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The voiceover in this 1960s era Ford promotional video asks "Will any of these experimental features be seen on production cars in the future?" Why, yes, we can now positively say many of them will. Some high-tech gadgets named in the film are in-car refrigerators and "plug-in televisions." Check and check. Of course, the navigation system shown was nothing more than a fancy map holder that scrolled the paper as the car moved, and the digital speedometer was simply a panel of numbers with lights behind them. But at least they were thinking ahead.

Ford even highlighted one of its futuristic cars with adjustable pedals and steering wheel with a memory setting for different drivers.

Not yet seen on production vehicles are the in-car oven, the "electro-luminescent" panels surrounding the car for safety and that odd little half-window thingy seen on the station wagon toward the end. Oh, wait. Subaru used that one.

Tacked on to the tail of the concept video is another Ford promo film about the Mustang's conception. Most of the info is common knowledge, but it's interesting to watch.

[Source: TechEBlog]

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      Modern Ford, and car companies in general, could take some hints from the philosophy put forward here.
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      Strange, but at the same time, very fascinating. We're finally entering a point in our history (future? present?) where the "far past" is actually well documented.

      It's not like the late 1800s/early 1900s where all we had were scratchy photographs and crude (but still fascinating) video footage - no, we have incredible amounts of information directly from that age. It's so real... ugh, I know maybe some of you think I'm crazy, but it's just so fascinating about how "real" history will feel to our children (hopefully).

      I mean, even watching that PBS documentary on the rare color WW2 footage was pretty cool. Made the whole event very "real" to me. It's not just something "far off" like it used ot seem with the shaky B&W footage.

      Ok, enough off topic. Sorry.
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        Paul, you are absolutely right about information from our "far" past.
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      lol at the fucking music
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      subaru should take a look at this
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        U see, thats funny!
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      "meet George Jetson"