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Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye. Listen now to the tale of Yesterday on AutoblogGreen, in which we test out the 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid (full review here) and herald the forthcoming epic battle battle in Washington, D.C. now that the King U.S. Supreme Court has granted the EPA power to regulate CO2 emissions. Henceforth, we shall also all be privy to the knowledge of the court jesters at Popular Mechanics and their test drive of the L1X-75 roadster.

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      The Supreme Court did not "grant' the EPA the right to regulate carbon dioxide; it said the EPA has a responsibility to do so, and it had been negligent in its duty. There is a big sifference here. To say they "granted" the EPA the "right" sounds like the EPA (aka the Bush Administration) asked for the ability to do it. The reality is the have yet again ignored their responibilities to the American people in in favor of corporate interests.
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      Wow - 32 mpg in real world driving conditions for a sedan of that size is impressive.

      My only beef with the Altima HEV is the electronic steering is light and the trunk is about 60% the size of the regular Altima. Otherwise it's a car I could gladly own if I didn't live in one of the 42 non-green states.