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Enthusiast website TheGMSource.com is reporting that, according to its sources, General Motors will give the range-topping G8 GT sedan an MSRP under $35,000. That's pretty much the extent of it. We've got to believe that the sum refers to the G8 GT's starting price, as it's hard to imagine a fully-loaded version of the V8 muscle sedan coming in at or under $35K. We'd be happy to be pleasantly surprised, though. That would also let GM position a possible GXP version in the $40K range if/when it's ultimately released.

UPDATE: We reached out to GM on this. While G8 pricing is not yet finalized, the folks at the Pontiac division told us in no uncertain terms that "the G8 GT starting price will be well under that $35k price point." (Emphasis added.)

So, the question is this:

If the Pontiac G8 GT comes in at or under $35K USD, are you:
In - Who do I make this check out to?
Out - Thanks, but no thanks, Pontiac.
[Source: TheGMSource.com]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      You hit the nail on the head!

      It's a global economy now and GM has finally figured this out. Why build 1,000 different cars when you can build 100 cars for a tenth of the price. They split the engineering and tooling costs through various continents instead of competing. This is exactly what Toyota, Honda and Nissan do. It's about time GM catches on.

      I've always thought GM built good looking vehicles it was just their interiors that were behind. Now it looks like they've finally gotten the message and they're focusing on the driving experience, ie, cockpit. The sky is the limit for GM if they maintain their current course.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "If the SS V driving experience recalls any other car, it's the previous-generation M5."


      that is motor trend talking about the ausie version of the G8... so yeah, at $35, this thing is a steal. anyone who is too cool to be seen in a pontiac is going to miss out on the best car for the money.

      • 8 Years Ago
      Pontiac has horrible reliability. Holden is getting slammed with reliability issues. So, because this car looks nice it will suddenly be more reliable? Naw, it's still a Infinity/Lexus priced Pontiac and I'd feel more comfortable spending that coinage on a proven reliable car.
        • 8 Years Ago
        No, I can read. I have read many reports of bad reliability issues plaguing Holden. And it's no secret about Chrysler/Pontiac's issues here. Check out the various car research sites. My mom has a Chrysler and it's crap. My step sister has a Pontiac and I've heard her complaints about it as well.

        So that's HOW I KNOW.
        • 8 Years Ago
        How do YOU know, is your claim is based on anything except a guess?
      • 8 Years Ago
      35k seems alittle high to me for the base V8. The Charger RT starts at under 31k and with 3500 incentives, you can pay MSRP and get out around 27k. Shoot the right dealer on the last day of the month will probably let one go for 25k.
      Even with the Road and Track package you can still get one for under 35k before incentives. Figure a fully opioned G8 will be 38-40 which is the same range as the SRT8 MSRP and then you still have the 3500 rebate. I dont know about you but I know which way I would go.

      Thank you Pontiac for doing something different and bringing a great product to market but please don't price yourself out of the market. Example GTO

      40 Grand loaded up and I bet you will have people cross shopping the 335i with maybe less options. I will not judge this car until I drive it however I don't know that it can compete with the best BMW has to offer. Just my 2 cents.
        • 8 Years Ago
        "The Charger RT starts at under 31k"

        It has an official MSRP of $31,190, and then you're still stuck with 20+ less horsepower, and a really cheap interior compared to the G8. All this business in talking about how it's too much for a 'base' model is silly, since it sounds like no one is even thinking about what the base model of the G8 GT is.

        Keep in mind this whole rumor is said to start -below- 35k, so who knows how much below it could get.
          • 8 Years Ago
          As the Head of Internet sales at a Dodge, Ponitac, Buick GMC, Chevy, Cadilac, Hummer dealership The Charger does have a lower MSRP even though $31,190 is the offical one. But back on track. If the G8 is as good as it seems then there will be buyers. Being I am with one of the largest dealerships my dealership will have one of the first ones and I will wait until then to pass judgment and maybe I will turn in the SRT8 demo. Until then we can just hope it is as good as it seems with still being priced as low as possible.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Well under 35K means at or about 34K. After the dealers get their hands on it, it will be well over 37K
        • 8 Years Ago
        So what's your secret? I buy used to save a little cash. I heard of brokers, but never tried one. I tried the fleet manager thing, saved nothing. How else can you get a new car at sticker when you're not related to someone who works for the dealer or auto group?
        • 8 Years Ago
        Disclaimer: this response is going to come off as harsh, but don't take it personally - I'd say this to anyone who needs it told like it is, and sometimes being direct comes at the expense of diplomacy. Pay attention to the message, not how it's delivered. If you can handle that, you're halfway there.

