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We're betting Ford wants to get the new 2009 F-150 to dealer lots as soon as possible. With increased competition from the new Chevy Silverado and the Toyota Tundra stealing market share, the F-150's title as the best-selling vehicle in the world, a mantle it has worn for decades, is under serious threat this year. The revised 2009 F-150, however, is meant to address this threat head on. While we don't know anything about what mechanical improvements are being planned, these fresh spy shots from The Car Connection show that a styling update will help Ford's best-seller remain a relevant player.
Being that the F-150 is the most important product in Ford's portfolio, the level to which to the automaker has gone to obscure its new styling is extreme. Nevertheless, we can see that the F-150 will receive a version of the corporate chrome three-bar grille. It also appears that its headlights will remain in proportion to its body rather than taking on the "stacked" look of the new Super Duty's lamps. Unfortunately, foam was placed beneath the camoflouge cover in strategic places to hide the truck's new lines, so what we see is an F-150 that looks bundled up for winter in a heavy down coat. We concur with TCC that the 2008 Detroit Auto Show is the likely time at which the 2009 Ford F-150 will debut. After all, the best-selling vehicle in the world needs the world's biggest automotive stage to make an entrance. Click on the Read link to view all 10 spy shots that were snapped.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      #39 Amen, I totally agree with your post.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Who's up, who's down, who cares? The simple fact is that the F-Series (some admitted sleight-of-hand on Ford's part, to include the Super Duty's, but Toyota has done it with the Corolla and the Corolla Matrix for its sales figures) has been the number 1 selling nameplate for 29 years. The area where this vehicle is dragging ass, and IMO it has been a problem for Ford in most vehicle segments, is powertrain. GMs Vortecs, the Hemi, and Nissan's Endurance V8 have been kicking the crap out of Ford. And now the Tundra's 5.7 shades it by 81 hp. Styling is going to be fine. If it comes in like a 7/8 Super Duty (headlights notwithstanding), everybody's going to be fine with it. Likewise the interior. Ford's got that part wired. As fun as it would be to get the V10 in the F-150, it isn't needed. Ford should bump the 4.6L to 5.0L and 280-ish hp, and the 5.4L to 6.0L and 350-370 hp, and if they ever get things with Navistar worked out add the PowerStroke. Then there should be no danger of losing the sales crown.
      • 8 Years Ago
      JoJo---I sure hope you are right!

      Bob--that was unnecessary. I am a 4 time F150 owner. I love my 04 but the look is getting tired. I am just stating that they need a complete redo, not just another upgrade here and there. If you notice thats why I said I am a little disappointed for now because I expect more out of Ford. They can't keep the current bodystyle with minimal improvements and expect to stay on top. New engines or not.

      John--ignore them. They are the fools that buy Priuses and expect to get the gas mileage it says on the window sticker. Ha! Some college education!
      • 8 Years Ago
      #29 (et al): Powertrains. The 3.6 is from England, yes, and it is the engine being upgraded to 4.4 for the new F-150. Targets are 300 hp and 450 tor, from what I've heard/read. Second, Ford is in the midst of developing an in-house diesel to get rid of the problem that is Navistar (hence Navistar counter-suing for $2 billion, because Ford is half their revenue and they're scared shitless). There's also a new V-6 (supposedly a 3.7 based on the 3.5), an upgraded 4.6 (not sure if they've bored it out to 5.0), and the new Boss engine, which some have said might be slightly delayed, would deliver upwards of 400 hp. There was also a posting on the Ford forums about a 3.5TT with 350 hp and 400 tor or so getting over 20 mpgs combined in the new truck. I think it's been confirmed about 100 times that a 6-speed is coming and the only reason it's not in the current truck is because the platform doesn't support its size.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I travel the world and I see plenty of ford products overseas, why when you look that the US Ford's they don't even compare. Ford america needs to look at their world designs and make some changes and step up the US side of things...

