• Aug 13th 2007 at 8:32AM
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After selling only 18,168 samples of their R-Class in 2007, even after dropping the base price by $5,000, Mercedes will try taking the uber-wagon downmarket in 2008.

For starters, the cheapest R-Class you can get next year will be the 268hp R350, which has a V6 and does without all wheel drive to come in under $43,000. Originally, the cheapest R350 started at around $48,000. Other R models will retain standard AWD.

In the past, spotting a 500 HP AMG R63 has been difficult, probably due to its $80,000 price tag. Spotting one now will be even harder. All 2008 R-Class models will get the body cladding of the 2007 AMG (pictured above) and 18" wheels, but not the performance mods. No AMG R-Class will be offered in 2008.

The most expensive R next year will be the 221hp R320 CDI at just over $46,000.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      It looks decent in the picture, however in real life its front is reminiscent of a cicada. The body of the vehicle looks good but the front is ugly.

      There seems to be some sort of problem in their design department, ugly designs keep on making it to production. It first started with the CLS, then the R and now the CL.

      Hopefully the poor sales they are having with the R-class will cause Mercedes to reconsider releasing ugly designs.

      • 8 Years Ago
      Just get it over and bring back the woody. Bone it out, sell it for about 10 and have it just haul people, groceries, and a surf board. Also put in an engine that gets 50 mpg regardless of size or hp.
      • 8 Years Ago
      MB should try updating the design to look a little more elegant. Get ride of the truckish snot. I am sure others would disagree, but to me, it looks like a Pacifica that was beat with an ugly stick. MB needs to dress it up like they have done with the sport package on the 07 E-class.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I've only ever seen one of these on the roads. It didn't look horrible, but it sure doesn't look as elegant as most of MB's models do.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I own one of these and I like it. I leased it through the MB family plan. We wanted an AWD SUV and settled on this for 329 a month. It is a lil ugly but it grows on you. Its not a S Class in terms of the interior but it handles well, it is great in the rain, and "The Bus" as i call it moves really well great power and a super smooth ride. The roof is glass and almost half tucks away. And you can seriously fit 6. It is supprisingly big inside. It takes a little to get used to its size but parks nice great turning radius. Today we have no kids so do not load it up. But its great at the drive in and i cant wait to load it up for a road trip. I think it didnt do well because of A. Its Price (MB or not 50K damn..) B. the styling isnt drop dead gorgouse.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I've driven behind a few of these. IMO, The black ones with the tinted windows makes it look like a hearse.
      • 8 Years Ago
      For those who think the station wagon is making a come-back in the US… think again.

      The R-Class, the Pacifica, Ford Freestyle (Taurus X) and the Cadillac SRX are all cross-over SUVs that look too much like a station wagon, and their sales in the US are disappointing.

      The Ford Flex will be the next vehicle that does everything it’s asked to do (carry people, get good fuel economy, haul stuff from Costco, etc.), but sells less than it should.
        • 8 Years Ago
        Did you forget about the CRV and the Element? and even the Honda Fit is also what can be considered a tiny station wagon...

        Tne MB R is - as per Autoextremist- the answer to the question nobody asked...
        • 8 Years Ago
        Yeah but like you said none of these are wagons, I would love a real Wagon, something that actually rides and possibly handles more like a car/sports car. Crossovers are still too tall and to heavy. we need more sportwagons, like the Audi's and BMW's in Europe. Wagons will make a come back, as soon as car manufacturers build wagons. Crossovers blow, they are bad cars, and bad trucks, how does that make a good automobile?

        just my 2 cents
        • 8 Years Ago

        In Europe Mercedes sells wagon or estate versions of the C and E-class. Perhaps Mercedes should start selling them in the US also.
      • 8 Years Ago
      The R-class was an opportunity for Mercedes to one-up the leading Japanese minivans with great handing and an M-B badge for only a few grand more than a similarly equpped Sienna. However, the R-class ended up being boring to drive, overly styled, and too overpriced to lure buyers from Siennas and Odysseys.

      Well, Mercedes, your job is to build beautiful, fast, fun luxury cars. I don't see how you could have f*cked up more.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Since the initial concept designs it always seemed like a great utilization of space and filled with comfort, but the outside leaves a lot to be desired. America's ready for crossovers but this wasn't exactly what people had in mind.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I work at a Mercedes dealership and can confirm that the R63 will still be available for 2008 by special order only. (If you order one, it will be produced, but don't expect to find one a lot somewhere.)
      • 8 Years Ago
      Almost everything about this car is stupid. A performance crossover SUV/van? The diesel is a solid vehicle, but you're more likely to find an honest congressmen before you find a good diesel station. Improve the abysmal petrol model's mileage, and maybe this thing will last.
      • 8 Years Ago

      We checked with our contact at Mercedes-Benz who said the R63 was special-order for 2007, but will not be available at all for the 2008 model year.
        • 8 Years Ago
        For what it's worth, Chris, my information is straight out of the MB regional representative's mouth just last week specifically referring to the '08s. Perhaps the only way to settle this is to go ahead and order an R63 ourselves? Haha.
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