        My "secret" is a highly complicated concept. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here, so try to keep up. But you have to promise not to tell anyone, OK? Otherwise more people might start doing it.

        Ready? Here goes.. it's called "Thinking".
        Let's try it: the Charger/300 cars went through this very same thing. Now look at all the incentives being offered. The Mustang couldn't be had for less than a grand over sticker when it was redesigned in '05. Now you can get one for about as much under MSRP. Toyoyta's Prius? 8 Month backlog 2005. Markups galore. Now you can find discounts on some models starting from $1K to $3K. Remember the infamously insane markups on the Sky/Solstice? Notice how we don't hear about that on the front page anymore? Any highly anticipated car automatically gets "hot" status and thus the ensuing 15 minutes of fame. I expect nothing short of this for the G8.

        No car stays above sticker for forever. Once the "gotta have it" crowd gets theirs, the stealers go back to being dealers. This an example of an economic reality known as "Supply and Demand" - nothing really complicated here.

        Another free cluepon: Did you know that you can buy ANY car for ANY price you're WILLING to pay? Imagine that! NO ONE can FORCE you to buy a car at any price beyond the limit *you* set! Magic.

        Your whole problem here is you're looking at your role in the car sale incorrectly in the first place: "Waah. I can't buy it for sticker because I'm not related to the dealership manager." Allow me to respond to this tripe as respectfully as I can: grow a pair -- or -- Shut. Up. Take your pick. Really, all you have to do is have a little self-respect. You need to look at the transaction as you doing a favor for the dealer. Afterall, you are the paying customer providing the dealer the business in the first place, not the other way around. Dealers in my experience respect people who know what they want and know what they are talking about. They won't take a chance at challenging any of that directly because they know that will cost them the sale. Their tack then is to appeal to the buyer's ego (Compliments about how much the buyer knows, try to be buddy buddy with him/her, ect.) Don't let it go to your head. Remain humble yet firm, and stick to business. On the flip side, dealers tend to walk all over someone clueless about the buying process. Their tack here will often consist of acting as though they are doing you a favor in letting you have the car for such a "low" price. Screw that and a half. When a dealer asks "What will it take to put you in this car today?" the answer should always be something to the effect of "Depends on what the dealer is willing to offer me over your competition." Don't be afraid to respond to their answer with something like "That's not good enough - the dealer needs to offer more compelling reasons to earn my business" if that's really how you feel. If they can't or won't do better, that's where the competition comes in to play. Put the pressure on dealership to work for the sale, don't ever let the people there bully you into accepting for a second that if the sale fails, it's because you passed up on a deal of a lifetime. Assuming you've done your homework and are being realistic, then you should be able to get terms that satisfy you. (realistic in this case meaning you're not stupid enough to think that a $20K offer for a $35K vehicle would ever be taken seriously) It's up to you to accept the mutually negotiated terms of the buyer's order or not.

        Set your limits. Modify them later on if you choose, but DON'T ever sign a contract and THEN turn around to claim that the terms are "unfair" - that's weak. If I can't get a dealer to meet my terms, I keep looking until I find one that will on my target vehicle. Never have I purchased a car on terms that were not mine.

        Concerning buying a late-model used car: that's a smart move for lots of people, so I'm not going to get on your case for this one. If you can find the car you want for the price you want and the trade-off is a few thousand miles on it, then that's OK if those terms are good for you. In my case, I want a car with miles as close to 0 as possible, so the trade-off is I pay more money up front (and lose more in depreciation) but I'm willing to pay that price. If you're not, that's cool - you have the power of many choices available to you, the most important of which is control over you
        • 8 Years Ago
        Good thing you're here to tell us these things. Anyone stupid enough to pay more than sticker deserves to get raped by a stealership.
      • 8 Years Ago
      As a GTO owner, I say I'd love to get a G8 if I ever needed something with four doors. For the time being, I do not :)
      • 8 Years Ago
      "@nick - on what planet is GM a good manufacturer? They're American...'nuff said. "

      Is it physcially painful to be that ignorant? I mean, does it make your brain hurt?

