• Jun 17th 2007 at 5:03PM
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M3 enthusiast site M3Post.com has snagged what are easily the best spyshots yet of Bimmer's upcoming 4-door hot rod. They don't come from any of the spy photo big guns, either. Instead, they're sourced from within their own ranks, as site member Larry Blunk was clicking the shutter as the silver M3 sedan prototype lapped the Nürburgring and then spent quality time with the car as it sat parked out in the open afterwards. Appearance-wise, think of an E90 3-series sedan with the new M3 coupe's front and rear end treatments, bulging, vented hood,side extractors, and wheels. It's looking good so far, and we're sure there'll be no shortage of takers for the slightly more practical version of the M-enhanced speed merchant. We're guessing it'll debut on its home turf at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Click here to see several more nice, high-resolution shots.

[Source: M3Post.com]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      this is how 3-Series should have looked all along.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Plenty of people own M3s and use them as daily drivers. There's 3 in the parking lot outside right now. Along with some Porches and a Lotus.

      'If you've never tracked and you own any BMW it's akin to dating a super model but only seeing her in the dead of winter in alaska. '

      I disagree. I don't know If I'll ever track my 330Ci but I enjoy the hell out of her daily.
        • 8 Years Ago
        JG, trust me. Join BMWCCA and take your car to a track. You will see your BMW in an entirely new light...and your driving will improve.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I live in LA and saw a camo'ed M3 about a month ago. I tried explaining it to my friends with some enthusiasm, but i don't think they quite got what i was talking about.
      • 8 Years Ago
      aSHIRTandTIEguy, That's hilarious and I completely agree with you. The M3 should be as much sports car it could be and that does NOT include 4 doors. E36 M3 4d was a mistake no matter the sales. E46 M3 on the other hand - an icon.
      • 8 Years Ago
      NO NO NO!

      Please do not just limit yourself in asking for a coupe/sedan/hard top convertible/Station Wagon! BMW should also water down the M3 brand to include, a M3 Pick-up truck, and a M3 CUV and an M3 SUV as well! But that's not all, they will also include a BMW M3 Super Duty with 24,500 lbs towing capacity as offered by the Ford F-350/F-450.

      Making the M3 more practical is not the goal with the sedan, it is showing up some under-engineered box, the VW/Audi with their A4/S4/RS4 variants. Remember how the public reacted to the NEW 2006 Dodge Charger, or the Jeep Compass, or the thought of a Mustang Sedan or Station Wagon. Yes my skin still crawl to think that was ever conceived and the other cars actually made it to production.

      But a BMW M3 coupe/sedan/hard top convertible/Station Wagon/Pick-Up/CUV/SUV/Super Duty models actually make sense! It did for Porsche with the Cay-Cay-Cay

      *Barfed Again*

      *Nope still barfing*

      Cay- Cayenne.

      *Barfed Again*
        • 8 Years Ago
        PISS OFF!

        No BMW M3 convertible is a daily driver. INSURANCE is too high for under 30 drivers, and it would be stupid and M3's driven in snow, gravel, salt, pot-holes, and urban traffic to be ruined and no one ruins a nice car. German cars are as butt ugly as Toyota's and Subaru's. Luckily that is not their "raison d'être". Cobra Mustangs, Vipers, Corvettes, Saturn Skys, and Italian cars are attractive and cool but not as good as an M3, Cayman S or SLK AMG. Thus that is why these German cars are purchased.

        I will NEVER go to Germany; I will NEVER track my car, and NEVER be a professional driver! MAX speed ever driven is 140 km/h and will not join a BMW M3 club for people that pat themselves on the back for owning a nice car. That is so self-absorbed since you go to a car-meet and act like you designed the car, know its boundaries. You just regurgitate what you read in a pamphlet. So what is it that you drive? In fact don't answer! You’re some guy 3,000 km's away bothering me.

        I made a joke about BMW watering down the M3 brand and you think that gives you the right to talk to me. Leave me alone. Get a Job! Read all the comments, other autoblog readers agreed with me more then you! I did not read entire statement because I don't care what you have to say. Leave me alone. Go argue with some else about Kia's and Toyota's or something. Oh your so bad ass your drove 140 MPH oh (224 km/h) wow. That is actually a good thing, cause then no one will have to put up with you!
        • 8 Years Ago
        Captain ignorant, there's nothing watered down about expecting a coupe/sedan/wagon of M models. Outside the USA these cars are produced. Otherwise, the other models are legit.

