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Greenpeace staged a protest (what a surprise) outside Porsche's Zuffenhausen plant today, carrying on about how the company's vehicles are "Climate Pigs," complete with a pink Cayenne Turbo dressed up in pig ears and a porker's nose. (We wonder, did the Greenpeaceniks drive their Porcine Cayenne to the protest? Because if they did, helloooo hypocrisy.) The argument is nothing new, with the organization upset because Porsche is (in their eyes) an enemy of Gaia. You see, it has the temerity to build thrilling cars that aren't ultralights in terms of consumption. Greenpeace must be on tour through Germany this week, as they pulled the same stunt at BMW on Monday. Porsche welcomed the protesters with the snarky banner shown above.

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[Sources: Greenpeace, Porsche]

It wasn't the only banner, either. One detailed facts that inconveniently countered the Greenpeace rhetoric. That one, entitled "Good To Know," included the following bullet points:
  • "Porsche's contribution to CO2 emissions in traffic less than 0.1 per cent. "
  • "Porsche has the lowest CO2 emissions per horsepower."
  • "Porsche will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 20 per cent by the year 2012."
  • "Porsche is introducing the hybrid engine: less than 9 litres fuel consumption on 100 km."
Greenpeace replied by saying that Porsche's CO2 levels are still too high, and that the weight of the automaker's vehicles is such that their very existence encourages consumption. This is the angle the organization used to pooh-pooh the forthcoming Porsche Hybrids, saying that the technology used will continue to add weight and thus encourage consumption, despite the "green" nature of the powertrain itself. Porsche is going in the "wrong direction" according to the environmentalist group.

Greenpeace's ax to grind with Porsche stems from the automaker's opposition to a flat European CO2 emissions limit applying to all cars from all manufacturers. Porsche's argument is that since it builds luxury performance vehicles that incorporate numerous technology, safety and comfort features, it is impossible (and in our view, ridiculous and unfair) to compare them to the compact and subcompact cars that would obviously be favored by such legislation. Porsche instead advocates a tiered system that sets aggressive limits on a per-vehicle-class basis, which would take additional factors into account.

Frankly, when it comes to innovations designed to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions, we have a lot more faith in the engineers at an automaker like Porsche, which just gave us a 530-horsepower, 200 mph sports car capable of almost 19 mpg in the New European Driving Cycle, than a bunch of protest goons looking for camera time.

Porsche's parting shot at Greenpeace was contained in a final banner that read, "Dear Friends from Greenpeace: Porsche is Better than You Think. But the Good News is that David taking on Goliath was Underestimated, too . . ."

You can read Greenpeace's account of the protest at their German site here. (Click here for English translation.)

Porsche's press release follows below:


Premiere of a Special Kind for the First Time in Zuffenhausen
Porsche Welcomes Greenpeace "Climate Pigs" with its Own Posters

Stuttgart. For the first time in the history of the company now going back almost 60 years, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG in Stuttgart received a visit today from Greenpeace. The company took the opportunity to welcome the environmental organisation with a big poster proudly stating "Done It! Greenpeace Demonstration at Porsche. Now We Have Really Made It!" rolled out at the entrance to Porsche's Home Plant in Zuffenhausen as a particularly warm sign of appreciation.

Greenpeace accused the company of building cars they claimed to be "climate pigs". Porsche vehemently rejected this accusation and informed the activists that less than 12 per cent of all exhaust emissions in Germany come from passenger cars, with Porsche's share therein being less than one-tenth of 1 per cent. Power stations alone, for example, account for 43 per cent, industry accounts for 16 per cent, and private households 14 per cent. Porsche presented its counter-arguments on a second large poster bearing the headline "Good to Know" followed by impressive facts and figures:

"Porsche's contribution to CO2 emissions in traffic less than 0.1 per cent. "
"Porsche has the lowest CO2 emissions per horsepower."
"Porsche will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 20 per cent by the year 2012."
"Porsche is introducing the hybrid engine: less than 9 litres fuel consumption on 100 km."

