• Apr 11th 2007 at 8:02PM
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Here at Autoblog we like to highlight any connection automotive connections that reach back across the ages to our youth. For some of us that's fawning over pics of Optimus Prime in toy form, while for others it's reaching even farther back to recall the painstaking assembly of plastic toy model cars on the coffee table of your family's living room.

Some Ford flathead fans at FlatheadV8.org have created an incredible tribute to their wayward youths by constructing a gigantic 1:1 scale display of an old 1940 Ford model car kit, complete with faithfully replicated cardboard packaging, a giant paint brush, three-foot tall bottles of Testors model paint, a large and lethal X-acto knife, and even a recreation of those metallic plastic frames that carried the chrome bits like bumpers and hubcaps. It's truly an amazing display, though we're not sure when and where it was available to view. Hemmings guesses it was probably shown at a World of Wheels show somewhere, though if anyone has more information on this project, let the rest of us know in the comments.

Check out more pics of the display by clicking on the Read link.

[Source: FlatheadV8.com via Hemmings]

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      The Ugly Truth:

      That was a rather ignorant post. It's somewhat ok to voice your displeasure about a certain genre of vehicle, but to gloat over "the old farts....dying off daily!" is quite arrogant, indeed. What vehicles/hobbies do you enjoy, so that we may long for the day of you and the source of your pleasures demise?

      Without these "old farts", we would not have the NHRA, sport compact, drifting and whatever is beyond the horizon motorsports, as they laid the foundation of what is happening today. You should read up a little bit on the subject before you pass judgement.

      BTW, I think that this 1:1 scale diorama is the most creative I've ever seen.
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      This makes for a great booth display! Guaranteed attention getter!
      • 8 Years Ago
      This is the coolest thing EVER!
      • 8 Years Ago
      More info, and a couple more (but smaller) pics:
      • 8 Years Ago
      YAwn. hot rods suck. Good thing the old farts that actually like these archaic, technologially challenged dinosaurs are dying off daily! woot!