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The Gatso speed camera has been the bane of British drivers for the past couple of decades, but they at least had the hope that when they saw the flash the camera might be out of film. For those of you in the crowd who might not be old enough to drink legally," film" is this silver coated plastic strip that they used to put in cameras. It had to be processed in various chemicals to make images appear. Amazingly enough, the British speed cameras still use this antique technology, but not for much longer.

The Dutch company that builds the cameras for the British government has developed a digital imaging module to upgrade the cameras so that they will never run out of film again. The new units have 11-megapixel sensors and can monitor four lanes of traffic at once. They can also store thousands of images compared to the 200 for the film units. So now the traffic enforcers can ticket more people with less effort. We send our condolences to British drivers.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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      Well the truth is that the Uk is being turned into the worlds largest ever live reality show, fully interactice with sky tv which is probably watching us as well ?
      • 8 Years Ago
      So what does this mean? The official "film changer guy" gets laid off?

      • 8 Years Ago
      Antonio you already do pay per mile even if you don't know it. Gas taxes are used to pay for road infrastructure and the more miles you drive, the more you pay. The only difference is that the rate is variable based on your fuel economy rather than a fixed per mile rate.

      Don't forget toll roads too. Most tolls are on a per mile basis. And as more states follow the lead of places like Indiana and turn over roads that were built with our tax dollars to private companies to administer we will pay tolls on even more roads that we're already paying for with fuel taxes.
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      This is a very interesting story as in UK courts digital photography cannot be used as evidence due to the ease of manipulating it.
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      this really sucks. I hope their rediculous pay per mile charges ever make it across the pond. But I doubt it, our citizens would never stand for that.
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      Poor British drivers are being reamed from all directions - speed cameras, CO2 emissions, increased taxes, congestion charging and eventually pay-per-mile.

      My condolences indeed.
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        This has actually been around for at least a year, probably more like 2 years.

        We also have average speed cameras that take the speed over a set length of road :(