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The annual Commercial Vehicle Show is set to kick off in Birmingham, UK, and GM's Vauxhall division has prepared two concepts that likely telegraph a pair of small-business-oriented cars coming sometime in the not-too-distant future. The Corsavan Sportive and Astravan Sportive SE are panelized versions of the new Corsa and Astra station wagon. In lieu of back seats, the cargo area is expanded to encompass the full interior aft of the driver and passenger seats. Both already exist in "van" form, but not in the level of trim the Sportive concepts display.

The attraction for small business owners is that the vans handle and perform like the cars they really are. As an added bonus, they feature creature comforts like A/C and heated mirrors, plus the Sportive concept trim decks the cars out with visual baubles such as alloy wheels, spoilers, and foglights. From the outside, they look like nicely-optioned versions of their standard car siblings, albeit with fewer windows (and, in Astra's case, fewer doors, too). Operating costs are kept down thanks to the use of diesel engines that allow for sprightly yet economical performance. Full details can be found in the press release after the jump.

[Source: Vauxhall]


* New Corsavan and Astravan concepts to star at NEC
* Sporty styling features and extra power add to driver appeal
* Show stars 'could point the way' to future production

Van drivers wanting to make an express delivery could do worse than hot-foot it over to the Vauxhall stand at this year's Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

The Luton-based company will use the show, which opens on April 24, to pull the covers off two new exciting concept vehicles that build on Vauxhall's reputation for building vans that love the roads as much as their loads.

Finished in striking Star Silver metallic, the Corsavan Sportive and Astravan Sportive SE Concepts are sure to prove a huge draw, emphasising Vauxhall's position as the manufacturer of the most exciting car-derived vans on the market, in addition to GM's position as the UK's leading manufacturer of light commercial vehicles.

The Sportive variant of New Corsavan features a lively 90PS common-rail diesel engine – an increase of 15PS over the standard 1.3 CDTi – coupled to a smooth-shifting six-speed manual gearbox for added driver appeal.

Benefiting from the already much lauded handling capabilities of New Corsavan, the Sportive Concept is even more desirable thanks to its smart body styling pack, which includes body-coloured side mouldings, front fog lights and smart 15-inch alloy wheels. Other features over and above the standard Corsavan specification include heated, body-coloured door mirrors, air conditioning, electric windows and sports seats.

Sharing stand space with the Corsavan, Vauxhall's Astravan Sportive SE Concept builds on the recipe that has made New Astravan such a popular choice. The original driver's van gets further enhancements, including an exterior styling pack that echoes Vauxhall's reputation for building sporty and dynamic vehicles.

A low-slung front bumper with in-built fog lights, deep side skirts and a rear roof spoiler give the Sportive SE Concept a strong presence, while silver roof rails and smart 10-spoke alloy wheels add even more desirability.

Keen drivers will also welcome the addition of a 150PS version of New Astravan's 1.9-litre CDTi engine. The common-rail unit uses the most powerful diesel option from the Astra car to deliver impressive performance and fuel economy.

While there are no firm plans to put either concept into full-scale production, Vauxhall is showing the vans at the NEC to gauge opinion from van drivers and buyers alike. If they're well-received, the show stars could well point the way towards flagship driver's vans of the future...

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      for years we had the Opel Corsa rebadged as a Holden Barina in Australia. It was an excellent small vehicle and was well regarded by the public and the media BUT due to euro exchange rates it became too expensive to compete with asian offereings such as Hyundai Getz and Toyota Yaris/Echo. So like america we have a rebadged daewoo kalos as our new Barina or as US calls it Chevy Aveo. Its an OK car but far inferior to the corsa. And what makes it worse is that the daewoo kalos was sold here before being rebadged as a barina. so people realise what GM have done. But i guess we are lucky coz we also get the Holden Astra AND the Holden Viva (Chevy/Daewoo Lacetti)sold side by side, and we get the Holden (Opel) Tigra. We did have the Holden (Opel) Vectra until GM decided to sell us the Holden (Daewoo/Chevy) Epica instead which is a VERY old design under a new body. GM is going backwards and its no suprise. In A feww weeks i think the Hummer H3 officially goes on sales here through holden dealers. Will be interesting if it sells. We also get the Holden (Daewoo/Chevy) Captiva , this is the first product to be really good coming from the Daewoo/GM team in Korea. It is competitive so maybe things are on a way up. Why cant GM Daewoo build Opel Corsas in there Korean plant to supply the North American and Asia-Pacific (Australia mainly) regions with a european design that would cost less to build in korea than in europe? exchange rates would work more in GM's favour than if the cars were made in Europe for our markets.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Might be a nice answer to Scion, or the FIT if they can add windows.
      • 8 Years Ago
      no it will sell as the Hummer H3 and at selected holden dealers a hummer set up will be availble.
      its funny u say that tho
      the new Fiat Bravo (The Golf Competitor) is going to have its name changed when it goes on sale in Oz as Mazda has registered the use of the name Bravo for its old twin cab ute. (like a toyota hilux or ford ranger) also in the states they have the Toyota Highlander, we have that here too but it is the Toyota Kuluger (Clue-gar) as Hyundai had registered the use of the Highlander name on there Terrecan 4x4. But highlander was not a model name for hyundai it was only a spec name . i.e Hyundai Terrecan Highlander or there was the Hyundai Terrican CRdi (diesel).
      • 8 Years Ago
      I'd like one of these small panel vehicles. I think they are neat.
      • 8 Years Ago
      GM needs to bring the Saturn Corsa here now. Not in 4 or 5 years. The new Corsa (the car, not the Euro-utility van version) is easily GM's best small vehicle in the world. The Aveo is a poor choice for the segment and has much to be desired in terms of design and "hip" factor.
      • 8 Years Ago
      If the HHR panel goes over well I think we just might see something like this here.
      • 8 Years Ago
      #1 hit the nail on the head. We need the Corsa in the US yesterday.
      • 8 Years Ago
      re #6,Daniel. I wonder if they would even attempt to disguise the Hummer under the Holden Banner. In Canada we get US brands with different names but only because some names were previously used by other makers.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I think it's great that GM's Vauhall devision makes some of it's more popular vehicles in van form, people who only need a small van can still have a good quality van. Hopefully as these vehicles are so much like their car counterparts the van parts will be easir to find if you have an accident.