• Jun 18th 2007 at 7:28PM
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There's lots of news on the Audi RS6 lately. It's understandable considering how wicked this new top-of-the-line A6 is expected to be. Spy photos, spy video and even spy rumors. One of the things we've focused on is that this new über-Audi will be powered by a boosted version of Audi's not-Gallardo-derived V10. Frequently we say a turbocharged version of that mill will be powering the RS6, providing somewhere north of 500 hp, possibly even 600. Well, now we are wondering if that blower might actually sit atop the intake rather than somewhere along the exhaust path. It's quite possible this supersedan will be powered by a supercharged V10 instead of a turbo.
This latest batch of spy photos from KGP shows an undisguised prototype with some mismatched color panels, but offers clear views of the upgraded fascias and side sills. The S6 LED light strips on the bumper have been removed, but there are larger air intakes up front now. There's also a serious looking new diffuser and a single exhaust pipe in place of the S6's dual pipes out back. It's a fairly aggressive look, but not as radical as we might have expected for a vehicle with as much power as some expect the RS6 to have. We'll see the final version this fall at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

[Source: Winding Road]

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      Read the winding road report, it clearly lists its source below that states a TURBO. I think all this confusion is surrounding a winding road typo/misunderstanding. Ill wager itll be a biturbo, though in response to comment 1, blowers have intercoolers as well, some have dual and some cars are dual supercharged (astons of the late 80's/early 90's i believe). TURBOS trust me...
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      "It's quite possible this supersedan will be powered by a supercharged V10 instead of a turbo."

      Are you serious? I mean, seriously? No offense but Audi tends to follow certain predictable paths when it comes to engine development, and none of those paths the last decade or two have involved superchargers just popping out of no where. None of their race cars have super-chargers, none of their concepts, none of their production models, none of their VAG subsidiaries, I'm just curious what kind of insider speculation such a bold claim would be based on, given how averse audi has been to superchargers in production cars since the Audi 200 onwards in all VAG product lineups.
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        i wasn't aware audi used any, the g60 sure, and we all know what a reliable experiment that was... well... those of us 'fortunate' enough to have 'rado's in our vw clubs.. i'd say 'running' with our clubs but that's proven to be too generous gtg after gtg.

        The point is, as others have echoed, audi has been a huge proponent of turbos, especially since involving porsche on the first RS car the RS2.
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        What about the G-Lader VW engines from the early nineties?
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      For some reason to me I have an easier time believing the stories of a Blue Devil CTS-V than a force fed V-10 in the RS6. I don't know why but if both of these stories are true, things might just get out of hand, and I looove out of hand.(As long as those ponies are not unleashed in a reckless manner. Like 210mph down the I-5)
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