• Aug 13th 2007 at 8:03AM
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The hybrid price war is heating up. Mercury has released pricing for the 2008 Mariner hybrid. It's $26,620 and 2WD. The 2007 Mariner Hybrid was only 4WD and $28,615. Okay, maybe the price is lower because it's 2WD and not 4WD. I guess the price drops maybe a response to the loss of some tax deductions. So, there might not be a war but prices are dropping... or are they?

The Nissan's 2008 hybrid Altima may cost a little more. Nissan spokesman Darryll Harrison says "we are looking at adding some features that aren't standard." "It may be just a slight increase." Just $100. Price is expected later in the Summer. Hmmm, secret features? ...$100? I guess it's too cheap to be plug-in. It would be great if Nissan surprised everyone by being first to the plug-in market ahead of GM and Toyota. Anyway, stay tuned for more follow ups on this year's trend in hybrid pricing.

[Source: Forbes via EV World]

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      Good that price is getting down..hopefully more people will go for
      2008 hybrid http://www.buyingadvice.com/2008-hybrid-cars.html
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      Let's do apples to apples here...

      From the article (MSRP):
      2007 MMH (4wd only) - $28,615

      Mercury website (MSRP):
      2008 MMH (4wd) - $27,705(down $901 from 2007)
      2008 MMH (2wd,new'08) - $25,955 (an orange)

      In 2008, both the Mercury Mariner and, its sister, the Ford Escape Hybrid have a $1750 increase in MSRP for the 4wd option. Factor in the $800 less in federal tax credit ($3000 for 2wd vs. $2200 for 4wd) and the cost difference goes up to $2650 (not factoring in the expected MPG difference across the life of the vehicle).

      If you don't need the 4wd option, the new 2008 2wd MMH is much better priced than the only available model in 2007. The 2008 models also include standard air bags all around as well as refinements both internal and external. The drive-train components have stayed the same since 2005 except for computer related updates so reliability ratings should remain the same.

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