        The e36 M3 came as all of the above in europe and in the USA we got a handful of them. The 46 M3 limited the car to only the coupe and the ridiculously fat convertible.

        The e46 sedan had a stiffer chassis than the e46 coupe. Do you have any understanding of what that would mean for performance? Yeah, a better handling car. BMW made a mistake with the e46 M3 by never releasing a sedan version. Partly for sales reasons and partly because it encouraged Americans to think that only two doors are performance oriented. Now they must re-teach Americans that M3 can be a sedan or coupe...

        The RS4 has nothing to do with this (its sales are super tiny). The sales of the e36 M3 sedan and the sales of the e46 ZHP are proof that Americans also wanted an M version of the 3 series sedan. RS4...just another fat Audi pretending to be a performance car. The M models all over the world are 2/4/5 door (M6, M5 sedan, M5 wagon). It's a global economy kids.

        Are you gonna contend that the M5 isn't a hot car because it's a sedan? Or the Alpina 7 is lame because it's got 4 doors?
        • 8 Years Ago

        Actually, the M3's appeal IS that it's a daily driver. You'd know this if you'd actually driven one. It's a fine around town car but on the track and in the right hands it's a terror. So, if you understood the M, you'd understand they are daily drivers and part of the total appeal of BMW comes from the fact they can be driven m-f to work and on saturday at the track.

        Again, you're confusing poseur. A poseur is someone who thinks a performance car must be 2 doors. That's myopic. I gave you a solid reason why the e46 should have had a sedan: the e46 sedan's chassis was much stiffer than the coupes. Do you know that means? That means on the TRACK, not on the street preening, the e46 sedan was a better handling car. Match the tighter chassis to the M3 LSD/power and you would have had a much better track car. Of course, that means nothing to you as you care about something as inconsequential as looks.

        Suggesting any MB is ludicrous as they only come with automatics in the AMG line.

        Actually, the M3 vert is just a waste. Again, if you've never tracked, you'd never understand. If you've never tracked and you own any BMW it's akin to dating a super model but only seeing her in the dead of winter in alaska. You can tell she's hot but you're missing out on what's really fun. An M3 vert weighs over 3600 lbs. Do you have any inkling what that means? I'm guessing, no. 3600 lbs on the 46 chassis = flaccid. The M3 vert is moderately fast in a straight line but its excess weight prohibits it from being exceptional in the corners.

        FWIW, the M3 is anything BUT exclusive. BMW sells almost as many M3s as they do coupes. Check the sales of the M3 e46 from 2002-2005. The M3 is NOT exclusive. But of course, you're into appearances so you want to believe the M3 is somehow special (it is in terms of roadgoing but not for sales exclusivity).

        Tell me when you've been to Germany to pick up your BMW. Tell me when you've tracked a Bimmer. When was the last time you did over 140 MPH LEGALLY? Yeah, poseur. Bugger off.

        I'm betting you can't even tell me the difference between an e90, e92, ZSP or ZHP. You're not a bimmer fan. You're someone who thinks bimmers are cool but you've never really tracked an M3 or any bimmer. You haven't the foggiest notion what an apex is or what balance would have to do with application of power or transitions.

        It's okay, one day maybe you'll learn how to drive and you'll understand the importance of chassis stiffness and weight in terms of automobile performance.
        • 8 Years Ago
        Dude, are you an Idiot! People don't just like in the USA! I am Italian and live in Quebec, Canada! Not so much a melting pot here of ideas, it's like being in Europe here. Metric system, no that many people own SUV's, no military presence anywhere and the speed limit is a reasonable 62.5 MPH, not 55 MPH! Roads here are not Autobahn quality or design. Speed limits exist because American V8 engines achieve optimum efficiency at 55 MPH and that became the norm to reduce accidents and as well Green House gasses.

        Don’t try and soften your response now rationalizing the E90 M3 Sedan, I was joshing about the want for a Station Wagon and more M3 variants. The new E90 M3 Sedan is just to steal the thunder from VW’s Audi RS4. It sucks! Sports car are sports cars! Not mom-mobile grocery getters. Would you like a 4 door Mustang? Viper? Corvette? Camaro? Challenger? Or even the new Charger 4 door with no manual transmission??? No!!! So BMW is watering down the M3 just to piss off Audi! And the Audi A5/RS5 is trying to do the same to BMW’s 3 and M Series.

