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The launch of Toyota's all-new 2007 half-ton Tundra pickup has had its fair share of hiccups, but despite bumps in the road, it appears that the Japanese automaker's half-ton has become the first import pickup to overtake a domestic in year-to-date sales. According to Mike Levine at pickuptruck.com, it appears the GMC Sierra 1500 lost its #4 ranking in half-ton sales to the Tundra based on projections culled from production numbers.

General Motors reports that the Sierra has sold 115,185 units year-to-date. The figure, however, includes 2006 and 2007 models of the Sierra 1500, Sierra 2500 (three-quarter ton), Sierra 3500 (one-ton) and even the 2007 Sierra "Classic" based on the older GMT800 platform. GM doesn't break down the sales numbers for the Sierra by model, so Levine got creative and used production numbers for each model from both 2005 and 2006 to extrapolate what percentage of this year's sales the Sierra 1500 model was likely to be. Assuming the Sierra 1500 represents about two-thirds of all Sierra sales, that would mean GM sold 76,700 units of the truck during the first seven months of 2007. The Tundra, meanwhile, sold 105,990 units, of which 97,290 were the all-new 2007 Tundra. Based on an "apples-to-apples" comparison in sales between half-ton models, it would then seem the 2007 Toyota Tundra easily outsold GMC Sierra 1500 to become the #4 best-selling half-ton pickup in the U.S. Based on projections through the end of the year, the Tundra will likely outsell all GMC Sierra models, as well, making it the #4 best-selling truck of any kind in the U.S. behind the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado and Dodge Ram.

Thanks to Mike for doing the legwork and crunching the numbers.

[Source: pickuptruck.com]

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      • 7 Years Ago
      I traded in my 2005 gmc, 4x4, 4dr, bigv8. I had more problems with that thing than I care to remember. I traded in my 2002 gmc (of the same manner) for it; my 2002 had a lot of transmission and rear end problems.
      And both had a lot of squeaks and rattles. Now I got a new Tundra, and man this thing is sooooo nice, sooooo powerful,quietinside the cab, and the 5.7 v8 makes a great sound, and the 22" wheels are so cool, and the 4x4 is great. Fuel mileage is bad, around 14mpg, ( I have a crewmax,4x4, limited, and loaded, nav,2-dvd's sunroof.....) but this truck feels so much better that any other I had in the past, and my job of the pass 13 years, requires for me to have a truck. I do not care about the gas mileage at all, due to the truck is so great in every area other than gas mileage.
      Only drive it one time and you will see the big differences, in how better this truck is build.
      I am a war vet and I love my country, but this Toyota truck is worth my hard earned American cash!!!

      J.R Odessa, TX
      • 7 Years Ago
      intern:"and what would be the problem buddy. Wait you might be in the union, well i guess then its a problem for you"

      Actually, I own three businesses and employ people. Perhaps you should do some study on something called "Import Dependency" Look around try and find something made here, the military even admits the problem for electronics parts. Try on the fact that over 65% of some food stocks now come from somewhere else or haven't you been reading the labels? The majority of our debt is being financed by foreign investors.
      The general attitude is "It's OK, it will work out" consider this, China if it remains on it's current pace will become the economic superpower in less than ten years, with those funds they could easily become the military superpower as well. Think about that, a lot.
      We all buy what we like, that's fine, but there is a larger picture here.
      • 7 Years Ago
      There is Autoblog, and there is Autoblog Green.

      I think there needs to be Autoblog Enthusiast for the people who couldn't care less about these blog posts on trucks, suvs, safety, etc.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Here is a really nice article from "Lets talk half-ton trucks"

      Very nice read. This guy did his homework.

        • 7 Years Ago
        One of the best articles I've rean in a long time. Anyone who's buying a 1/2 ton truck for towing owe it to themsleves, or at least for the sake of the people you put in it, to read this article.
        • 7 Years Ago
        That's an excellent read with very relevant points for light duty towing.