To refer to Porsche as a "climate pig", given these facts, is not only inappropriate, but also malicious and a clear sign of bad intent. All the more so as Porsche has emphasised time and again that the CO2 emissions of all Porsche cars are reduced by 1.7 per cent each year. This is an improvement only few other manufacturers are able to match. A further point is that Porsche sports cars are already able today to run on up to 10 per cent bio-fuel (ethanol), ensuring a further improvement of the CO2 balance amounting to the same figure. And the new Cayenne is even able to run on up to 25 per cent ethanol.

A further significant point is that by the end of this decade Porsche will be offering a hybrid version of the Cayenne. And the objective in this case, in terms of fuel consumption, is to have an "8" before the decimal point – that is less than 9.0 litres fuel consumption on 100 kilometres – or better than 31.4 mpg imp. Porsche's fourth model series, finally, the Panamera Gran Turismo scheduled to enter the market in 2009, will likewise be available with a hybrid power unit.

Porsche also told the Greenpeace activists that they build premium class cars offering technical features, motoring comfort and safety of the very highest standard, making it impossible to compare a Porsche with a small compact car. Precisely for this reason, the Stuttgart manufacturer is opposed to a common CO2 limit applicable to the car fleets of all car makers in general. Instead, Porsche advocates CO2 emission standards oriented towards individual market segments or categories of cars – with such standards by all means being ambitious and demanding.

Concluding the demonstration, Porsche could not resist the temptation to unroll a third large poster stating: "Dear Friends from Greenpeace: Porsche is Better than You Think. But the Good News is that David taking on Goliath was Underestimated, too . . .".

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      I meant TRADITIONAL supercars will go the way of the dodo soon.
      • 8 Years Ago
      i hate most actions of greenpeace.
        • 8 Years Ago
        Go Greenpeace! I HATE PORSCHE!

        It unacceptable if mass market automakers have high fuel consumption and emissions but those RULES SHOULDN'T APPLY TO THE RICH?!
        • 8 Years Ago
        Get lost "greenies"!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Anyone wonder what would happen if Greenpeace ever converged around Mishawaka, IN?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Penn & Teller's "BULLSH*T" had a fantastic episode where they called Greenpeace to task on some of their protests, most specifically their protests of what Greenpeace calls "frankenfood". They were protesting at length about genetically modified or enhanced foods, ignoring the fact that this has been going on for hundreds of years in a lower-tech form (anyone remember when watermelons used to be shaped more like a rugby ball than a basketball?). Greenpeace representatives -- and not just the random protestors, but the actual policy directors -- were making grandiose statements like, "these genetically modified potatoes have been enhanced by fish genes" and "there is absolutely no federal or governmental regulation or oversight with regards to genetically modified food," both of which were blatant lies. Greenpeace convinced several African government not to accept tonnes of *donated* grain seeds that were genetically designed to grow in their harsh climates by telling them the grain was "poisoned".

      Greenpeace has no interest in fact finding, truth or accuracy in their protests. They are there to get media attention, spew catch-phrases that will guarantee them some camera time, and move on to some other misguided cause. I'm not sure what the point of protesting at Porsche is. The production numbers of a small company like Porsche are so relatively small that they come close to being statistically insignificant. Why aren't they protesting outside the giant Chinese factories that spew chemicals into the air?

      Oh right. Because they'd be shot on sight.

        • 8 Years Ago
        At least they're a slight bit better than PETA!
        • 8 Years Ago
        Hmm, you may be on to something there... yes, I think they should definitely go protest some Chinese auto companies, heh-heh.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Green piece of what?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Greenpeace is an organization that is big on show that may give the illusion of positive action but have almost no constructive input into the environmental debate. They are bereft of any realistic ideas to move the world forward and seem to be pining for some sort of hippie semi-medieval Utopian world where there is no industry.
      I don't think the Cayenne is a very environmentally sound product either but standing around protesting against market forces will not help. Why not use the millions they raise each year for research into greener technologies? I guess the show-and-dance protests make for better TV.
      • 8 Years Ago
      They are so dumb.

