• Jul 18th 2007 at 3:48PM
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Alrighty, so the bike is painted up like soybeans and corn. It has a "corn head scoop" mounted ahead of the engine at the bottom of the down-tube. The exhaust pipes are supposed to look like tubing from an ethanol plant. That sums up the ridiculous aspects of the bike to make it appear eco-friendly.

But, here is what really sets this particular machine apart from the rest of the chopper crowd. The gas-cap cleary states that the bike is to be filled with E85 only. The E85 symbol is carried over to the air cleaner cover. Lastly, the wheels are made to look like the blades of a wind turbine.

The fact that the bike uses a leather seat is supposed to remind us that the remains of the grain used to make ethanol is added into cow feed, but that one's a bit of a stretch to be considered special, 'cause all of their theme bikes use leather seats, right? Anyway, I'm not really thrilled by the looks of this machine, but, if people notice alternative fuels because of a chopper built by the Teutels, then so be it. If you'd like to win the bike, go to their site and check out the terms.

[Source: Join the ride Iowa]

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      hola mike como estas, me gusta tu estilo,y envidio tu pelo ya que tengo muy poco jaja , bueno solo queria saludarte y decirte que sigas guiando a los muchachos en el taller dado que sin ti eso seria un desastre animo y MIKE PRECIDENT nos vemos
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      So do you just not like OCC and any of the bikes they do, or are you just not liking this specific bike?

      I'll admit its not my style exactly, but the paint job at closer look is kinda cool. Who cares what all the things represent, its a decent looking chopper that runs on E85, thats badass in my book.
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      I should also point out that all gross procreeds from the $10 raffle tickets sold for this bike are going to the American Lung Association of Iowa's Clean Air Choice program (www.CleanAirChoice.org), which promotes cleaner fuels and vehicles.

      Full disclosure, I also work for the ALA's Clean Air Choice program, but in Minnesota, not Iowa. The money raised will remain the the Hawkeye State.
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