• Jul 9th 2007 at 7:05AM
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Ladies and gentlemen, wealthy heirs and oil-barons, please place your bids for two of the most storied British automakers of the 20th century. You've got until July 19th to throw your offer into the pool of other potential suitors for both Jaguar and Land Rover.

The Financial Times has it on good authority that bids for the two automakers are likely to come from private equity firms rather than established automakers, since most are already plagued with production and financial woes. Rumors are swirling that One Equity and Blackstone may be in the running, along with Cerberus, the firm that is in the process of acquiring Chrysler.

However, although the date is set for later this month, don't expect a sale to take place soon, as Ford has been lagging on putting together the required documentation necessary to close the sale. Additionally, it's been reported that worker's unions have made demands that include keeping production lines open in three UK plants over the next five years, along with keeping Ford's UK plants open and the R&D facilities working at full bore.

[Source: Financial Times]

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      I love these two brands so much! I hope some small group of auto-enthusiasts/venture-capitalists buy it, or maybe a racing outfit like McLaren. Someone needs to bring the love for everything automotive back to Jag...
        • 8 Years Ago
        I dont think thats going to happen because from what i have read, Cerebus is the only serious bidder and the most likely one to buy the rover/jag group. Cerebus needs a luxury maker to go with Chrysler, so jaguar is going from bad to worst if you ask me. I'm kind of glad they didnt opt to sell Volvo, if they do i wish that Swedish family will buy off the Volvo arm from Ford, not Renault.
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        I have to agree Omar. Chrysler, at this point, doesnt have the money to develop Jag any further. If Chrysler can't get their current lineup right, I wouldn't even wanna know what would happen to Jag.

        Jag and Land Rover are pretty much on their own. They develop everything together (engines and such). Plus, I believe there are talks of pushing Chrysler back upmarket and making them a true luxury competitor. If that is the case, having Jag under their belt spells bad news.
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      Seriously, I would do the opposite of what you do with stocks...Sell your winners and develop your losers.

      The top is in for Volvo. Everyone is getting in the safety game. When you dig into what makes a Volvo special, it's all smoke & mirrors now. Other automakers are in the same class. Sell it now at a premium.

      Now convert the remaining dealership network to carry ALL the remaining Premier cars. They can still fix Jaguar and Rover. The new 4 door Jag is in the right direction. They need to reconfigure the Premium group into a low volume, high mix company. At the same time pull from Ford's parts bin everything the customer does not normally understand. Air conditioning, alternators, transmissions, engines, and the like. Just make special platforms, bodies & interiors drop dead gorgous!
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