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Brammo Motorsports is really gettin' their green on these days. They just released information on their new electric motorcycle, the Enertia. Now, word leaks that they are changing their gasoline-burning ways and are shifting the focus of their upcoming supercar to electric power! The vehicle was previously known as the Rogue GT; the name has been changed to the Enertia GT to go along with their electric motorcycle. The Rogue was to be powered by a V12 engine, obviously the new one will use an electric motor instead. Because of the nature of electric motors and the fact that they produce maximum torque off the line, the vehicle might just accelerate harder than if it had the V12 engine, but give back some of that performance at the top end.

It should be noted that the company also builds the Ariel Atom here in the States. The CEO of the company, Craig Bramscher, truly seems to have had a change of heart when it comes to environmental issues, as he also claims that there are many other alternative fuel projects in the works.

Unfortunately, we don't have many other details to give you. We might mention that the Enertia bike uses lithium based batteries from Valence. Might the car version use the same? Carbon fiber was put to good use as well on the motorcycle, and would be expected on a supercar as well. I am really excited by this news - a new player has joined Tesla in the electric supercar games. Brammo has experience in building cars already, and offers their vehicles for sale currently. No mention was made of price, of course. It's certainly just conjecture at this point, but will they follow Tesla's lead in offering lower cost and passenger friendly electric cars to a larger market? These really are exciting times to be following the alternative vehicle industry.

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      • 8 Years Ago
      Wrightspeed has the prototype X1 electric based on the Ariel Atom chassis, and is looking to develop and sell an ultra-high performance electric. There were some hints that the Wrightspeed production model might not be based on Atom after all.

      Whether Brammo will base their high performance EV on the Atom has not been revealed.

      The real big question is whether Wrightspeed and Brammo will collaborate or perhaps even merge.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "There were some hints that the Wrightspeed production model might not be based on Atom after all."


      I heard that the guy who does Wrightspeed used to work at Tesla Motors.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Did Brammo buy manufacturing rights to the X-1 EV or are there now to be two Atom derived electric sports cars?
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      Joseph: It was an offhand comment in an interview that he hadn't finalized the design of the chassis for his first production model.

      Yes, Ian Wright used to work for Tesla, but he wanted to develop an even higher performance EV racer, and CEO Martin Eberhard planned to go "downmarket" and develop more affordable mass market EVs. So, they parted ways.

      Wrightspeed doesn't have the financial backing that Tesla does, so it is an open question when (or if) Wrightspeed goes into production. A collaboration/merger with Brammo might be good for both of them, if they don't end up squabbling.
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