• Apr 6th 2007 at 8:33PM
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Click the image above to view Polly Wheels in action

Most of the Autoblog readers have been fostering a love for the automobile since a very early stage in life. We collected Hot Wheels and Matchboxes, and we had model cars and remote-controlled hot rods. The one thing those toys have in common is that they're marketed almost exclusively to boys.

Mattel has decided to give the girls what they've wanted all along: race tracks, pink cars that go shopping, and a great way to compete. Earlier we gave you an extensive debriefing on Polly Wheels, complete with an Autoblog Gallery, and now we're adding video, too. Check out the Autoblog interview with Stephanie Cota, Vice President of girls marketing at Mattel. There is also some exclusive footage of a prototype Polly Wheels Race Track in action. Check it out!

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      Woah. Trippy. For a second there, I thought that YouTube changed their embedded content format (and that I had somehow watched a quarter of the video.) But then it was just a screenshot. Dooh.

      As for the video, why would anyone buy that when they can get a real car race set from Hot Wheels. I mean, girls can play with Hot Wheels too. And unlike these Polly Wheels, Hot Wheels doesn't train young girls to be materialistic Manolo-Blahnik-craving teens. Just listen to that lady talk.

      "Once you win...[girls] want to get out of the car, they want to stop, they want to shop.... And there's the stopping and shopping."

      • 8 Years Ago
      I think I'll pass - I have two daughters (2 and 4) and they already have a nice collection of Land Rover hot wheels and are packing right now for an off-roading trip (my 4-year old said she had to put her Defender in her back pack) - not a shopping trip!
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