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Back in March, Damon reported on the matte finish fixation that was clearly evident among a number of specialty manufacturers and tuners at the Geneva Motor Show. Last week, Hamann unveiled its take on the prevailing trend with the Ferrari F430 Black Miracle.

The spellcasters at Hamann work their magic by taking the garden-variety F430 and giving it the matte look via a foil treatment. If the owner tires of the appearance, the effect is reversible -- the foil can be removed. We wouldn't recommend doing that, however, as this puppy looks like evil on a popsicle stick -- very delicious. The matte finish is combined with accents in either red, yellow, or the orange shown above and in the gallery. The contrasting hue is applied to a set of racing stripes, the individual aero package parts, the rearview mirrors, the brake calipers and Hamann's 'Edition Race" wheels. Open the lambo doors (another Hamann specialty) and you'll see that the interior can receive a matching treatment as well.

Augmenting the new visuals is a 50-horsepower bump, thanks to a reprogrammed ECU and some exhaust system tweaks. We weren't crazy about the last Ferrari package we saw from these guys, but the Black Miracle has made us believers again. If only Hamann offered the contrast stripe/trim pack in gloss black -- that'd be perfect. Hamann's press release is included after the jump.

[Source: HAMANN]

May 2007
The Black Miracle!
HAMANN Ferrari F430 in outstanding Design

• outstanding "Black Miracle" look in black matt with coloured finishes for aerodynamic parts
• improved performance from 50 HP
• competently integrated wing doors
• light weight wheels "Edition Race" in 20-inch

The Ferrari F430 already is a brilliant, eye-catching vehicle. The "look" as well as engineering technology presents many similarities to motor sports racing. In the latter instance, most vehicles here feature a catchy paint finish in "warrior look". HAMANN MOTORSPORT now offers the mid-engine Ferrari a special outstanding design that equally provides a racing car look standing out from the crowd. It's called "Black Miracle" and will be responsible for great deal of turned heads.

An individual entrance thanks to Black Miracle design

HAMANN's "Black Miracle" designed black car body via a foil suggests the appearance of a primary base coat versus a ready-finished lacquered vehicle. It leaves an impression as if the entire car body is covered in velvet. Here as well, comes an idea directly from motor sports racing scene where motor covers are often finished in black matt to aide drivers with glare reduction. The "Black Miracle" design by HAMANN acts similar to a black hole absorbing all light. For the "light at the end of the tunnel" HAMANN provides additional parts following customer preferences in brilliant red, orange or yellow finish. The contrast between black matt and each "luminizing" addition is unquestionably mesmerizing especially for countless admirers at Ferrari meetings. Such an individualized F430 entrance has never been seen before!

The highlight of the "Black Miracle" designs: when the black matt colour doesn't seem pleasing anymore, the foil can be easily removed.

The noted HAMANN aerodynamic kit for the Ferrari F430 in dazzling colours grasps many elements directly out of motor sports. Front impressions of the F430 "Black Miracle" through HAMANN's front spoiler provide a distinct racing sports face and minimize front axle buoyancy. The wide rocker panel wings give a lowering impression. Further reminiscence of sports racing awakens at the rear end through the HAMANN diffuser and a powerful rear wing which provides more downthrust on the rear axle. HAMANN air dams for the downforce generating Venturi Tunnel boosts the effect.

Additionally included in the "Black Miracle" design are finished aerodynamic parts in red, orange or yellow as well as coloured side mirrors and brake callipers, tinted rear lights, a coloured engine cover framing, dark tinted windows (including front window), bi-coloured leather furnishings (any choice of colour combinations), HAMANN logos within the head rests as well as the wheels finished in the colour of the aerodynamic components and with completely covered black matt rim flange.

The finest detail through wing doors

The absolute show stopper effect with the eye-catching "Black Miracle" colour in combination to the car body is achieved with the addition of HAMANN constructed wing doors. This process is completed without compromise as HAMANN offers a completely full car body integration through guaranteed technology minus that look of actually being built-in. In other words, this vehicle looks as if it just rolled directly off the assembly line.

