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At a recent launch party for Gordon Murray Design, the firm's namesake let the first details fly about his latest project, which he's apparently been working on for the better part of a decade. Murray describes it as "a new class of vehicle" that through lightweight materials, a straightforward design and a small footprint, will stand the motoring world on its head. If there's anyone able to do it, it's Gordon Murray.

The idea behind the T25 (Murray's 25th clean-sheet vehicle) is to make a vehicle that will use less resources, both during production and on the road, while at the same time be a functional means of transport for first-time buyers and for families in need of second car. Inspiration has come from several different directions, but in the automotive world, comparisons to the Smart ForTwo are the Fiat 500 of yore are inevitable, but Murray is looking far beyond such staid means of schlepping.

He doesn't care what the end product is powered by, as it won't be produced by his company, instead he's allowing manufacturers to purchase the design and rebadge it as they see fit. Ideally, the cost will be under £5,000, it will require less than a quarter of the ownerships costs of an entry-level Golf and it should come in below 1,200 pounds. Naturally, it will be geared towards consumers in Europe and Japan.

Murray's design house is able to work on three projects at any one time; the first being this new micro-MPV, while the other two include a Le Mans racecar and a new sports car, due to launch in 2010. Murray says that this newest supercar will match the McLaren F1 in terms of driver involvement and engineering prowess, but for far less cash.

Expect the new Murray logo – taken from the man's clan crest – to pop up at several automotive shows in the next few years, with what may arguably be the most intriguing vehicles we've seen in recent memory.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      "it will require less than a quarter of the ownerships costs of an entry-level Golf and it should come in below 1,200 pounds."

      How can they predict these without having the powerplant nailed down? I'm all for it and everything, just thinking they've got a hypothetical powerplant in mind that they're not bothering to tell us about for fear of losing the interest of some people.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Gordon Murray is one of my favorite car guys. If anyone is capable of coming up with a unique take on low cost transportation it is Gordon Murray.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Gordon, another supercar please? :(
      • 7 Years Ago
      You design for a goal in mind. Realistically most engines are only a few hundred dollars of aluminum and steel. So why does a crate engine cost so much. Manufacturing. What is he doing, designing a car with manufacturing in mind.

      Designing a car around low cost manufacturing isn't a widely used idea. I mean sure to some extent they know that a press can only press so much to such angles, etc. Or that if they redesign the piece it uses 4 tack welds instead of 10. But designing to reduce the required processes to build the parts and put the car together is completely different.

      Think of the big guys that make their own engines and the fact that most companies don't make any money off the car.

      Lets say 1000 machines and 5000 people to assemble a cobalt. Now lets streamline the chassis to reduces pressings and welds, simplifiy the number of parts in the engine, simplify the interior a bit. Soon you could be down to building a car with 500 machines and 2500 people. And considering these people and machines are much more important cost than raw materials then BAM, you cut the price in half. But thats a difficult thing to do.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Hello Gordon. Remember Craiglee in Bulwer Road and Park View School in Durban.How,at
      Primary School, you used to lie on the carpet and draw/design racing cars. If I remember rightly, your Christian name was actually Ian? How is Terry?
      Congrats on your great success, Graham.
      • 7 Years Ago
      This is not only gonna be as safe as a small hatch back but its gonna be a lot of fun to drive, I want one!