• Jun 6th 2007 at 6:27PM
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A few months ago, AutoblogGreen told you about BMW's plan to produce a handful of hydrogen-powered 7 Series sedans that would be unleashed on the public in the hands of a select few individuals. You'll remember they went pretty quickly, and no one was really sure what the criteria was for getting one.

Well, now we know. Apparently your chances for being chosen to participate in the experiment were greatly improved if you were an internationally-known, Hollywood movie star with several million in the bank. Being married to Living with Angelina Jolie doesn't hurt either. That narrows down the pool tremendously, and one name that apparently stood out on the list was Brad Pitt.

Autoblog Green says Pitt was spotted at Tuesday's "Ocean's 13" premiere in Hollywood driving a BMW Hydrogen 7, which could've increased the car's profile with the movie-star-loving public, though likely didn't considering its most identifying mark is a "Hydrogen" badge on the trunk. Members of the Brad Pitt Fan Club likely saw him exit a BMW 7-Series and thought nothing of it. But hey, at the end of the day he's still Brad Pitt, so all is right in the world.

[Source: Autoblog Green]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      I'm sure their first thought was "he drove HIMSELF?!"

      • 8 Years Ago
      How simple it would be to make theses kinds of cars, such as cars that would run off of water. But wheres the money in that? No wonder they would only make a select few of these vehicles available. Save the rich money on gasoline and steal from the peons of the world like me(and pretty much everyone else in the world.)

      • 8 Years Ago
      It may have a DST plate, but BMW LENT it to him. Also, it's profile might have benefitted from Pitt approaching the cameras, pointing to the car and shouting "BY THE WAY, THAT'S NOT JUST A RUN-OF-THE-MILL 7-SERIES. IT RUNS ON HYDROGEN. NEAT, HUH?"
      • 8 Years Ago
      I thought that Brad and Angelina WEREN'T married. Something about 'not marrying until everyone can marry'. Can I Getta fact check?
        • 8 Years Ago
        They Have A Kid Together. He Does Pretty Much What She Says. . . . They Are Married
      • 8 Years Ago
      Geeez, those fans are about to stampede over that poor guy in the wheelchair.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Do you think anybody will notice the car with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie driving around in it?-joke.Excellent product visibility.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Where's my BMW 1 BioDiesel 1.8 liter 4 door hatch?
      Still only in Europe. Why is Europe entitled to the Coolest cars?
      • 8 Years Ago
      It has California Distributor plates. The car's not his.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Probably Jolie's idea. She's got him by the balls and has turned him into a completely insane humanitarian like herself. Too bad the hot ones are always crazy.