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Quick, list all of the green car angles that Chevy is pushing right now? If you can't think of the list (E85, the Volt, new hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells, active fuel management and more fuel-efficient ICEs), then perhaps you will by the end of the year. GM announced today that it will soon saturate MSN and other media outlets with ads promoting Chevy vehicles that use less petroleum than similar offerings.

As the exclusive online automotive sponsor of Liveearth.msn.com, Chevy will be all over MSN this weekend to mark the huge Live Earth concert series. Later this year, Chevy will take its greener cars message to TV, newspapers, magazines and more. I'll be waiting for the "16-page insert in select influencer publications" and "a 6-page unit with automotive enthusiast books." I wonder if these might be the first in a series of Volt collectibles.

GM's press release is after the jump.

[Source: GM]

Chevrolet to promote green vehicles more in 2007 - Gas-friendly to Gas-free

Detroit – Chevrolet will use its position as the exclusive online automotive sponsor of Liveearth.msn.com, to launch a major ad campaign intended to let the world know about its far-reaching approach to reducing petroleum consumption. The Chevy brand will be integrated throughout MSN and will consist of online and banner ads across the MSN platforms, including Windows Live Spaces, Messenger and Hotmail. Developed with Campbell-Ewald, the campaign seeks to raise awareness about Chevy's solutions for achieving better fuel economy and for decreasing our dependence on oil by showcasing advanced technologies in our vehicles.

The multi-media campaign includes newspaper, magazine, out-of-home and online advertising, with television to follow later this year. The campaign kicks off with a major online platform – the Live Earth concerts and environmental awareness content on liveearth.msn.com, where Chevy is the exclusive automotive digital sponsor of the MSN online global broadcast event to raise environmental awareness. Chevy is sponsoring "green" content throughout MSN and will be integrated throughout the network with branding, banner ads and video.

"Teaming up with MSN as the exclusive online automotive sponsor for LiveEarth.MSN.com was natural for Chevy," said Chevrolet general manager Ed Peper, "because, in addition to our high fuel economy cars and crossovers – 8 that get over 30 mpg, Chevy offers more alternative fuel vehicles than anyone. We have over 1.5 million E85 FlexFuel vehicles on the road, cars that can run on clean-burning, mostly renewable ethanol fuel sources. Later this year, a fleet of 100 Fuel Cell Equinoxes will hit the road as part of Project Driveway. And we've recently shared our innovations for the Volt Concept car - an electric powered car that requires no gasoline and emits zero emissions."

The Chevy advertising campaign will continue throughout the year, with print and online ads about Fuel Efficiency, E85 FlexFuel, and advanced technologies for Fuel Cell Vehicles and the Volt Concept car. Print components of the campaign will kick off with a 16-page insert in select influencer publications, a 6-page unit with automotive enthusiast books, as well as full-page ads that will carry the campaign through the end of the year. Also part of the campaign are full page newspaper ads in USA Today and select local market papers. All of these are layered on top of a significant digital presence and the launch of a radio campaign with multiple executions on network radio, as well as XM Satellite Radio.

About Chevrolet

Chevrolet is one of America's most well-known and successful automotive brands. With the largest dealer network in the United States, Chevy is the leader in full-size trucks and the leader in sales of vehicles priced $35,000 and above. In addition, Chevrolet delivers more-than-expected value in every vehicle category, offering cars and trucks priced from $9,995 to $69,175. Offering dynamic yet timeless designs, Chevy owners demand great looks that don't go out of style, high performance per dollar, and features expected in more expensive vehicles.

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      • 8 Years Ago

      No, it's not OK, and nobody said it was.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Hey Jeff (#2) that is exactly what Toyota did when they introduced the new truck. It came as a 2007 instead of a 2008 so they could use the old EPA specs.

      OH, but that is OK being it's Toyota.

      • 8 Years Ago
      Chevrolet is using the old EPA MPG ratings, not the newly revised ones. How convenient of them to ignore the revision for their marketing purposes.

      I wonder if they need a more clearly written disclaimer, since their footnote just says "based on EPA estimates"?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Very cool - a step in the right direction, even if only on the public awareness and public education level. Good for Chevy.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I saw that site. What gets me is under the "electric" category, it said "concept vehicle shown. Vehicle not for sale", but under "fuel cell" they failed to mention that those vehicles are also "not for sale".

      Their promotional tag of having "more models getting over 30 mpg" is technically true but misleading, as some are the same model under a different brand, most just barely make it, and none get over 38 mpg.

      Now Malcolm Bricklins new venture plans to import serial plug-in hybrids from China, with specs similar to GMs Volt, nearly a year before GM gets their version into production.
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