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This type of trickle-down technology makes perfect sense in the real world driving conditions that most of us encounter each and every day of our lives. Hybrids have been using regenerative braking for quite some time now as a fuel saving measure. In those applications, the electric motor or motors that help provide motive functions for the vehicle work as generators when braking force, or "drag" is applied to them, which charges the batteries. In vehicles like the new BMW 3 Series which does not use any electric motors, the alternator, which has long been used in vehicles to keep the battery charged, is selectively engaged or disengaged, and acts as both a "brake" and as a method of charging the batteries and saving gas. As a bonus, when the alternator is disengaged from the engine, the normal "drag" on the engine is eliminated, allowing for more power from the engine going to the wheels. Hooray for trickle-down hybrid technology!


[Source: Motor Authority]

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      BMW 3-seriya-V model and smuggle the middle class.

      BMW E21 is the first body of BMW 3 Series (door coupe), was first introduced in July 1975 as a worthy replacement legendary 2002 coupe (body 114 and E10). The only model 114-1502 produced some time in parallel E21 and offered as a cost machines during the fuel crisis. Front suspension E21-type MakFerson off racks ago to improve the reactivity steering. The front stabilizer used in a steering rod feet. The front brakes-ventilated discs with a fixed and support to the two pistons. Rear tormoza- drum type (at-large disk). Rear suspension, which is now a classic for BMW-independent, with slashes levers mounted.

      More: http://review-bmw.blogspot.com/2007/07/bmw-3-seriya-review.html

      More: http://review-bmw.blogspot.com/
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