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Our obsession of all things automotive extends far beyond the latest and greatest that comprises the majority of what you read. That's one of the reasons we've brought back the Reader Ride, so we can showcase what the majority of us roll on a daily basis. Today's ride is exactly the kind of thing we're into; a rather staid means of transport that is well loved by its owner. Flickr member thefultonhow through up three shots of his '92 Infiniti G20, along with a detailed description of life with his 'G,' and after reading his story, we couldn't help but feature it.

Purchased new by his mother back in 1992, the G20 survived the rigors of daily driving at the hands his mom, and also provided of means of learning for both his brother and Mr. Fultonhow. After 169,000 miles of dutiful service, the stock mill decided to liberate a rod while his brother was behind the wheel, and after a series of attempts at selling the G20, he decided to perform a heart transplant in his grandfather's garage. The only catch: he'd never done anything like it before.

Armed with a factory shop manual, endless patience and nearly a month of his life, he replaced the spent motor with a JDM SR20DE, mated to the stock five-speed manual. After a series of fits and starts, the SR finally came to life and after 4,000 miles everything seems to be going strong.

He's kept the upgrades to a minimum in an effort to stay within the bounds of the H-stock autocross class, with plans to install an aftermarket stereo, some new wheels and some R-compound tires mounted on the stock rollers for competition.

We're love this kind of stuff, so make the jump to see a few more pics and learn how to submit your own ride to our Flickr pool.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      My 1993.5 G20 is a few pages back on the Flickr group. I was hoping one of the G20.net crew would get on here.

      My G20 project was also my first engine swap, followed by everything but the kitchen sink. It was a $500 car that wound up being a $3,000 car. I made my own "touring" model and then some by swapping in a VLSD 1993 SE-R transmission, JDM 180SX wheels ('99+ G20 lookalikes), do-it-yourself engine mount fills, header, and other bits.

      The G20 serves as a daily, letting me drive my 1992 Sentra SE-R as a autocross/trackday toy. Surprisingly, the Infiniti loves to play as much as SE-R. The G20 is the most forgettable car you can not forget. Great pick for Reader Ride.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Didn't the G20 have that unique upper control arm front suspension design. (like the 300ZX)
      but wasn't that offset by the beam rear axle?
        • 8 Years Ago
        No this body style (P10) had the independent rear which makes it handle fantastic. The newer gen version (P11) is a bit heavier and has the beam-axle rear. Aftermarket support isn't as good as I'd like, but its not terrible. And if you do an SR20DET swap...there are a lot of possibilities with this car =)
      • 8 Years Ago
      The first G20 handled great, though its suspension setup was exactly backward: multilinks in front, struts in rear. Oh well, whatever gives you agile handling with a great ride, right? The speed-sensitive power steering kicked ass too; it was the only Nissan product besides the 300ZX and Q45 to have it.

      0-60 was 8.6 seconds with the stick and around a 10 seconds with the automatic... and it felt slower.

      The second G20 sucked: strut front, beam axle rear, plasticky leather, crappy interior decor. Basically a Sentra SE with a big price jack and a serious acceleration deficit. Stick with the first.
      • 8 Years Ago
      best car ever
      • 8 Years Ago
      more power to ya man. i wish you the best.
      you will learn a great deal on the journey.
      i look forward to doing this sometime in the future with some ride from the past.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I have a '93 G20. Good car...cheap and reliable, and easy to work on and fix.

      Performance is okay...manual transmission makes a difference, and the earlier models (I think 93 and before) had a high port engine that is preferred for performance. 0-60 is probably around 8 sec with the manual. Once you get going, the engine is has good passing power if you are in the right gear. They handle really well for a FWD car.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Thanks for all the compliments! I'm glad Autoblog liked it enough to put it up as a Reader Ride. The first generation (P10, of which mine is one) had struts in the back along with the front multilink, and it was the second generation (P11) that adopted the beam rear. And yes, with 140 hp, it's not the fastest thing on four wheels, but still tons of fun.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I had a '93.5 model (added airbags midyear) with a 5-speed. I bought it in '95 used and traded it in '01 with 145k miles. Little things were going wrong, but the engine was still stout. Still miss that car.

      Performancewise, I think it was good for mid 8s to 60 and mid 16s in the quarter with the stick. It was a real handler, too. One of the mags (MT, I think) declared it to be the best-handling FWD car in the world in a big comparo. Maybe damning with faint praise there, but still...
      • 8 Years Ago
      These are great cars!
      A friend of mine has a nasty 1991 SE-R Sentra also a great car, 140hp SR20, Factory LSD, things handle like go-karts.

      Did the G20 have the LSD available also
        • 8 Years Ago
        The G20t had the LSD the G20 did not.