The U.S. Senate is debating the CAFE rules this week, and videos related to the discussion are turning up online - some due to Hugg-meister Linton, who has been uploading clips from C-SPAN and PBS. Here's a little of what was said and heard this week in and around Washington, D.C.

In the video above, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) discusses her longstanding idea of an MPG trading program. Automakers who make a lot of high-mileage cars can sell credits to companies who insist on making gas-guzzlers. She calls it a "practical, workable system."

There's more after the jump.

Here, Jeanne Cummings, of, talks about the immense growth in the lobbyist numbers in the lead-up to this fight over CAFE standards and biofuels. She was speaking on PBS' NewsHour.

Moving away from Linton's videos, here's a debate on CNBC between representatives from GreenPeace and the Competitive Enterprise Institute. The CEI guy says straight-up, that higher CAFE standards means more people will die. But the host and the GreenPeace fellow both call him out on that one.

These are just a sample of the debate going on in the televised world. If you've got any more appropriate clips, add them in the comments or tip us. Happy watching.

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