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With the first quarter of 2007 in the books, Toyota has emerged as the world's top auto seller -- for the time being, at least. The Japanese giant beat GM on the global level for the first time ever, selling 2.348 million cars to the General's 2.26 million. This story is far from over, however, as we fully expect the next three quarters to turn in to a full-fledged slugfest between the two automakers.Toyota will continue to do what it's been doing and GM's global product renaissance will likewise continue to see more new and/or improved vehicles enter the marketplace around the world. Stay tuned.

For now, though, Round 1 goes to Toyota. Round 2 is just underway.

[Source: AP]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      Agree with #63. I have found that Toyota and Honda products,in particular, are of consistently higher quality than comparable domestic products. Most people desire to purchase the highest quality vehicle for their money. The capitalistic system is based on this fundamental premise.

      I carry no dislike for GM. However, I have had many unpleasant experiences with their vehicles, most notably with my Chevy Silverado. I solved that problem by buying a Texas-built 2007 Tundra. Thus far, No problems.

      As a retired U.S. military veteran, I resent being labeled as unpatriotic for buying the best for my family.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Yes, the writing's on the wall - not for GM but for America as a whole. All of the domestic manufacturers took the short view of focusing on "shareholder value" of the current stock price (which is an American failing), rather than the long view of relationship building, etc.

      Because of this, the Big 2.5 folded to the UAW because their share prices tanked, and their costs mounted. Because of this, they went cheap on their development, expecting their cars to sell regardless. Because of this, they jumped into the profitable SUV market for the quick buck.

      The final result of all this is the end of America's predominance in the world economy. Once America becomes less relevant, then our leadership in the world will follow - and in a short span, America itself will become irrelevant.

      And as for those saying that buying Toyota is good for America, then note two things:

      1: (Per the New York Times:)
      "Toyota accounts for 9 percent of automotive manufacturing jobs in the United States and roughly 16 percent of the vehicle market, while G.M. accounts for 29 percent of the jobs and about 24 percent of the market, Mr. Doyle said.

      'We lose 10 for every one job that they bring,' "

      2: (also per the NY Times:)
      "In 2006, 46 percent of Toyota’s vehicles were imported from Japan compared with 38.4 percent in 2005 and 37 percent in 2004...

      [James Lentz, executive vice president of Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A.] estimated that Toyota’s total imports would probably rise by about 25,000 this year, if Toyota meets its sales targets for the Prius."

      So if you think adding to America's global trade deficit is a good thing, then let me tell you how happy all those subprime mortgage holders being foreclosed upon are. It's only a matter of time before America's debts will be foreclosed upon.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "Oh Dan, your anti-Toyota bias is showing again." - djSyndrome

      Perhaps what Dan means by the Camry "sitting strangely on its wheels" is sitting on its wheels at all, and not up on the lift in the repair shop like its GM counterparts? I guess to Dan that's considered "strange." The friends I have who buy GMs inexplicably seem to believe that a new transmission at 80k is "no big deal." Unfortunately for GM, the people who think this way are a dying breed.

      "The camry has got to be the UGLIEST vehicle on the road today. The only reason it sales at volume is reputation. It's an appliance not a looker like the Aura and new Malibu." - Brett

      Ah Brett, thanks for the laugh! Yeah, that Malibu Maxx is a real stunner! If you're into ugly, that is. Your assessment as the Camry being the ugliest car on the road just completely destroys your credibility. You're probably also the drunk guy hitting on the ugly girl at the club, right?

      "If GM were to introduce all their upcoming cars and concepts TODAY, they would easily take a Million unit lead over toyoda. You know, because GM cars and trucks actually LOOK GOOD."

      And you sound like the diehard fan of the perennial losing team: "Just wait until next year!" Yeah, Brett, we're waiting. Keep clinging to that hope that GMs future concept designs actually hit the market looking anything like they do in concept form. Personally, despite a personal belief that GM turns out world-class turds time after time, I am holding out hope that the new Camaro hits the market looking like the concept car. But I was really let down by the new Mustang (after lusting for the concept at the LA Auto Show years ago), and I fear the Camaro will suffer the same fate. Sadly, it's the American way. Design a cool car, get the fans excited, then kill the concept in production with watered-down looks and cheesy build quality.

      Hey GM, here's a hint: USE BETTER PLASTICS!
      • 8 Years Ago
      "Actually, the new Malibu is way better looking than the Joe Camel nose on the Camry."

      So a Silverado face on a car is better than what the Camry offers? Taste is subjective, and a personal thing, but I'm willing to bet 90%+ of consumers would choose the Camry as the more attractive auto.