      And for the F-150 let's really look at a diesel, a 6 cyl with a turbo would be perfect to start out with and over different levels. I wish the Ranger had a diesel..they do outside the US.
      • 8 Years Ago
      A testement to Toyota quality (or the lack of).
      2 days ago on my way home from work (40+ mile commute) I saw a person waving for someone to pull over and I pulled over because I know how it feels for people not to pull over when you need help (use to have pos car). I get out of my car and the guy walks over to me and says, "I just need to borrow your phone to call roadside assistance. I left my dam phone at work." I said that is fine and asked if there was anything i could do. He told me no.
      As he was on the phone letting the people know where he was I looked over to his truck which was less than 10 feet away. I noticed a huge puddle of fluid under the engine, and i figured it must be radiator fluid (my initial thought was he must have hit something) When the guy got off my phone, I asked him if he hit something. He told me, "Hell no, that dam piss of shit f-ing broke. It starts smoking, I pull over and there is a dam puddle of fluid under the truck. Good thing that shit pile is under warranty yet." I told him that i used to have a pos. To get home in time for supper (also didn't want to leave my mother at my house with my wife to long alone) I told the guy I had to keep going and he told me he was really appreciative.

      Guess what kind of truck it was! A brand new Toyota Tundra Crewmax!

      I am not a anti-foreign vehicle person (I drive an Acura RL) and this is a 100% true story as I have no need to make this up. Also I am not saying all Toyotas or Tundras are crap, as this could be just a isolated event, but I thought it was extremely odd that a brand new vehicle had issues like this.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I'm no brand homer so I don't base my judgements on brand loyalty. A recent study of truck buyer data should give you all a little insight into each product and it's consumers: GM and Dodge trucks were most likely to be bought by high school graduate level consumers. Toyota was most likely to be bought by college graduates or higher followed by Ford and Nissan. GM and Dodge truck buyers were likely in their twenties while Nissan, Ford and Toyota buyers were averaged between late twenties to mid forties. What that shows me is people who have either more experience buying trucks or spend more time researching a product tend to buy the better or higher quality product. Everyone knows Toyota quality can't be beat, Nissan has a great all-around performing truck with better than average quality and Ford is the highest quality American truck that is a powertrain short of being a truly great truck. I don;t care what you GM and Dodge homers say but both of these trucks lag far behind in the quality department and smart consumers are well aware of it. Most of the contractors I deal with who have or have had a Chevy or Dodge truck will not buy another one unless they are true brand homers and don't mind putting up with door handles falling off.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Like #41 I too have gotten to see and sit in the truck. The people (example #30 and #38 and #43) who are drawing conclusions from these photos need to shut up because I can gurantee that these trucks are hiding all the changes except for the grill and seats inside. The truck looks sharp!
      • 8 Years Ago
      GM has their 6L80 for their 1/2 ton, hopefully standard for '08
      Chrysler has their 68RLE or RFE, what ever it is called. (close ratio 6 speed auto 5.2:1, vs toyota 5.7:1) to upgrade from the 545RFE (close and oddly spaced ratio 5 speed automatic, 4.5:1)
      Nissan, has a close ratio 5 speed auto, 4.6:1.

      Ford is still putzing around with a 4 speed auto, 4.1:1
      and ZF has an 8 speed auto coming in the new 7-series, probably 7:1 ratio spread.

      Ford's V10 lacks the VCT, but does have dual length intake runners. (and is massively undersquare)
      • 8 Years Ago
      # 58 my brother has a F-350 with the V10 and I can honestly say that is one awesome truck with its awesome torque. Not the best on gas mileage (12-15) mpg no matter if he is towing or not) but good gas mileage is not the point of having a truck.

      #57 Isn't it 31 years running? not sure just wondering.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Well for now I am a little dissapointed. I was hoping for an all new redo. Maybe these are just more mules testing engines with the new front end on. That interior looks way too much like mine. It is time for something new. I thought Mark Fields ordered a complete redo? In any event, if they do not change it much more than just a new front end, engines, and a few interior tweaks I guess Ill just buy a car. Don't let me down Ford! I want an all new truck!!
      • 8 Years Ago
      The 6.8 V10 apparently fits in the engine bay of the F-series. Ford should drop it in there. As with all Fords, it lacks technology and makes 362hp from 6.8 liters and gets 11 mpg, but whatever its an improvement.
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