• Jun 1st 2007 at 11:31AM
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Just as Chrysler is finalizing plans to bring Chinese-made B-class cars to the States, they're also taking advantage of a growing affinity over there for American-flavored rides. China Car Times is reporting that Dodge will begin selling Calibers and Caravans in China with partner SouEast Motors. And just as CCT said, SouEast is not a typo. As CCT reminds that General Motors has found a huge, virtually untapped market in China where Buick sedans are selling better than back home. If Dodge can find similar success, it could at least offset development costs for the Hornet, and at most be a huge growth opportunity that puts the company back in the black.

We say send 'em the Compass, too. All of 'em.

[Source: China Car Times]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      You my friend sounded good right to your last sentence. All products
      in China have to add 150% to the price if they're imported. As well
      for anyone to sell a product in China it must be 51% owned locally.
      You really don't get much more protectionist then that.
      Locally made Chevy products seem to do very well as you see many around but nowhere near as many of them as you see VW's, Toyota's, Honda's, and Nissan's. I got a good laugh the first time I seen my first Chinese Buick, it looked like a Firefly/Sprint sedan with a Buick emblem. As
      well they seemed to like "pimping" out Ford Tempos and Dodge Neon’s. You haven’t lived till you’ve seen a Tempo in full rice gear and a Roll’s packed next to it in similar garb. I lived in China for an extended period of time as a Canadian English teacher so I bring this as firsthand knowledge.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Oh good, now the Caliber can suck in Asia too. Maybe they can send the gawdawful Nitro over as well. It will build the Chinese peoples' confidence that they're really not that far behind the back of the pack in the west.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Chryslers` vehicles are far better than given credit for. My 99 Voyager has been hands down the best vehicle I`ve ever owned. I wish Chrysler well. The Chrysler option is one I must have when auto shopping.
      • 8 Years Ago
      So why are American cars popular in China but not so much in America?

      As for the Compass, no Jeep should ever be like that. It needs to die, and soon.
        • 8 Years Ago
        Actually, the Compass is the first Jeep that I like.

        (from a non-Jeep appreciator)
      • 8 Years Ago
      Great, now the Chinese will learn what an utterly piece of crap the Chryslers are... I think Chrysler made several errors in assuming that their products will sell in China. Vans in China are mostly for utility, and need to fit into narrower street, hence the most popular models are Chinese clones or joint-venture with established Japanese domestic models... not the American versions of the Japanese products. The Buick sells well as a LUXURY item, just as the Cadillacs and Audis sell well, but this is a small market, and very prone to prestigious marques. Chrysler would not cut it.
      Finally, SouEast, its joint-venture partner, is a third-tier Chinese domestic manufacturer, who only has experience manufucturing lower-end products with licensed Mitsubishi engines... This is a company far behind FAW, SAIC, Chery and the other larger manufacturers in CHina. For SouEast, Chrysler products may actually represent an improvement over their current models...

      On another matter, for those who complain about boycotting Chinese products, it is good to see that at least from an open-market prespective, the Chinese are willing to be open-minded about imports, unlike some Americans.