        There is now an SAE working group with OEM participation, that includes Ford, to establish exactly the kind of standardized tow test the author of this story talks about. It should be finalized in the next year or so.
        • 7 Years Ago
        That's a very good article/link. I had worked at a RV dealer and was amazed at the weight of new campers and what people drove in with to carry them. RVs today have slide-outs, basements and even electric fireplaces. No 1/2 ton would be allowed to tow most fifth wheels and 1/2 tons are very limited. A 1/2 ton can't carry most campers.
        To save the math, bring your truck into a weigh scale. They'll give you the real scoop. Do it BEFORE you buy a trailer, fifth wheel or camper.
        • 7 Years Ago
        uhum... cool
      • 7 Years Ago
      maccve - that little vignette you just wrote, though entertaining, is also naive. If capital continues to leave this country (and the US is showing no sign of significantly decreasing our budget and trade deficits, btw), there will NOT be any funds for people to "go into construction", or "act as investors in other companies". And as we trade high-paying manufacturing jobs for low-paying service ones, the government will inevitably lose tax revenue as well.

      And as other countries don't feel as constricted to play by American rules, I'd be worried. If costs become too much in the US (and it WILL happen - they just don't have that many retirees yet), I'd argue that Toyota, Honda and others would build offshore and import just as much as GM, Ford and Chrysler are doing (if not more so).

      And I wouldn't count on US ownership of foreign companies either - just ask how much money the oil companies are getting out of Venezuela nowadays.

      Oh, and Mani - as many previous blog entries on here have noted, the domestics ARE doing what you said they should do - improving quality. It's just that public perception will take decades to change - and for the domestics, it may be a case of too little, too late.
        • 7 Years Ago

        "I'd argue that Toyota, Honda and others would build offshore and import just as much as GM, Ford and Chrysler are doing (if not more so)."

        I agree with your comment except this part.

        Toyota, Honda and others already build more offshore than GM, Ford, and Chrysler.

        There are fewer than 3 final assy plants from any of the domestic companies building products out of the U.S.A. for sale in this country.

        That CANNOT be said of the foreign competition. Toyota and Honda still import a larger number of vehicles to the U.S. than GM, Ford, or Chyrsler and those numbers are on the rise because they see that labor here is expensive. When they do build facilities here, it is in typically lower income areas so as to attract low wage employees (i.e. Mississippi).

        Beyond that simple fact, it is VERIFIED that the imports are simply NOT bringing as many jobs to this country as have been eliminated by the domestics because of the swing in market share. Notice I said because of the swing in market share, not because they are building more facilities out of our national boundries because they are not. I keep reading posts about the big 3 moving jobs out of country and I don't see that being true, they are just eliminating jobs in country to try to stay competative with the foreign companies.

        We are asking for it to happen. We are voting with our checkbooks and voting for foreign companies that are currently not building superior products.

        All the while, if your read the info from the domestics, they aren't even asking you to buy for patriotism, they are only asking that you give them a look when purchasing. I find from what is written here and what I hear day to day, that there is no consideration from most that buy imports. That in of itself is the real problem.

        If the Nissan that maccv feels has the features he wants is the only one with said features, I'd say well shame on the domestics for not offering it. What was missing was the fact that the Expedition has had the fold flat 3rd row for longer than the Armada has even been around.

        The Expedition's price has also been recently dropped so as to attract entry level buyers and the quality has increased. To overlook the vehicle simply because of the name on it goes against what you are trying to convey in your posts. Also to clarify, many Ford employees have lost their jobs due to foreign competition, they are out of work and no longer buying goods and services that you or your offspring may have been selling. So without considering all the options you are taking money out of your own pocket.
      • 7 Years Ago
      That tends to happen when there is up to $7k on the hood the month this truck hit the lots.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Nice of you to make this 7k crap up or pull it out of your behind.

        I will tell the truth to all the rest of you if you want to know the truth.

        The Tundra has very good incentives right now. If you want a lot of money off get the regular cab version with the 4.0 V6 its got 0 percent for 3 years and low percentage for 4-6 years as well plus some rebates.

