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Ford launched its Driving Skills For Life website a few months back, and as far as a resource for new drivers and their white-knuckled parents, its a worthy effort. Sure, the kitsch level is a bit high and some of the modules could be improved, but any attempt by an automaker to focus on driver safety and highlight the number one killer of teens gets a gold star in our book.

Along with some games, a car care clinic and some fuel conservation tips, Ford produced a series of videos hosted by a variety of professional instructors and racers to tackle some of the basic skills that new drivers face when they hit the road. All ten of these video tips are posted after the jump and are worth a watch as a quick primer for the up-and-coming motorist in your life. They may even teach some of the more battle-hardened among us a thing or two.

[Source: Driving Skills For Life, YouTube]

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      They held one of these clinics where I work (very large parking lot) and had 4 classes of 30 - 40 high school students participate. It was a very well organized event and taught some good tactics to the kids. They had Mustangs (V6's), Fusions, Milans and Mazda 6's for the kids to drive. Some of the 'Stangs were equipped with the skid simulators for wet weather tactics.

      It was a very well attended and organized event. They are taking on the road to do in various places too.
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      Hmm, I didn't look at all the videos.... but took a look at "skid recovery."

      It's good information for those who are not very driving-inclined (and/or drive automatics), however, in general, if you are skidding, you wouldn't want to dump the throttle, as this can induce engine braking and transfer all the weight to the front. This can be beneficial or detrimental depending on the situation.
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      im not a big fan of the 10-2 driving position

      9-3 or even 8-4 is much more controllable