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If you have at least $330,000 to spend on your next new car, and you've got an eye on the new Bentley Brooklands, you'd better get your order in before they're all gone. The first 140 are already spoken for, which equates to the first year of production. Any new orders will have to wait two years before the order is filled.

Production of the 530hp ultraluxury vehicle will only hit 550 units during its three-year run, and the Brooklands will most certainly meet that quota. Bentley marketing director Stuart McCullough told BusinessWeek that the incredibly low production volume of the Brooklands is due in part to the hundreds of different options available for the mega-coupe. It should also be noted that the painstaking task of creating the car itself is time-consuming, yet another reason the overall production run will be a low number. Remember that each Brooklands begins life as one of Bentley's Azure convertibles, to which the hard roof is then hand-welded. In any case, the amazing degree to which the cars can be personalized (most Bentleys roll out of the factory with around $30,000 - $50,000 of customization...some with much, much more) will likely ensure that no two Brooklands will ever be alike. We're not experts, but we get the feeling these 550 Bentleys will probably never depreciate much, unless, of course, Eddie Griffin takes the wheel...

[Source: BusinessWeek via coolbrit.net]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      yes snyder, rolls and bentley were, in fact, for many years the same company. but that does not mean that bentley and rolls had the same character. the two marques are totally different, and have always been. rolls has always had a level of pomp and arrogance to it, while bentley has always been more of a subdued car. as they say, rolls is a car to be driven in, and bentley is a car to drive.

      it makes no difference that BMW currently owns rolls (which by the way, they got in a pretty dodgy manner. bunch of weasels). the character of rolls royce has not changed in decades. that's all i'm pointing out.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Actually, the emblem in the middle of the wheels is not free floating on the Brooklands although they say it may be an option. I was at a private viewing 3 weeks ago and the one on the floor had the emblems all perfectly aligned and so I asked the rep who was traveling with the car on its tour stops and he laughed and said that those were velcro'd on so they could align them. I kid you not. Anyway that did not stop me from ordering one and I got the first one in central Florida. They still could not give me a date as to when I could expect delivery or even what colors or options I could choose from but said they would have those details sometime in July.
      • 8 Years Ago
      you know what I love about Bentley? Their wheels. Whenever it's driving, or no matter what position the wheels are in, the 'B' in the middle of the rim is always standing upstraight, just like a good british gentleman. I love Bentleys - so much classier than Rolls Royce, but yet more subdued. I'm happy to hear this car has already sold out. Wow, VWAG has done quite a job on its luxury marques. Hopefully, Ford can follow suit and turn Jaguar into a leading luxury brand again...
      • 8 Years Ago
      testa di cazzo -

      1). For most of their lives, Rolls and Bentley were built in the same factory, sharing the same engines and coachwork - so I hope you are talking about the current Roller (BMW) vs. the VAG Bentleys

      2). Rolls Royce wheels do the same thing

      3). This is actually more pre-VAG Bentley than the other cars. VAG has not done much to these variants (Azure, Arnage, etc.)