        Other trucks to get very good incentives are the 4.7 liter with regular cab and then on some double cabs.

        The total incentives according to "Edmunds.com true value" on the 5.7 is currently at a high of 2000 bucks in the midwest. Thats it. and no zero percentage here either. And considering they are not lined up in a row of 40 at your local dealer there is not much room for haggling on a crewmax.

        The crewmax 5.7 4x4 has the least amount of incentives because it has been selling well.

        Currently avg Incentives for the whole model range according to edmunds.com is the following:

        1- Ram
        2- Fseries
        3- Titan
        4- Silverado/Sierra
        5- Tundra

        In early July it was:

        5-Silverado Sierra

        But for this month (August) GM and Nissan have upped the incentives significantly while Toyota has remained the same. For this month Toyota has the least incentives but its still very very significant. Only 2000 bucks separates first from fifth here.

        Check it out:
        • 7 Years Ago
        HotRodzNKustoms was sorta right.

        Numbers from Edmunds
        Toyota Tundra:
        July 2006 - $5242
        June 2007 - $5083
        July 2007 - $6861

        GMC Sierra
        July 2006 - $6301
        June 2007 - $3644
        July 2007 - $3995
      • 7 Years Ago
      Not suprised. The new GM trucks are overstyled, overweight, and excessive. Time for GM to enter into the 2000's and give people some sophistication, not toys. Lutz, you're a putz.
      • 7 Years Ago
      God I'm tired of all these "user accounts" of what happened when they had a Ford or what happened when they had a Honda. NOBODY CARES how much you put into your Malibu with 20k miles and how you had to do nothing with your Accord that now has 700k miles. It's probably bologna anyway. Going by what I've owned, I find almost all of these stories to be pretty skewed. You anti-domestic people piss me off just as much as the ex-army guys I see driving around with American flags waving off the antenna of a Toyota...
        • 7 Years Ago


        In a vacuum that is how it could work. In reality companies like Nike are successful even though they are really just a marketer. Black & Decker starts making everything in China so therefore Craftsmen, which use to offer American made power tools, had to do the same to "compete". But this is reality compared to theory of what used to happen. It used to be the American companies bettered when competition did, now they just move production to China or Mexico. But that is a minor flaw in your scenario that you are willing to overlook.

        So what country is a total service economy (what we are moving to) and which are the financial leaders:

        1. U.S. (still on top from making 80% of the worlds exported goods) though the debt funded by the Chinese to keep on top is extraordinary

        2. Japan (manufacturers)

        3. China (manufacturers)

        England used to be a super power too. Now not so much. I wonder if America could ever lose... no, just keep throwing jobs out. That is the solution. You know, 600K U.S. jobs (not world, U.S.) were had by GM at one time and now the 400K+ missing GM jobs and Toyota only took up 32K of the slack.

        And wait, I wasn't talking about maccve jr going into the auto industry. No jobs will be left. It is a domino effect. Lose a million jobs from GM and its suppliers and half a million from Ford and its suppliers and next thing you know, they aren't buying this or that so the next guy loses a job. Mortgage companies closing up shop to boot. It all adds up.

        You are basing everything and better the future on theory. That's great.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Yeah..GM is stuck b/t a rock and a hard place on this one. If that thing had a bowtie on the grille it would be hailed as the ugliest truck to ever live(okay, you got me, it already is...)and it wouldn't move with 10 large on the hood. But, alas, it has a Toyota badge.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Well other than being the first to make a comment on what will surely be another Toyota love/hate fest, I would like to say I just bought a Tundra becuase I drive a Chevy truck for work-it's OK other than the 'tinny' sheet metal coming apart and the tail light assemblys fall off and the mirrors breaking from vibration. I traded in my '99 F-150 with only 45K miles on it becuase it has been nothing but expensive. Over $1500 in unscheduled maintenance for every 10K miles!

      Having said that I never knew the GMC brand really sold that many units to begin with nor did I ever consider it seperately from Chevy. Another head scratcher for me on Chvey branding.

