• May 2nd 2007 at 11:07AM
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You see it all the time on eBay; resolute bidders refusing to pull out, even though they've driven the price up far beyond reason. Harder to find these days are the mythical screaming deals of yesteryear - things that go stupid-cheap to a shrewd buyer with an evil chuckle. Sports Car Market has been watching the wackiness as well, and they've put together a nifty slideshow of wallet tragedies and sales that equate to theft. Even still, in their list, there are more examples of fools and their money than there are killer deals. That said, the '34 Chevy Pickup dragster appears to have been a good buy if you're into vehicular inanity. We were shocked to discover that Excaliburs trade for such high dollar amounts, too. For true eBay amusement, we like to attempt reading the seller's description of the items in a single pass, without any "wtf?" moments. Drinking heavily usually helps us discover the true meaning.

[Source: Sports Car Market]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      Great body work on the vmerc, tho.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I was expecting these to be absolute crazy prices for vehicles. Nothing seems too ridiculous though. Seems normal pricing for people who truly want the car. I'm fairly certain they could have found 10 REAL examples that would make you go "...wtf?" if they would've looked harder.
      • 8 Years Ago
      The XJ mod has become a fairly common one, and few people actually possess the time, money, materials, and skill to complete a project like that.

      an XJ on 38's with custom bodywork and 20k miles on a rebuilt engine is easily worth $5k.
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