      "They're going to sell a lot of them."

      To rental fleets. I can't imagine it will be the consumer's choice over Camry/Accord/Altima. GM is going to have to do better than this to get back into the game.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Hoping auto manufacturers fail doesn't do anyone any good. Less choices = boring cars in the future which is what happened to GM in the first place. Bad quality and unexciting products led to years of of dispicable products all based off confidence in their market share. The good that came out of it was other manufacturers saw the void. GM's lineup is looking better and better, and if Toyota keeps putting out bland products like the one seen here and their 4x4 units...well.
      I prefer more choices and more talent employed in the industry to less....its a no brainer.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "not great if you have a lot of GM stock."

      It's averaged about 31 per share for the last year. I bought at 21 sold at 37 retained some. It's done very well.

      As to the headline, good for Toyota, take the number of cars it sold, subtract fleet, guess what GM moves ahead.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Congrats Toyota, you are now the number one commodity box maker until Hyundai and the Chinese catch up.

      GM - there is a fork in the road - do you try to chase Toyota as a commodity box maker despite your higher costs or do you focus on making enthusiast cars that people will pay a premium for?
      • 8 Years Ago
      #40 I understand that Toyota will never be more American as a whole than GM/FoMoCo, but if the Tundra is designed in America, built in America and sold specifically for America, how is it not American? Dare I say more American than the Silverado, which is niether built nor sold specifically in America?

      Of course I know that Toyota has not taken over in America, nor is it even close. I never said that. And are you seriously asking where the proof is that a Toyota is more reliable than a GM product? I'm sorry, where have you been for the past 20 years?

      Don't even start with the story of "my F-150" this and that. You apparently didn't read my entire last post. I said, "Keep in mind, not all of them are junk, some of them never have any problems". Read before you post! For every, "my F-150" story, there are tons of stories that show the opposite. So lets play the game... I have a friend that has owned several Ford/GM trucks and will always buy "American". His current '97 F-150 has gone through 2 trannies and runs terrible. My in-laws have a '00 Saturn SL1 and are in the process of getting rid of it to get a Toyota because when it hit the 80,000 mile mark the thing started falling apart. The engine is dogging out on them and they have taken extremely good care of the thing. On the other hand, my good friend has a '97 Tacoma that has just rolled over 200k, is a daily driver and carrries his quads around every weekend (sometimes over 500 miles). One more for you. My carpet cleaner has a '85 Toyota truck that has over 400,000 miles on it, is driven daily and still runs well on the original engine and transmission.

      There you go, we all have our stories, so don't give me this "My F-150" BS!
      • 8 Years Ago
      dear God.....i was anticipating this last year, with the hopes that the inevitable would not come true (see what i mean). Not to say they build bad cars (because i dont think they do) but how many of these so-so cars they sell is astounding! Here in Jamaica, the term 'toyota' is synonymous to a cheap car which jamaicans can afford to drive. i know this is a world-wide stigma. Many people who buy toyota's dont even compare them (without being biased, at least) with other makes....this is also a compounding issue, as toyota continuously get the necessary capital to maintain their spot, and even better it. so to toyota i say congratulations on a job well done (but keep in mind fuel prices were against gas-guzzler GM, and in your favour)...Im still a die-hard mitsubushi fan through and through none-the-less
      • 8 Years Ago
      Bottomline is TOYOTA cars and trucks seem to be better in QUALITY because its problems are hidden and fixed undisclosed ... FORD n GM they dont. Remember abt TOYOTA trying to hide its problems in JAPAN n its government just gave them warning? And of course that story was never bloated. however, if it was FORD or GM, RANTS will pour very heavily. TOYOTA DOES NOT PLAY FAIR and in time they will pay for it.
      • 8 Years Ago
      #63: "Most people do not praise the fact that an American corporation has lost its top spot (in fact many think it's a wonderful thing - such as yourself). People buy Toyotas because they know of the quality, reliability and resale value. You only buy American, I'll never buy American until they provide products that are comprable to what foregn automakers have to offer. I am a big FoMoCo fan, but I'll never own another Ford product until they have proven themselves in quality/reliability and resale value."

      So how much proof do you need? There's even an entry on Autoblog saying that Ford is roughly equal in quality. Will you need long-term data? I'd argue that if you did, you will wind up admitting never wind up buying another domestic product, as it'll be over 20 years before anyone can "prove" that Ford/GM is BETTER than Toyota/Honda.
      • 8 Years Ago
      The race should be for Saab's pinkslip... winner takes all! (Knowing Toymotor will win and do great things with the beleaguered Swedish brand)
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