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With the weather beginning to clear up and the mercury heading north, a little spot in the back of our brains is starting to well up in anticipation of the coming track season. We're already beginning to plan our asphalt assault over the summer months, but no matter the venue or the training, we doubt that any other track day will compare to what's being offered at the Nurburgring over the next few months.

Between the end of April and the middle of September, three events are taking place at the world-famous German circuit that gives everyone from novices to experts the chance to lap the 'Ring, and live to tell the tale.

The 'Motorsport Akademie Nurburgring' is the track day to end all track days and includes a two-hour 'guided' tour of the course, following a number of 'Ring veterans as they show you the lines, increase your confidence and finally let you loose for a four hour-long lapping session. Traffic is at a minimum and if you attend a class the day before, you can receive your German National A racing license. How cool would that be to carry in your wallet?

The courses will be held April 26 and 27, July 26 and 27 and September 13 and 14, and include lodging, in-class breakdowns, breakfast and dinner, plus the six-hours of hot lapping action – all for the bargain basement price of £595 ($1,180 US). Now, if we can just figure out a way to get some cheap airfare...

[Source: EVO]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      That would make one hell of a cheap vacation! The only problem would be finding a car to rag on once I got there.
      • 8 Years Ago
      That price is RIGHT!!!!

      Does anyone know if they provide cars for this event, or rental atleast? I would love to bring my STi over, but obviously that wouldn't happen.
      • 8 Years Ago
      That's a little cooler than my twice a year excursion to roebling road. And much better bragging rights.
      • 8 Years Ago
      #5 you know not much..the Ring is intensive used for racing, the only race series that do not race the Rind are open wheel formula cars like the F1, because they were getting to fast they needed to much safty zones impossible to realize at a 20km course.
      The 24h of the Nürburgring is THE race event in Germany... they race with over 250cars in many classes from Civic and Golf to Viper and Skyline, petrol and diesel, world class driver and amateurs all at the same time.. each race is watched from about 300,000 spectators who cellebrate a 2 day party around the Ring. For many freaks it is the most important date in the year..

      The Ring is no romantic draw... yes it is a old race track, it is the MEKKA of car handling and driver skill and it is the most challenging race track in the world with many races in one season.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Hmm, the Ring was retired as a racecourse because it was too dangerous (and arguably a lousy spectator track). While everyone can agree that driving the Ring is cool and a drivers dream, I can't help but imagine how many offs (crashes) there are when folks pump themselves up their whole lives to drive on this unrelenting course with ZERO runoff. If folks want to learn how to drive or test/improve their skills, wouldn't it make more sense doing it where there are places to make those mistakes. That course is narrow enough, everyone gets to experience a crash because you may end up blocking a blind corner and they don't have flagmen at ever corner of the enormous course. I think competition is great and improving your skills is great and the Ring is a romantic draw to people of sometimes questionable ability or judgement.
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