      Seriously, the whole American=Lame thing gets a bit old after a while. Blanket statements like that just make you look like a complete knobjockey. Or perhaps you were cryogenically frozen in the 1980s and only now woke up?

        • 8 Years Ago
        I'm wondering how long you'll be willing to pay for substandard performance and manufacturing. Apparently, forever. I get stuck with GM cars often as I travel frequently for work. GM's a joke. What they produce can only be summed up as laughable. From the Malibu to the Imapala to the CTS to the Escalade, all of their vehicles are worthless.

        Wake me up when the fanboys stop jerking off to fantasies that one day GM will regain its glory. Not gonna happen. They blew it in the 80s and from the 90s on, they're only going to be looking at smaller and smaller marketshare.

        Good riddance. Please take Mopar and Ford with you on the way down the drain.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Why Pontiac first? Why the hell not? The dear departed Bonneville was a hell of a performer when it debued in 1958 (same year as the Impala). The Bonneville was in-fact the first GM product to have the optional tri-carb setup. Pontiac does deserve a sporty sedan, hell Chevy is gona get the Camaro (I always prefered the Firebird but would not want to see the Camaro's sales diluted.) I just wish that Pontiac would ditch this idiotic use of alpha-numeric bull and use actual names. Alpha-numeric American car names make about as much sense as Fords policy to use only Fs in their car names and only Es in their SUV/CUV names.
        • 8 Years Ago
        I agree..use real names, preferably from Pontiac's heritage.

        If you're not going to let the fact that you're a Pontiac get in the way, why not go all the way and call it a Grand Prix?
        • 8 Years Ago
        agree on that alpha-numeric stuff. especially G8 sounds silly. but I still gonna buy the car whatever it called. just don't overprice it, GM, please.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Your statement was very well put and your comments about supporting American companies got me wondering. I started to wonder how many of these people who would rather buy imports are also against illegal immigration (personally I'm not, but that's a different argument). They are against immigrants, regardless of origin, coming here illegally to perform jobs such as working in an assembly plant, but are unwilling to support the American companies who own those plants. Now I have worked in an assembly plant and it is not very easy, whether legally or illegally, to just get a job, there are a lot of hurdles, but I wouldn't doubt if some have been able to. Just an interesting thought that popped in my head.
      In regard the G8, I think it has some fantastic attributes for that price. There aren't many other RWD, V-8 powered cars that it would compete with realistically. The Charger comes to mind, but I was disappointed with the styling to say the least and I'm less concerned with interior frills as I'm more of a purist. You could argue the 300C, which I would take over the Charger, but in my mind I don't see the G8 and the 300C as direct competitors since it's more of a touring car. Now some may argue that it's pointless to make a 4-door performance car, just get a coupe, but sometimes you need the extra space and you want performance. Plus most manufacturers have been abandoning them due to lack of demand. How many are there that are RWD, have a backseat (may or may not be useable), and aren't near luxury? The Mustang is currently pretty much the only American car and even for imports there's pretty much only the 350Z. Everything else is luxury or near luxury (3 Series, C Class, G35), a small roadster (Sky, Solstice, MX-5, SLK) or an entry level car like the Tiburon. So there aren't many alternatives. To me that's what makes this car seem so appealing.
        • 8 Years Ago
        Well said, second everything.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Wow, another 4000lb gas guzzler under $40K! I can't wait.
        • 8 Years Ago
        Gas guzzler? I think not! It has a 6 speed which will tach under 2,000 rpms at 80 mph. It also as AFM which is displacement on demand, under light load conditions the V8 will transition to a 4 cylinder to conserve fuel.

        I'll take a WAG and say 19 city 26 hwy.

        Oh, and for all those LS1 people out there, I've been following the modifications they're doing in Austrailia and they're making big power with the addition of headers, intake and exhaust (over 60 rwhp).
      • 8 Years Ago
      Is the G8 around the same size as the charger?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Dodge Charger R/T's are well under 30k out the door, which is what I expected for the G8 GT. $35k to $40k is too much considering what you can get for the same money. At that price I hope GM doesn't sit around scratching their head wondering why they don't sell any.
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