• Jun 14th 2007 at 1:55PM
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Any Monster Truck fans out there? You might have noticed a recent change in the look of the legendary Bigfoot. After undergoing a less-than-extreme makeover, the classic Bigfoot blue is back on the truck. Well, not the entire truck, but a good portion of the nose and cab. Sponsor Firestone still has its prominent shield displayed on the hood and its logo across the flanks, but the new red, white and blue scheme looks pretty good on this 30-something-year-old legend. Sure, parent company Bridgestone is primarily Japanese, but the truck is 100% 'Murkin. Bob Chandler created Bigfoot and the Monster Truck phenomenon back in the mid '70s and it has since turned into a billion-dollar enterprise. Nothing more American than that. Bigfoot has used Firestone tires since 1991, and started using Firestone paint schemes a decade ago.

[Source: Edmund's Inside Line]

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      Interesting coincidence. GF and I fell asleep watching TV last night. Woke up to an infomercial on Universal Technical Institute, one of those auto-tech vocational schools. Apparently Grave Digger's owner/driver/team sponsor a scholarship there, and there were lots of references to Grave Digger being the most famous monster truck out there. 15 to 20 years ago I was heavily into four-wheeling, subscribed to all the off-road mags, and thus was aware of the monster truck scene. I wondered what had happened to BigFoot, since when last I knew, he was the biggest, most famous monster truck. And here we are. And thanks Shawn for confirming that it wasn't just me, but that BigFoot had been out of the public eye for a while. FWIW, I don't like BigFoot's current look. Bring back the old school one.
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      Bob offered me a job when I graduated high school when I was five, when we spoke candidly for about a half hour about the tech in Bigfoot 8, and the USHRA regulations and weight and stuff. I was certainly much smarter about stuff like this then than I am now.

      But that paint scheme looks far too much like a modern USA-1. Are they still in business?
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      "Did anyone mention Grave Digger? ;-)"

      You do realize that Grave Digger and several of the other big names of the sport (like Max D) are owned by the sport, right? Grave Digger is owned by Live Nation (formerly Clear Channel). USHRA and Monster Jam are also owned by Live Nation.

      Now I'm not saying that the events at Monster Jam are fixed. I am saying that Bigfoot will never get top or equal billing at any event owned by a competing team and largely stocked with the competitor's trucks.
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        Yes, I do realize Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, Blue Thunder, Safe Auto, Taz, Turtles, and the other 20+ something monster trucks that compete on the Monster Jam circuit are owned by Live Nation. I am a professional photographer for their company and have been to dozens of their events as a photographer. Not to mention I recently closed the doors on www.monster-style.com, which received nearly a million unique visitors a day. Still Bigfoot denied to join forced with Live Nation, in this industry it isn't like NASCAR or Formula 1. You have promoters, promoters pay these teams anywhere from a piss ass $1,000 a weekend to race and freestyle their trucks to under $5,000.00. Some of your independent teams (not owned by Live Nation) average about $4,000 a weekend per truck and in most cases break between $3,000 and $7,000 worth of equipment. Not worth it if ya ask me :-). Oh, and you think they make money from t-shirt sells? HAHA, Promoter usually takes 50%. Live Nation has a cap on their merchandise, and you know all of those cool Hot Wheels monster trucks? Some independent teams sell thousands and thousands of their toy trucks only to earn a cool few hundred bucks. Our "sport" is simply a use company owned by promoters who dominate and control the market. Bigfoot is a promoter as well, odd, since they are a "racing team" ;-)
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      100% merkin?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Yea I really do not know what "Murkin" is, as it's not a term used in the monster truck industry... I was thinking they meant "Merlin" in this Autoblog post, but Merlin would have nothing to do with the article as it is an engine by Ford. And the logo being displayed on the "flanks" should be "quarter panels" or "fenders" - in any case it's just a bunch of fiberglass :-)

      After reading it again, I believe 'Murkin is

      100% AMERICAN
      or 100% MURKIN / MERKIN / MERCAN

      LOLOLOL I think I figured it out!!!
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      Too bad Bigfoot is nothing more than uhm... well, yea, it is nothing. Bigfoot 4x4 out of St. Louis has basically fallen off of the map for nearly a decade as they do not compete with the "big guns" of the sport. Atleast they are grabbing some free press, but it will probably not help them at all with sponsors when they compete at venues with 5,000 or less fans in the stands. Why is that bad? Well, the "big guns" compete weekly in front of 60,000+ fans and are featured on Speed Channel, haha. Did anyone mention Grave Digger? ;-)
      • 8 Years Ago
      The scary thing is that I've seen full-size pickups with almost as much lift and almost as large tires as Bigfoot. I'd hate to have one run into me... or rather, OVER me. The bumpers are far too high to be effective. Those things are dangerous.
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