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What at first blush appears to be a Holden VE Commodore, is quite probably a Camaro test mule. It was spotted by a Drive reader in East Melbourne, Australia and captured for posterity. The Commodore looks like it has a much shorter wheelbase and a lower roofline. It also has only two doors, despite the decoy rears. Drive also points out the altered rear overhang, which has a much steeper departure angle, and the thinner C-pillar.
Although it will be built in Canada, the Camaro is based on a platform that was developed for the VE Commodore. The Camaro will be the first global use of that Zeta RWD architecture. It should also be noted that the Monaro coupes have usually been built on the same wheelbase as the Commodore sedans, giving more credence to this shorter wheelbase model being the new Camaro in disguise. Plus the fact Holden basically told the public there would be Camaro mules on the streets of Oz by now.

Thanks, Kai!

[Source: drive.com.au]

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      "The Camaro will be built in Canada from late next year"

      Production is a year away and they're only at this stage of development? Somehow I see a few teething problems with the first year Camaro.
      • 7 Years Ago
      This design is quite interesting. The current crop of VE race cars in the series over here are chopped by about 78mm and new shorter doors and floor pan are made by Holden to fit them. This could explain the use of shorter doors fitting quite well.

      Wonder if it's IRS like the VE or "lets save a few dollars" live rear axle.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I am a big fan of the big three trucks and do not now or ever own an import, but I have to say most of the parts for the Honda's in Ohio and Alabama are also US built. Most of them are within about an hour of the assembly plant. I can also tell you, from experiance, that most of the equipment used to make these parts and assemble these cars is also US made. The only thing that can not be used to assemble these cars, that is not US made, is the hardware (bolts). They must all come from Japan.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I believe people are a little confused, being a GM of Canada retiree I feel I must state that we have been building quality automobiles and power train components for over 100 years and really are considered as an arm of GM, USA. We fall under the umbrella of GM North American Operations and play an integral role in assembling and producing top quality products as the Impala and the Motor Trend Truck of the Year The Chevrolet Silverado to name just a few. We are proud of our quality products and are thrilled to be picked to assemble The New Camaro. We continue to be an important partner in the GM organization and consider ourselves family.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I never said all american cars ae built out of the country and I never said all imports are built here.

      'The amount of money that is returned in the American economy when you purchase one of the big three's cars is greater than the amount returned by imports, even if the said imports are built in America.

      That's not the point made when folks are told to buy american. We're told it provides jobs for americans. You're response is proof of the lie.

      'Plus non-domestics build their vehicles in southern rural areas, and you probably know why...

      Yes because southern rural areas are generally are anti-union because republicans are anti-union and most rural southerners believe the republican party is the right party to see to their well being. They're wrong but many books have been written on the subject so we can let it go for now.

      'Basically all car companies are global to an extent, but for your point, guess who builds the most cars in America? I'll give you a hint it isn't Toyota or Honda.

      But Honda and Toyota DO build cars here so telling me or anyone not to buy Honda or Toyota, that we should buy american to protect american labor or something, is bogus, right? Its a marketing slogan. A high quality foreign product is threatening the market share of a domestic product. You can either up the quality of the domestic product and let the market work its thing or play to peoples patriotism. Maybe both. Whatever works, works but its not wrong for some to see through the BS. Anymore than its wrong for some to reflexively believe it.

      • 7 Years Ago
      The amount of money that is returned in the American economy when you purchase one of the big three's cars is greater than the amount returned by imports, even if the said imports are built in America.

      Plus non-domestics build their vehicles in southern rural areas, and you probably know why...

      The whole deal with non-domestics being built in America is an image thing more than anything, you should know that.

      That mule looks... Strange... Meh.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Perhaps it's neither of the monaro or the Camaro, but maybe a Mule for the upcoming RWD ALPHA platform.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Built in Canada?
      Funny news after I got a lecture on here a few weeks ago telling me to buy American cars because it supprts American jobs and industry.
      Foreign car companies build cars in America. American car companies build cars in Canada and Mexico. Weird.

      Should be a sweet ride either way though. Just wish it came out 5 years ago so it could battle with the retro Mustang.
        • 7 Years Ago
        But foreign automakers ALSO still produce some vehicles outside the US and ship them here. So don't go thinking that the import companies are "All American", because that is pure BS.
        • 7 Years Ago
        how many vehicles built in the US are sold in Canada?

        how is the give and take between our countries?

        Ever heard of Nafta?

        Maybe take a ride in Dr. Kevorkian's taxi.