hydrogen as a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

While Ferrell and BMW's future hydrogen pioneers will become the first group to be given access to the BMW Hydrogen 7 in the US for a longer period of use, a number of entertainers, politicians, business leaders and more have opted for a BMW Hydrogen 7 as their energy-efficient ride of choice. Those who have recently chosen the vehicle include Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the "Ocean's 13" premiere in Hollywood; Fox Entertainment Chairman Peter Liguori at the FOX All-Star Party in Santa Monica; Richard Gere and Sharon Stone at the Cinema for Peace Gala in Berlin; and "An Inconvenient Truth" producer Davis Guggenheim (Oscar® for the best Documentary Feature) and Best Foreign Language Film Oscar® winner, director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck at the 2007 Academy Awards; among others. The vehicle has also made an impact oversees, with luminaries such as Michael Glos, German Federal Minister for Economy and Technology, and Günter Verheugen, Vice President of the European Commission, world renowned soprano Anna Netrebko and many others covering more than 1.3 million miles worldwide till now.

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      • 8 Years Ago
      I wonder if all these celebrities will continue being enthused about the Hydrogen 7 when they find out how bad the fuel economy is (15 mpg on petrol, 4 mpg on liqid H2), how hard it is to find liquid H2, how expensive liquid H2 is, how much H2 evaporates each day, and that there is almost no trunk space due to the 30 gallon H2 dewar flask.

      Of course, it's possible that some celebrities might not realize these problems exist, as they have their assistants take care of refueling, paying the bills, loading the luggage, and even driving.

      Still, I doubt they will make any protests when the lease ends and BMW takes them all back to be recycled.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Chris, you are probably a very bright fellow but the comments you sent are moronic and completely miss the point of the exercise.
      The H7 demonstrates that a transition from carbon fuel to a non-carbon energy carrier is technically feasible. The mpg and lack of infrastructure for hydrogen are issues being addressed by forward-thinking companies who can't be discouraged by tunnel vision nay-sayers.
      Criticiscm is easy...solutions require people to think.
      When China's demand for oil crushes the US hopes for unending cheap gas what solution do the nay-sayers offer?
      Many who criticize hydrogen think that the answer will be battery electric vehicles, but they fail to recognize the challenges.
      When everyone plugs in their electric-mobile at 5-6pm and overloads the electrical infrastructure what solution will the nay-sayers offer? (sure, wait for 3 am to run evening errands)
      When new power lines are planned for your back yard and KWH rates go through the roof to pay for it what will the nay-sayers offer?
      When you want to drive longer than a single charge and have to wait for a 50 minute "quick charge" what solution will the nay-sayers offer?
      When the power company has excess off peak capacity but can't store it what solution will the nay-sayers offer?
      Hydrogen power in ICEs and fuel cells, generated via green methods AND BEVs look promising but have challenges. Both will play an important role.
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