• Apr 5th 2007 at 7:01AM
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This is the garage all us Volvophiles wish we had. Master model builder Dirk Patschowski constructed this incredible scene for Revell to display at the Techno Classica show in Essen. I built models as a kid, and quickly progressed to adding more authentic detailing than the instructions suggested, but never anything quite so perfectly realized as this diorama.

Built from two Revell 1800 kits and one of their 122S kits, the garage scene is exquisite. The "aged" look of the Amazon is how you'll find them out in the wild, and all of the little details like the B18 engine sitting on a pallet beside a rollaway toolbox, the typical state of shop organization, and overall decor really make it seem like you could step right into the scene, if you were teeny. The one downside is that while I built my models for enjoyment, rolling around on the table and such, this work is so incredible, I'd smack anyone who dared mess with it.

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      Lornie - I am with you! Amazing work, and where the *heck* did he find kits for the 1800 and 122? I have been wanting one (or a couple) for some time now - not to make a display, but to experiment with - much less hassle to "modify" a few dollars of plastic v. a full "chop top" in metal. Yes, I like it a lot. Amazing degree of detail - dirt on the walls, tools in the roll around, you can almost smell the tang of fuel from SU carbs!
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      that is most awesome!! i have been trying to find revelle 1800 kits for years and they have no history of it, Iam wondering where he found that!!!
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      Wow! Mr. Patschowski is not just a "model builder", he is an artist. Truly spectacular work, I'd love to see more.
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      Showed this page to my mother, her comment, WOW! My dad and his partner worked for Revell in the mid 50's then opend their own business and did all the instructions sheets for them till the late 80's. The two of them did a number of the box covers. My mom was very excited, as she used to do all the hand painting and assembly of display models that went to hobby shops in the mid 50's through mid 60's. She worked for a company called Romalite, that did the molding for Revell and the display models.

      This is really nice work.
      • 8 Years Ago
      That man has a future in set design. Excellent.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Hard to tell from the pictures but shouldn't the frontend of the engineless 1800 lift higher ?
      • 8 Years Ago
      man...literally brings tears to my eyes. Truly work of art.
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