• May 9th 2007 at 11:21AM
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Get the door, it's a three-wheeled electric car.

This week, in Las Vegas (where else?), Domino's Pizza started testing pizza deliveries using Zap! Xebras. The Chicago-based Electric Vehicle Company supplied the Xebras to Domino's for use in the company's Worldwide Rally. The test is being explained as both an environment- and cost-saving move, and Jim Stansik, Domino's executive vice president of Franchise Development, said in a statement that, "Today it is not uncommon to have your Domino's pizza delivered by bicycle, scooter or car around the world. Looking toward tomorrow, Domino's is committed to also being a responsible consumer of our planet's natural resources by testing the feasibility of using electric vehicles in our stores." Zap! CEO Steve Shneider spoke about the Domino's partnership when he was on CNBC last week. And Autoblog likes it, too.

No word on how the tests went, but I hope people tipped the EV driver well. There are two more pictures of the Zapizza car after the jump.

[Source: Zap]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      Also a great opportunity for Zap to prove the quality of their design and hardware. There's nothing like pizza delivery by a wide range of drivers to quickly discover the weaknesses in a vehicle.
      • 8 Years Ago
      This is where the EV revolution really starts... with FLEETS! Now if the federal gov't which owns the largest fleet in the world would just put up or shut up and started buying EVs for mail delivery and other purposes, the whole car industry would change. Instead, the left tries to mandate our Co2 and fuel economy. The left hates market forces and loves the iron hand of big gov’t. Does anybody know how many cars are in delivery fleets nationwide?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Good for Dominos!
      I worked for them back in 1991 and I remember when gas was just $1.10 a Gallon.
      I drove the crap out of my little Nissan pickup I had and made some decent profit on tips and being able to spend so much less on fuel regardless of getting barely mid 20s gas mileage on the highway.
      Dominos pays "mileage" to cover some of the wear and tear, as well as your fuel costs for the driving, so not too much out of pocket, but you were responsible for keeping all maintenance up on your rig.
      If you had a POS, it would end up being a potentially costly repair fest to meet operating requirements set by Dominos.
      Fast forward to 2007.
      Well, gas is nearly 4 times as much.
      End result? Way more operating expense, thus lower profits/increased pizza prices for the customer.
      How could you find a way to cut down costs?
      Sounds like someone is thinking ahead.
      I like this idea of all Electric car for Dominos because all you need to do is deliver a Pizza afterall.
      Pretty simple.
      Im sure running the Zapizza will save a ton of money for everyone involved.
      Yeah, its kinda dorky looking, but it beats the hell out of riding a bike with a Pizza HeatBox on the back!
      Way to go Dominos!

      • 8 Years Ago
      This move by Domino's pizza could change the eletric car industry. This will open the market all over north America. I wish this Zap was around when I had my Pizza business. I'm buying Domino's Pizza to nite.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I wouldn't of tipped the driver...I would have tipped that POS car.

      • 7 Years Ago
      Great. this looks like it will be good for the environment. las vegas is always first to adopt new ideas.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Nah, just making a point.
      Ive heard there are pizza joints that do deliver by motorcycle so I was just mentioning that.
      True, an accident could present an issue.
      Not sure how save the Zapizza is, but I also know that the amount of accidents delivering pizza is suprisingly small.
      Apparently, people tend to be safer and more proactive drivers while working for a business and on the clock.
      I guess only time will show if the Zapizza can be safe, and reduce costs.
      Murc, tips never seemed to come often enough to cover everything maintenance wise.
      I saw lots of fellow employees asking for my mechanical knowledge to keep thier cars running.
      Got old pretty fast as I wasnt paid to be a tech and a Pizza delivery guy.

      • 8 Years Ago
      It's a good start. Now the rest need to fallow. EV is the way to go..
      • 8 Years Ago
      Interesting.. so your Pizza guy needs a motorcycle license ?

      I wonder what the lawsuit potential is for have an employee drive a "car" with *no* safety features or testing ? I'm not saying small cars are unsafe in general, I'm saying *this* small car is unsafe.
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