Performance jump

Through new motronic programming including a new rear silencer plus a sporty high-performance header and sport steel catalyst, the F430 in HAMANN "Black Miracle" style has a performance increase of 36kW /50 HP which is naturally a plus for vehicle performance.

Even more driving pleasure is promised with a specially designed set of suspension springs. Through the HAMANN springs, not only does the F430 lurk lower to the ground, it also moves noticeably with more agility.

The F430 "Black Miracle" comes equipped from HAMANN with a 3-pieced, forged light weight wheel "Edition Race" in 20-inch. Available for the front axle in size 8,5 x 20 (tires 235/30-20) and for the rear axle in size 12,75 x 20 (tires 325/25-20).

One example of the ultra lightweight wheels with dimensions of 12,75 x 20 have an astounding weight of only 15,45 kg! As previously indicated, within the "Black Miracle" package HAMANN finishes a wheel spider in the colour of the aerodynamic components and rim flange matching to the car body in black matt.

Further information to the complete HAMANN tuning program can be found under www.HAMANN-motorsport.de

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      The headless horseman wants his new car back.
      • 8 Years Ago
      lol maybe the matte black derives from the salt flats, but the only cars I see with matte black and some kinda crazy bright neon color on the street would be a poorly repaired 90's civic that has been spraypainted with regular spray paint because the owner is too cheap to actually repair the car correctly. And of course, there's random bright neon colors because they think their ride is fly.

      Anyways, I agree that this car is a travesty.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Those Orange rims are ruining the entire design... they should have been painted matte, same as the color of the body a shade darker.

      Someone photoshop that please!
      • 8 Years Ago
      who the hell would do this crap to a Ferrari to begin with? a very mentally handicapped rich person who has zero taste whatsoever that's who. and paul there's nothing wrong with rice. don't forget it's the japanese that are kicking the USA's ass in the car market. if you notice hardly any american brand gets good mileage by comparison not to mention the reputation for reliable long lasting vehicles. Oh the American cars used to way back when in the 60s or so but in today's world it's the smaller more efficient car that takes home first place rather than the big heavy gas guzzling V8 american cars and trucks that people go ga-ga for on one hand while on the other bitching about gas prices and poor fuel economy.. so until the vast majority of americans grow the hell up and beocme more realistic I'll stick with "rice" with a nice japanese hybrid car that may not beat your gas guzzling muscle car or truck but I won't have to refill the tank after a stoplight to stoplight street race.

      the F430 is a beautiful car but not decorated this way. get rid of the butterfly door hinges turn the wheels a satin silver. return the car to a glossy red or black finish and make the stripe white and keep the trim on the bottom of the car body color it would look just right. like the 360 modena competition car.
      • 8 Years Ago
      This is either the Harley-Davidson, or the Halloween Ferrari edition.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Why you fools, must you complain whenever Hamann does something creative? The world would be a bland place if all cars were mearly stock. Not that I think rice cars are cool, but this is far from rice. It's the perfect ballence of modified, but not a space-station-like collection of fiberglass stuff.
      • 8 Years Ago
      how the hell are you supposed to get out of that car in a regular parking space? the doors wouldnt be able to open.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I personally like alot of Hamann's work. For the more "extreme" type, they give people something different. I am not too fond of this particular modification though. I think it might be the color scheme. But to call this "rice" is just plain ignorant. This company is a well respected tuner. If the care is not for you, then move on.
      Oh and to #5
      Please don't generalize Americans as such; "so until the vast majority of americans grow the hell up and become more realistic".
      It is ironic how your name is "realistic"....
      • 8 Years Ago
      and i thought that was a car design so beautiful that it could not be ugly...i was wrong
      • 8 Years Ago
      How do these guys (HAMANN) get so much ink, with their endless parade of ugly body kits? They are the FUNKMASTER FLEX OF GERMANY!
      • 8 Years Ago
      I like it.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Hey, that's one shitty looking Ferrari.
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