• May 24th 2007 at 4:09PM
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I have read some scathing reviews from The Truth About Cars before, but I think I just may have read one that takes the cake. I mean, I'm talkin' Guinness Book of World Records "Worst Review Ever" territory here. The review I am referring to is that of the new Scion XB. Let's just put it this way: they hated it. I had a chance to see the vehicle in person at the Chicago Auto Show, and while I liked the last XB, I decided to reserve judgment on this one until I could get a feel for it in real life. The things that I liked about the old one seemed diminished in the redesign, like the fuel mileage and clever use of space. Well, if TTAC's review of the new XB is anything to go by, I guess my reservations were dead on. But, I won't take their word for it, and neither should you. I am going to go and take a look-see myself. I have a feeling that the new XD might just make more sense as the true replacement for the old XB, which appears to have been "American-ized" in its latest incarnation.

So, will we be losing one of the bright spots of fuel efficiency for the consumer that needs more space than something like the Smart Fourtwo? Like I said, I will have to check it out myself. If you like the old one, better get shopping now and try to find one left. Or, check out the XD, which, like I mentioned earlier, may be the true spiritual successor the the good old "box on wheels".


[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      The new xB seems to be aimed toward the soccer mom AND the ricerboy at the same time.

      I not dissing either...but it seems to be targeting the people that thought the 1st gen xB was too boxy or too underpowered. They fixed that..gave it the 2.4 that the tC has and made it more mini-vanish (rounded corners, longer wheel base). In a way I think it looks like a mini Envoy.


      Personally...I have a tC. I like the 1st gen xB and xA. The new xD and xB are both..boring in my opinion. Both look terrible without the body kit they showed them with and now neither is likely to be as good in MPG as the 1st gen Scions are.

      I think Toyota should have left it similar to last gen. Have 2 stylish gas cars and one "sporty" looking car. Now they have a football helmet (xD) and a mini-mini-van.

      The 1st gen xB was called a mini-van...I wonder what those people would say about the new one.

      If the xA or xB had standard cruise like the tC I would be driving one of those instead.
      • 8 Years Ago
      As soon as they said that it was going to belarger
      I thought... big mistake!! I have an xA and love
      it's size and fuel economy. Gas just isn't going
      to get any cheaper & the new xB goes the wrong way
      when it comes to fuel consumption.
      • 8 Years Ago
      One of my co-workers just got the first 2008 xB in Florida. Well, all I can say is UGLY!!!!! I like the old one better. But what do I know. I'm sure they'll sell billions (exaggerating a little).
      • 8 Months Ago
      I am now a proud owner of a 2008 xB. I like the look and fuel economy of the old model, but it was a commuter, in-town car for short trips. It was not a safe vehicle overall, and Scion has improved the car considerably with standard side curtain airbags and passerenger and driver side front door airbags. It is MUCH quieter. It has the power (and I should say good fuel economy) of the tC. I can drive it long distances, have great head room, passenger and back seat leg room, cargo space and comfort for any distance. And the look....well, one word describes it...COOL. The interior still looks like an old model xB and it's still a boxy enough to be different.

      When you live in the upper midwest like I do, I need a car that will get me through the snow....and this one will. The old one...well, I had my doubts. And on my first tank of gas (90% in town driving 34-45 mph) I averaged 25.6 mpg. That is great for any car with less than 300 miles on it.

      I highly recommend this vehicle.

      • 8 Months Ago
      The new xB is less desirable than the old one because it has a more modern, way safer structure. And that carries with it bigger roof pillars, smaller windows, and big intrusions into interior space for reinforcements.

      The old xB may have been roomy and airy, but it was about as safe as a pop can.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Exactly hodad66. Going bigger is a BIG mistake. The resultant gas efficiency which is more like midsized sedan range is a terrible side effect to the upgraded size and engine.
      I love my 2005 Xb. I seriously doubt the new Xb will sell as well considering the trend in gas prices. Toyota screwed the pooch on this one.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I was really looking forward to the release of the new xB, as I'm in the market for a new car and thought it would fit the bill. I was disappointed with the decision to go for a much larger engine and therefore decreased fuel economy. It no longer looks attractive.

      My only hope is that the xD is more in line with my MPG desires. Neither design is as fresh as the original xB, but I'm willing to live with the looks if it's fun and efficient (like the first gen.)

      Anybody heard anything on mileage for the xD?
      • 8 Years Ago
      This is what happens when you let something cool be changed for a different group of people. All the gen 1 needed was a 1.8L or a turbo. I love the large glass area in the gen 1 xb. The 2008 is IMO horrible.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Although a bit odd.... I prefer the the bB that the Japanese got as their replacement. Some of the mods on that new design looked pretty cool!
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