      All things average, a cow produces 138 times more greenhouse gas in a day than a car (after some quick wiki-research), and the overall largest greenhouse gas producer is power plants, not cars. I just don't understand why they are so obsessed with ragging on cars.
        • 8 Years Ago
        "Ragging" on cars is the only way theyll get to pass their carbon tax. Which will only serve to put us back into serfdom, theyre going to take away our freedom to travel and communte. Further seperate the haves and have-nots.
        And, seeing as humans are carbon-based beings, it'll be a nice way to bring about a population tax as well, limiting children etc. just like the model global nation, china.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Am I the only one who advocated stoning Greenpeace members?
        • 8 Years Ago

        Heck NO, I'm behind ya. I think these socialist idiots should have been shot for defiling such hollowed ground. LOL
      • 8 Years Ago
      The pink Porsche reminds me of their old 917 race car. Greenpeace didn't know that Porsche beat them to pig-ifying their cars.

        • 8 Years Ago
        It's time to send another donation to Green Peace. Thank you AutoBlog for the inspiration.

        There are still too many Neanderthals who think you have to drive a super fast high horsepower gas pig to have fun.

        I love how pissed Porsche drivers get when they can't keep up with my Mini in the twisties. If you do it just right you can push them until they almost spin and pee themselves. The only thing better is Vettes. The number of old men who own, but can't really drive those cars is just hilarious.
        • 8 Years Ago
        "There are still too many Neanderthals who think you have to drive a super fast high horsepower gas pig to have fun."

        I guess you have driven one and know they arn't fun?

        "The number of old men who own, but [can't really drive] those cars is just hilarious."

        Hench why you keep up in the twistys with what 172HP? Also, does it cross your mind that the guy in the 911T is thinking, "why is this kid riding my ass in that little car". Yes the Mini is a fun to drive car with low hp but don't assume that a car with equal handling if not better and way more HP isn't more fun.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Would Autoblog kindly suggest a practicable more environmentally efficient way to get the Cayenne there besides driving it themselves??
        • 8 Years Ago
        How about not using an actual Cayenne.
        • 8 Years Ago
        Pushing the car??? :D

        Sometimes I guess that GP is just an attention whore...
        • 8 Years Ago
        I think they should have carried it using an earth shaped balloon filled with baby smiles...
      • 8 Years Ago
      Don't these idiots have anything better to do?

      16mpg city, 23mpg highway out of a 911 Turbo.

      I'd say that's pretty damn respectable for a car that'll run 0-60 in well under 4 seconds. ESPECIALLY compared to cars with similar performance, like, oh, say... The Ferrari 612 (I realize the 612 probably isn't as much competition to the 911T as a F430 might be, but I believe it's closer to the 911T in terms of performance... someone correct me if I'm wrong):
      Which manages 10 city, 15 highway.

      Even the Cayenne Turbo isn't *that* bad... the EPA rates it at 19mpg on the highway, which is basically equal to my STi's EPA rating. 12mpg in the city is a little low, but not unreasonable given the car's weight and power.

      And beyond gas mileage, the Porsches might not be the cleanest burning cars the world has ever seen, but they're far from the worst (anyone remember carburetors and no emissions control equipment at all?).

      Also consider that most of Porsche's cars (I'd be willing to bet that this applies to the Cayenne as well, unless you're like my grandfather, who drives his every day) probably spend more time in the garage than they do on the road.

      Asking Greenpeace to think in an intelligent, logical, *rational* fashion is probably asking far too much... but it'd be nice. It really would.
        far jr
        • 8 Years Ago
        Kevin, funny how there are several "defenders" of Porsche for producing fun to drive cars that get 15 MPG while many of these same individuals would reiterate the demands that SUVs which also get 15MPG are the Devil's right hand even though they have cargo capacity, passenger capacity, and towing capacity beyond most vehicles on the road. Yes I know many people rarely use these capabilities. But how many Porsche drivers utilize the capabilities of thier vehicles all of the time?

