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The upcoming Epsilon II based Opel Vectra has already been heavily photographed for months now. But as with most European cars, General Motors European team has been running the car extensively at the Nürburgring ahead of its debut in Frankfurt Motor Show next month, and someone with a video camera has caught it in action. The car can be seen with minimal camo both heading out to the track from the Opel garage and circulating in the company of a current generation Vectra. Check out the video after the jump.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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      Looks good. Opel = Saturn, so we'll see this come over sometime in the future. In the mean time, we do have the current generation Vectra aka Aura. Its about time GM uses its overseas talent to help with flogging sales in the US. GM has given us many winners in the past couple of years from Europe such as the Sky, Solstice, G8 (coming soon) and Aura. What GM needs to do is strike while the iron is hot. Continue to release "upmarket" products to make the Accords and Camrys look subpar.

      But don't think the boys in the East don't notice this trend.. what a time to be in the automovite industry!

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      Just keep on driving and...............................WALKING!!
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      HotRodzNKustoms was sorta right.

      Numbers from Edmunds
      Toyota Tundra:
      July 2006 - $5242
      June 2007 - $5083
      July 2007 - $6861

      GMC Sierra
      July 2006 - $6301
      June 2007 - $3644
      July 2007 - $3995
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      lol @ the 1 series going behind it at the :45 mark.
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      Just keep on driving and...............................WALKING!!
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      I thought the Sky was designed and is built here in the states.
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        yep. ssbr is also wrong about the g8. that's coming from australia, not europe.

        and i'm not positive about this because i've heard it both ways, but i've been told before that the current generation aura doesn't share a whole lot with the vectra other than some styling cues; the true platform merge will happen in th e next gen. but like i said, i'm not positive about that.