If you missed your chance to own a piece (literally) of Ferrari history back in May, the Ferrari store is again auctioning off bits of its world champion Formula 1 cars.

The most expensive piece so far is a gear-selection tube (pictured above) off the V-10 F300 that won Ferrari the 2001 Championship. Ferrari describes it as one of no more than 15 parts carved from a solid block of hardened steel. Bidding currently stands at €700, or about $964.

For the bargain shopper, a take-off gear (pictured at right) from Ferrari's F1-91 is available with a current bid of only €300, or about $413.

These are either very limited mementos of Ferrari's Formula 1 domination, or very limited, very expensive paperweights. Either way, it's a lucrative method of cleaning out the Ferrari garage.

The auctions end July 26, so you still have time to call your accountant to see what you can afford.