        Wake up live in the real world! You just want to flash; others want a good quality leather, proper seating position, and proper handling car. No need for V-10 Vipers when a small 6 cylinder and proper platform is ample, and Jeremy Clarkson proved that in his video. NOW PISS OFF!
        • 8 Years Ago

        You don't think M3s are daily drivers? Oh boy you must live in some backwoods place. I can go into the parking garage and find at least 9 M3s. Hell, I work with two people who have them. And insurance is not that high on an M3 vis-a-vis any other car.

        You will never go to germany? Just have it in for the Gerries or all of Europe or is it the world? Do you want to remain in little ole USA forever?

        Won't track either. Hmmm, yeah sounds like you dig the M3 for all the right reasons: looks. lol

        I've currently got an e90 330i. It's my second BMW in the last few years. Picked it up in Germany last year. Drove it across Europe and then had it shipped back to me in the states.

        Really, bub, get a grip. You mouth off that the M3 shouldn't be "watered down" with sedan and wagon versions even though such things existed in the E36 (do you know what that is?) and currently exist in the form of the M5/M6. BMW is trying to appeal to a broader segment and the M3 used to appeal to more people. BMW made an acknowledged mistake by limiting the e46 to just an M3 coupe/vert. The ZHP's sales success revealed a deep desire by BMW sedan buyers to get a performance variant of the e46 sedan. The Sedan, in case you didn't know, comprises over 70% of the 3 series sales. There's a market that's dying for a smaller, nimble, excessively fast perforance sedan. The e90 M3 will fit that bill.

        As for 140+, that was on the autobahn. Do you know what that is? That it's legal and pretty damned safe - especially compared to the dangers of driving on sh!thole highways and around lazy US drivers?

        Track you car. You're learn something about handling, weight distribution, entry/exit speeds, apexes, lines and in general you'll learn far more about how to control your car.
      • 8 Years Ago
      M3 Wagon...please BMW. Build and bring to the States.
        • 8 Years Ago
        The author forgot to mention I had to climb the fences at the BMW test facility at the nuerburgring to get the personal time with the car. :)
        • 8 Years Ago

        Fence climbing = nuts. Those are some killer shots, though. :)
      • 8 Years Ago
      Oh please BMW, don't make a sedan M3... 2 more doors, too many.

      • 8 Years Ago
      "Appearance-wise, think of an E90 3-series sedan with the new M3 coupe's front and rear end treatments"

      Unfortunately it has the coupe front (yay) and the sedan rear (boo). Get it straight, Autoblog.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I'm sure a four door M3 will allow them to save some face when the new RS5 comes out to one-up the soon to be released two door M3 (assuming both iterations of the new M3 can wrestle the super saloon crown back from the RS4... which must be the case given how deliberately close BMW has positioned the M3 in price and power... it's so odd to see BMW respond to Audi for once in the RS/M wars).
      • 8 Years Ago
      ' bgdc @ Jun 18th 2007 12:10PM
      JG, trust me. Join BMWCCA and take your car to a track. You will see your BMW in an entirely new light...and your driving will improve.'

      I agree with that but you made it seem like anyone who didn't choose to do that was a poser. That I disagree with. I am a BMWCCA member BTW.
      • 8 Years Ago
      As much as some of you seem to think that the M3 badge only belongs on a coupe, you keep forgetting one thing -- above all else, BMW is a car company and will choose making money (selling a four-door M3 that will steal sales from the RS4) over your red-misted visions of M3 coupes forever. And one thing that has driven many buyers to the roundel is the fact they could have sporting performance in a practical sedan -- or coupe (bgdc, just because the coupe is "impractical" for you doesn't mean it's impractical for everyone). With the four-door, BMW is merely ensuring its M3 portfolio has enough range to not lose buyers to the RS4. I don't see them doing a M3 wagon for the states. That market is too small.
      Bring on the four-door supersedan. Although I am buying an E46 M3, I applaud the addition of the four-door.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Now, this is getting interesting. I already own a 3 Series Sedan, and an M3 Coupe. Having M-Performance on my sedan would be nice too.
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