        • 7 Years Ago
        Mike Levine's numbers are bogus. Not only does he conveniently subtract the HD variants, which Toyota doesn't even offer, but he also subtracts the 2007 "classic" sales, which likely would have been sales of the new model if GM no longer offered the older version.

        Sounds like he set out with an agenda, and twisted the numbers to fit. You could just as easily say that in an "apples to apples" comparison GM really outsold Toyota the first half of 2007, if you subtract some segments that GM doesn't compete in.

        Mike does acknowledge briefly at the end that in total sales GMC still holds the #4 spot, but now that wouldn't be as sensational a headline, would it?
        • 7 Years Ago
        If Chevy and GMC were counted together they would take the F150 position as the #1 selling truck. GM plays nice and doesn`t dispute Fords claim.

        $1500 every 10k miles, You must be hard on your trucks?
      • 7 Years Ago
      I feared this day would come, but it happend faster that I thought.Fisrt Lexus taking away Cadillac and Lincoln sales,
      Camry taking over the #1 family car from the Ford Taurus.
      The Japanese imports earned the rep for being solidly built
      and reliable and won over America in the 80's and 90's.
      One of the last jewels we had was the full size trucks,
      seems like on rep alone people will buy a Japanese truck
      over the Ford, Dodge or Chevy.Now with new Chinese
      cars coming over very soon, even less sale's for the big 3.I hope they will survive but this might be final blow
      that kills the big 3. Its sad to lose the American
      auto business to the imports! Gm, Ford, Chysler
      can you go toe to toe with the Japanese and win back
      your buyers!

      • 7 Years Ago
      I would love to have good reliability and features in a Big 3 truck or car but in my experience thats not gonna happen. I am as patriotic as anybody but im not gonna be stuck on the side of the road or repairing vehicles at my own expense because the big 3 cant get their stuff in one sack.

      Everybody says that domestic quality has gotten better and I agree that it has but it really could not have been worse.

      1998-Chevy 1/2 ton- left my wife stranded on the side of the road numerous times. And was a rattle trap to boot.
      2002-Chevy 1/2 ton- My best friends, Rattle trap, tranny went out at 80k and things are falling off on the interier (knob,rearview)
      2004-Chevy 1/2 ton- My uncles, rattle trap, rear end locked up at 40k miles, interior lights flicker constantly and nobody can figure out why.
      2004-Buick lacrosse- my mothers, front end problems, power windows work when they want.
      2002-Dodge 1/2 ton- My Dads, windsheild seal leaked ALL the WAY AROUND. Flooded the inside and screwed up all the wiring. Water pump at 80k. Oil pump went out at 95k engine had to be rebuilt.
      2005-Ford 1/2 ton Mine, 1100 miles and tranny went out had to be replaced. 30k head had to be replaced. Worst brakes I have ever had.
      1998-Ford Ranger- Mine, complete font end rebuilt 3 times in the first 16k miles. rattle trap by 30k. Water pump at 40 k. Alternator at 50k
      2004-Ford ranger- my brothers, 25k haveing transmission issues. U joints at 30k
      2004-Ford Mustang Mach1-Mine. 12k tansmission started grinding and went to the shop 3 seperate occasions until they told me it was normal for the tranny to grind and not go into gear.


      1996 Nissan truck Mine-80k tires. 100k Battery.
      1996 Nissan sentra- 70k tires, 110k battery and changed timing belt.
      2002 Toyota Tacoma double cab.Wifes 80k tires. 100k changed timing chain and has only 1 rattle. 140k right now and burns no oil and still rides better than my new ford.
      1996-Nissan truck. My brother -inlaws.This track has 340k on it no lie. 3 batteries and 2 clutches. 5 sets of tires and a water pump.

      THese are real life experiences and I will say that my current Ford will be my last. I have friends and family that are Chevy fans and the same with Dodge. We all sit and talk about cars alot as we are car people. But I know this, Not I nor my wife or any other family member been stranded roadside by an import. Do I like it ..NO but it is the truth. So when I spend my money next time I know where it will be.
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