• Aug 3rd 2007 at 3:47PM
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Earlier in July California based electric vehicle press release manufacturer Zap let us know that they would be making a big announcement about another new car at their annual shareholder meeting. Well the meeting came and went on July 29 at their Santa Rosa CA facility and the usual flurry of press releases failed to materialize. This prompted an e-mail to Zap to see if everything was OK.
They apparently did talk about the portable energy equipment they are selling and the iZap external battery pack for iPods and iPhones. CEO Steve Schneider also talked about the new battery venture with Chinese company Advanced Battery Technologies that we discussed here earlier. What about the wonderful new three wheeler they talked about. Well it has a name now. Alias. That's it. No other information. Nada. But then what did you really expect?

[Source: Zap]

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      Looking over my EV list, apparently ZAP already announced that it was called the Alias at some point (cuz I noted it), so even that isn't news.

      Fortunately, we're past the point where ZAP matters. While they keep making press releases, companies like Tesla Motors and Phoenix are building multiple prototypes and even crash-testing them for NHTSA certification.
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      Am I reading that graph right? ZAAP was trading back in 2000 at above $70/ share? Poor sucker shareholders.

      I think we're all hoping Zap produces and lives up to the hype...it cannot on its current course. Perhaps it is buyout material for a rising star that will actually make the ZAP-X an achievable goal? If Zap isn't careful, they'll kill the next generation of electric cars.
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      What can be said about ZAP! is that they are delivering street legal electric vehicles. The Xebra is paving the way for cars such as the Alias and ZAP-X. It really shows how tough the EV market can be, Tesla with all of their billionaire backers just announced a delay.
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      Well, I find it interesting to see what comes out of all the hype with ZAP and their "future" vehicles.
      Personally I would love to buy a ZAP-X even if it has a bit shorter range, lower top speed and longer charging time.

      Living in Denmark where gasoline prices are 7,50 USD/Gallon an EV would be wonderful!
      Also we have a 180% tax on cars here (i.e. a PT Cruiser costs 45.000 USD and a Porsche Boxster some 160.000 USD) BUT EVs are exempt from tax!!! That actually makes the Tesla a "cheap" sports car in my neck of the woods!

      I just read that a Danish company, Lithium Balance, has made a deal with ZAP and they are currently testing their battery management system on a couple of Zebras over here.

      Looks very promising and the first tests made a Zebra City Truck go 625 miles on one charge.

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      Ghost tech.
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