        Funny how people see things differently. I for one agree with you. If you want it and can afford it, have fun and enjoy the spoils of your hard work... or those of your ancesters if you happen to be a trust funder.

        Anyone who lives in a house bigger than they need (say 400 square feet or so), does not use air conditining for comfort, make it a point to live close enough to thier job to walk to work, wastes water/energy by washing clothes that have only been worn once and are not visibly soiled...... blah blah blah. Greanpeace types will always complain about others while being hypocrites in many ways themselves. Sorry lot of people we have living in the world now days.
        • 8 Years Ago
        "...funny how there are several 'defenders' of Porsche for producing fun to drive cars that get 15 MPG while many of these same individuals would reiterate the demands that SUVs which also get 15MPG are the Devil's right hand..."

        Exactly. It's one way or the other, you can't have both. SUVs have their own advantages (which you mentioned). Personally, I think it's more important that manufacturers concentrate on improving efficiency and reducing pollution across their product lines without sacrificing performance, reliability or practicality, and improving those factors wherever possible.

        As far as I know-and I have little factual data at hand to back it up, just my memory-Porsche is pretty good about this. Certainly much better than Ferrari, as the examples in my original post showed.

        Heck, the automotive industry as a whole is much better than it once was. I mean, just for example... my project car, my 'toy' is a 1973 Buick Riviera. It has a 455ci (~7.5L) V8 with a quadrajet on it. All of the smog equipment has been removed as most of it is nonfunctional at this point anyhow. The 455 is mated to a THM400 (3 speed auto) and it lugs around a car with a curb weight of about 5,000lbs (~2300kg). Out of that 7.5L it puts down a whopping 250hp and 380ft-lb of torque. It was rated at 11/13mpg (city/highway) new. I get 8.

        Compare that to a modern car of similar size and weight... My grandmother's Mercedes S600 for example. It also weighs over 2.5 tons, and it has a 5.5L V12 with twin turbos. It puts out 510hp and 612ft-lbs of torque from 1800-3500rpms-enough power to move the car from a standstill to 60mph in 4.2 seconds. Using the much stricter, much more rigorous modern EPA fuel economy measurement guidelines, it is rated at 11mpg in the city and 17 on the highway. I'm not sure what it would return on the same test as the Buick was given when it was new, but it would probably be distinctly better than 11/13.

        I guess my point is that these people (environmentalists) aren't looking at things the right way (and worse, they'd just love to dictate to me what kind of car *I* should be *required* to drive based on their own idiotic, distorted view of reality). Sure, better fuel economy and lower emissions would be better. But not everybody is content to drive a transportation appliance (read: Prius/econobox of your choice) that has no personality and no b*lls, and that the most important thing is that progress is made towards more efficient, more environmentally friendly cars without sacrificing all the other reasons that people buy the cars they buy for.

        Furthermore, broadly condemning a car based *solely* on its gas mileage (which is what a lot of these 'environmentalist' groups and talking heads in the media do) is not valid. There are other factors such as how much the car is driven and how much it pollutes when it's driven, and even how much pollution the production process generates. I heard a statistic the other day that indicates (if it's true) that because of the resources and materials used in the batteries, a Prius, over its lifetime, produces about 3x more pollution than the average car.

        What do these so-called environmentalists (many of whom no doubt drive hybrids so they can feel morally superior to the rest of us) have to say about that?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Proud to be half German, Porsche rock on! Screw the environmental nuts. They are pricks who scapegoat automobiles, when AIRPLANES and LIVESTOCK contribute much more to "green house gases." I think I'll go idle my car for no reason now...It'll make be feel all warm and fuzzy.

      Porsche's technology is amazing, these boneheads don't know which company to scapegoat, looks like they haven't done their homework.
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